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Monday, November 26, 2012

November 2012 Birchbox: Box Opening!

It is Birchbox Box Opening time again!!! As always, I am excited to get my Birchbox!

Right around the time that the Birchboxes usually come out, the folks over at Birchbox were just getting back to normal after Super Storm Sandy hit NYC! I must say, in the midst of this disaster, I was amazed at what great communication I got from the Birchbox team regarding my usual subscription Birchbox and my Birchbox PR sample boxes. Way to go Birchbox team!!! While boxes were delayed a bit, they kept their lines of communication open. Well done!

Cutting back on my Beauty Sample Subscriptions: Who made the cut?
As many of ya'll know, I have recently cut back on my beauty sample subscriptions. So, to update you: I have cancelled GLOSSYBOX. I am continuing to subscribe to both Birchbox and Julep (and I plan to keep subscribing long term to both!). While I am not displeased with GLOSSYBOX, I just figured that I could put that $21.00 per month to better use. I mean, honestly, I did not "need" 3 beauty sample subscriptions. So, instead of GLOSSYBOX, I created a MAC Matters challenge for myself. I am going to take that same $21 per month and use it towards building a great basics collection from MAC! If you are interested in following my MAC Matters series or want to join me in this challenge, please check out the intro post here: MAC Matters: Building a Core MAC Collection for $21.00 per Month! I am sure that ya'll are not surprised to hear that Birchbox made the cut. Birchbox continues to be one of the best beauty sample services around!

The Scoop on Birchbox:
I know that most of you know how Birchbox works. However, if you are new to my blog or just searching for info on Birchbox, here is the scoop:

Birchbox is a monthly beauty sample subscription service. For $10 per month, you get a beautifully wrapped box full of 4-5 deluxe size (and the occasional full sized) luxury or boutique beauty products. It is a great way to discover new beauty brands and get out of a makeup/skincare/haircare rut! Plus, it feels as if you are unwrapping a little present! It is my monthly gift to myself and I just love it! I have subscribed for over a year and have just been so happy with the service and the items I have gotten in the boxes. Beyond the boxes being a great value, they are fun! I honestly have found some great new brands and some new favorite products through my Birchbox sample subscription. 

Curious what has been in some of my previous Birchboxes? Be sure to check out these posts: Birchbox Introduction PostJan 2011 BirchboxFeb 2011 BirchboxMarch 2011 BirchboxApril 2011 BirchboxMay 2011 BirchboxJune 2011 BirchboxJuly 2011 BirchboxAugust 2011 BirchboxSept 2011 Birchbox,  Oct 2011 BirchboxNov 2011 Birchbox, December 2011 Birchbox, January 2012 Birchbox, February 2012 Birchbox, and the March 2012 Teen Vogue Birchbox, April 2012 Birchbox Box Opening, May 2012 Gossip Girl Birchbox Box opening, June 2012 Birchbox, July 2012 BirchboxAugust 2012 Back to School Birchbox, September 2012 Birchbox, and October 2012 "Goop" Birchbox.

Want to see what is inside this month's box? Please keep reading!

November 2012 Birchbox: "GIVE"
The theme for this month's Birchbox is "GIVE". Birchbox gives us a gentle reminder that amidst our busy lives November is a time to reflect and realize how lucky we all are. We should be thankful for what we have and remember what a blessing it is to be able to give. To encourage our giving, Birchbox included a little reusable gift envelope that we can fill with small items to give to a friend. The idea is for it to be a little pick-me-up type of gift or treat. What a cute idea! I am always passing along beauty samples and this little pouch will come in handy.

Inside the Box:
  • Masqueology | Revitalizing Eye (one mask, full size is 3 masks for $24): Oh how I need this!!! Ya'll, my dark circles are the worst they have ever been. This past 11 months with my baby girl has me on mega sleep deprivation mode. I literally fall asleep every time I finally sit down in the evenings to watch tv. So, as you can imagine, I need all the help that I can get! I can't wait to try this eye mask!!! I have never heard of this brand. So, I am super curious to try these out.  No matter how sleep-deprived you are, these under-eye gel mask will de-puff and brighten your eye area with hydrolyzed collagen, adenosine, and marine actives.
  • MCMC Fragrances | Phoenix (one sample vial, full size cost $45-$95): Another perfume sample vial??? OMG, I have so many of these that I literally don't know how I will use all of them. Mostly, I toss these in my travel bags for when I am out of town. However, I don't go out of town "that much". Birchbox, you know I love you. However, I really do not need any more of these little tiny perfume samples (especially when I can get them for free at Ulta).
  • One Love Organics | Aromatic Body Serum (sample size 8 ml, full size cost $39): I am intrigued! A body serum? Coolness. This appears to be like a body oil in spray form. My skin gets super dry in the winter. So, this little vial of spray oil would be a nice addition to my purse or diaper bag. Or I could keep this in the bathroom and spray myself after showers and before moisturizer? How do you use spray body oils/body serums? This product is very scented. I am still on the fence if I like the very citrus-y scent. Made with pumpkin seed and buckthorn oil, this fast-absorbing oil keeps skin supple and hydrated.  This is one of those products that I honestly would have never tried if not sampling in a Birchbox. So, I am thrilled to expand my horizons with this product. :) 
  • Stila | All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer (sample size: .05 fl oz, full sized cost $20): Yay!!!!!!!!!! This product *makes* this month's Birchbox for me!!! I just love Stila and I am always happy to see a Stila item in my Birchbox! Stila makes one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows: Stila Kitten (a beautiful shimmery champagne highlight). It is my favorite eye shadow ever next to MAC's Satin Taupe and MAC Vanilla. Well dolls, this liquid luminizer is like a liquid highlight version of Stila Kitten!!! I am obsessed with highlighters lately and this will be a great addition to my highlighter collection. In particular, I like liquid and cream highlighters best. This shimmer from this product is just gorgeous and I am in love with it already! Add a touch of this luminescent fluid to your cheekbones or decolletage, or mix with your foundation for an all-over glow. 
  • Beauty Extras: Masqueology | Masque Cleanse and 7D Moisture Cream: Birchbox included two little foil samples from Masqueology. One is a face wash and the other a moisturizer. 
Overall, I think that I got a fabulous Birchbox this month! As I mentioned, the Stila Shiimmer Luminizer totally made this box for me! :) The other items are fun too. I know that I will have fun playing with all of my new beauty goodies. Fellow Birchboxers, did you like your box this month?

Stay tuned for reviews of Birchbox's Holiday Boxes (Men's and Women's)! They make great gifts! :) Coming soon!!!

Thanks for reading!

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MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

Mine was 100% different than yours. But I did get a ModelCo mascara so that's good.

Unknown said...

@MarciaF-Oooh! I would have loved to get the mascara!

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