Monday, October 20, 2014

My Skin Loves: Kate Somerville's Gentle Daily Wash and Mega-C Dual Radiance Serum

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It is time for another update in the My Skin Loves series! This is where I highlight fabulous skincare products that I am currently using and loving. 

My Skin:
Before diving into talking about new products. Let me give ya'll a bit of background on my skin. I have classic combo skin (normal-oily in Spring/Summer and normal-dry in Fall/Winter). I get everything from dry patches to oily spots depending on the fluctuation of my skin. I just turned 40 a few months ago. So, I am *very* interested in anti-aging skincare. I have no major lines or wrinkles yet (whew!). I want to fend those off for as long as I can! So far, I just have fine lines that crop up around my eyes (especially when my skin is dry). I do occasionally break out. Not all the time, but I do get breakouts still. Typically, breakouts are on my chin and occasionally by my nose. I have a few dark spots that arrived with my pregnancy. Luckily, these are gradually fading (but still bothersome). My biggest skincare complaint? My very dark under eye circles. I have hereditary dark circles plus allergies and a general lack of sleep. So, my poor eye area looks haggard! Finding good eye creams and concealers is one of the main reasons I am into skincare and got into beauty blogging! ;)

There is no question, Kate Somerville is one of my Top 5 Skincare Brands. I am always excited to try out products from this line! Recently, I have been testing out Kate Somerville's Gentle Daily Wash and Mega-C Dual Radiance Serum. To find out more about these amazing products and how they worked for my skin, please click "read more" below!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Weekend Links!

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Prime Beauty checks out a few Holiday Collections and finds The Marc Jacobs Beauty Sky-Liner 7 Pc. Petite Highliner Collection--the perfect gift for the beauty enthusiast but she won't give it up!

With all of the gorgeous and luxurious beauty oils on the market, Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has found four more to love from : African Botanics, Sisley, Aesop and evanhealy!!

The holidays can be a stressful time, but you still want your nails to look good! Nail polish strips (like Sally Hansen Salon Effects) are a great way to get a fabulous mani in minutes. Check out Jessika's Tips & Tricks for Applying Nail Polish Strips (and Making Them Last!) over on polish insomniac!

1. Smell good. 2. Get gorgeous lips. 3. Support Breast Cancer Awareness. How can you do all three? Check out Beauty Info Zone's review of Coach, Origins, and Smashbox BCA limited edition goodies!  

15 Minute Beauty is in the mood for pink! Is it October, is it the baby girl she's expecting any day, or maybe just a really pretty pink lippie? She created an easy every day look tutorial, inspired by the pink lip crayon.

Check out Carrie from eyeliner on a cat's review of aroma M Camellia Perfume and an interview with its creator, Maria McElroy. This is one GORGEOUS floral fragrance you'll not want to miss!

Contour and highlight might not be the most "exciting" part about makeup, but it adds so much to the face without seeming obvious! Sunny from Mostly Sunny gave Burberry Trench Sheer Eye Shadow and Earthy Blush Light Glow a go to see if they are the perfect candidates for the job!  

Phyrra shares one of the prettiest palettes for Fall, the Anastasia Tamanna Palette. See her review, comparison and tutorial!

The Painted Rogue NEEDS YOU! :-D She's trying to put together the best ever Ultimate Pocket Guide to Pink Lipsticks and, while she has a lot of lipsticks, it's your suggestions that will make this guide as complete as possible. Come on over and share your favourite MLBB lipstick!  

Perilously Pale shares a review of her favourite pieces from the NARS Laced With Edge Holiday 2014 Collection. The Lip Glosses!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Introducing Scentbird: A Monthly Perfume Subscription (discount code)

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Introducting Scentbird: A Monthly Beauty Subscription for Perfume!!! 

Beauty Sample Subscriptions are everywhere! I will fully admit to being a complete beauty sample subscription addict. However, how many does one really need? Plus, I am really satisfied with my current rotation of beauty sample boxes. With that said, Scentbird really does offer something unique and different...a monthly service for perfume! A fragrance-lover's dream!

I do adore perfume and love trying new ones. However, perfume really is expensive! As much as I enjoy little sample vials. They are really too little to use more than a handful of times. My other beauty boxes offer these little glass vials but those only offer a few uses. 

Well, Scentbird has found a genius way for fragrance-lovers to really try a scent: 8 ml. purse-size vials filled with 100% authentic designer perfume that fit into a travel-friendly case. These vials are sent out monthly and provide enough perfume to keep you scented all month long!

The Scoop:
  • Just $14.95 a month gets you a 30-day supply of a designer perfume of your choice right to your door. Choose from 300+ top brands. The selection really is amazing! They have many scents that I have had my eye on for quite some time!
  • The perfume you select comes in a sleek purse-size spray that is super portable. Each month you just swap out the old scent and pop the new one into your Scentbird purse spray container.  
  • The purse spray of offers 8ml of the scent of your choice, enough to apply daily for a whole month. Its modern, compact design makes it easy to take along for touch-ups or travel.

Scentbird was born out of the frustration with the “perfume graveyard”- all those scents you once loved but got tired of wearing, all those scents you got as presents and never really loved, all gathering dust on your dresser. 60% of women who wear perfume switch between multiple fragrances. In fact, the #1 reason women buy perfume is to get something new or different,” says Mariya Nurislamova, Scentbird’s CEO

  • Go to and answer a few quick questions. Scentbird gets to know your scent preferences in minutes. You can search for something in particular that you have been wanting to try...or you can go with their monthly featured selection.
  • Set up a "Perfume Calender". Think of this like your trusty "Netflix queue. You can add favorites here if you like to be consistant or switch it up by adding new fragrances each month (Scentbird is always adding new scents!).  
  • $14.95 gets you a monthly purse spray. You get a complimentary perfume case with your first order. Drop purse spray into the case, twist and it’s ready to go.  
  • Shipping is free and you can cancel anytime!
Curious to find out what scent I got from Scentbird this month? To hear that info and get my discount code, please click "read more" below! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Desperately Seeking SPF: Radical Skincare's NEW Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30

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It is time for another update in my Desperately Seeking SPF series! This series is all about finding fabulous SPFs for the face as well as the body. SPF is an absolute daily "must have" for me. Not only does skin cancer run in my family, but also I have lost a dear friend to Melanoma. I don't mess around when it comes to wearing SPF! I apply it every single day. To top that, my skin is somewhat sensitive and temperamental. Like many with Combo skin, my skins needs seem to change seasonally: I am dryer in the winter and more oily in the warmer months. I want good SPF not only for Cancer prevention, but also for the anti-aging benefits as well. I recently turned 40, gasp, and I attribute everyone not believing that I am 40 to my years of wearing great SPFs!

For today's post, I am going to highlight the fabulous new SPF from Radical Skincare: Radical's Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30. I am a HUGE fan of this line. If you missed my previous reviews, be sure to check them out here: Radical Skincare's Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum and  Radical Skincare's Age Defying Exfoliating Pads (these are still my favorite things ever!). This skincare line just *works* for my skin! 
To find out more details about Radical Skincare's Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30 and to hear about how I liked it, please click "read more" below!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LUSH Celebrates Fall with Spooky Bathtime Treats!

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Looking to add a little bit of fun to your bath this month? LUSH has an *adorable* collection of spooky Halloween-themed bath treats! You are just going to have to head over to LUSH to check these out in person. They are too cute to resist!

I got to try out a few items from the LUSH Halloween bath collection. Here are the items I tried:

NEW Northern Lights Bath Bomb ($5.95)
Creating an array of mesmerizing blue and neon green colors while it melts and fizzes away, popping candy works its magic and the stars flickering through the water will enchant you. Scented with Jasmine Absolute and Ylang-Ylang to create a soothing and calming fragrance. Vegan This is a brand-new shape for LUSH's bath bombs. They also have a Sparkler Bath Bomb in this same new shape. This smells amazing and is so fun to use in your bath!

NEW Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95)
Bring a splash of sparkle to your bath with our glittering jack-o-lantern. Fruity and energizing juniperberry blends magically together with grapefruit and lime oils to pack a fragrant punch for those long, lingering soaks. Vegan OMG! This Pumpkin Bubble Bar is so darn cute! A must-have for any pumpkin lover! As soon as it turns October every year, I become obsessed with all-things pumpkin! ;)

NEW Wizard Bubble Bar ($7.95)
Cast a relaxing spell over bath time with energizing tangerine oil and popping candy banish stress and lift spirits. Juniperberry and fennel essential oils help leave skin balanced and feeling incredibly soft. Vegan I really enjoy the "hippie" scent of this bubble bar. Plus, as a Harry Potter fanatic, I enjoy any nod to the wizard world. ;) I mean how cute is this little wizard?!?!

Available starting on October 3rd in LUSH shops nationwide and on – be sure to stock up soon as these products almost always sell out before Halloween.


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Monday, October 13, 2014

It is National Eczema Month! Aveeno Eczema Therapy Products and My Baby

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October is National Eczema Awareness Month – and for the over 30 million Americans who suffer from eczema, living with condition can be an ongoing challenge which impacts the quality of life for both themselves and loved ones. 

I, firsthand, know about the challenges of Eczema. My 9 month old baby, Jackson, has Eczema. Jackson was diagnosed with Eczema when he was 3 months old. As a worried mother, I wanted to know exactly what I could do to help my baby. I was given a perscription cream to help with his immediate Eczema flare-up. In addition, my doctor specifically recommended using AVEENO® Baby Eczema Therapy products on a ongoing basis to keep the Eczema from flaring up. As an AVEENO® Ambassador, I was thrilled that the brand was recommended! However, since I do not have Eczema myself, the products were all new to me! I immediately felt relieved that I could keep Jackson's Eczema at-bay by using products from a brand that I know well and trust. 

Developed in partnership with leading dermatologists, AVEENO® Eczema Therapy and AVEENO® Baby Eczema Therapy products are formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Colloidal Oatmeal and are clinically shown to soothe eczema symptoms.

While I was sad to say goodbye to the beautifully scented products that I used to use on my baby, I knew that in order to keep Jackson's Eczema from flaring up, I must switch to unscented gentle products designed specifically for Eczema. 

After using these products for 6 months on my baby, I am happy to report that I am absolutely thrilled with my results with AVEENO® Baby Eczema Therapy products! I don't even miss those scented baby products that I used to use on him! Not only has his Eczema been kept pretty well under control, but also his skin was transformed into super duper soft baby skin! I have even seen improvement in the softness and dryness of my hands since I can't resist using the cream on my hands every time I apply it on the baby. :)

I use a variety of products from the AVEENO® Baby Eczema Therapy and AVEENO® Baby line on an ongoing basis including: 
  • AVEENO® Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream: This is the workhorse in our anti-Eczema routine. I slather this rich moisturizing cream all over my baby twice a day in the morning and in the evening. I also always apply this all over him after a bath. Honestly, nothing else works better than this cream for reliving Jackon's dry skin and transforming him into a soft baby! 
  • AVEENO® Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment: This is an oatmeal bath powder that you add to the baby bath to turn the bath into a soothing bath treatment. I do not use this for every bath...just when I feel like he needs some extra soothing for his skin when his skin is super irritated.
  • AVEENO® Baby Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash: This is not from the Eczema line, but I use it on Jackson as his body cleanser. It is super soothing and moisturizing, yet it gets his body clean. It is fragrance free and it gently cleanses without damaging the skin's barrier. 
  • AVEENO® Baby Wash & Shampoo: I use this to wash Jackson's hair. This has a very light soft fragrance. It is gentle and it rinses clean. When Jackson's cradle cap acts up, I do a pre-treatment with baby oil first (and massage it into his head with a soft baby brush) and then I follow with this shampoo.
  • AVEENO® Baby Natural Protection Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 50: I use only Aveeno sunscreen on Jackson's skin. I feel comfortable that it will not irritate his skin. Generally, I keep him in the shade and out of the sun since he is so little. However, when I know he will be exposed, I apply this to his body for protection.
There is no question that the AVEENO® Eczema Therapy baby products that I am using on my baby keep his Eczema under control. I am so thankful to have this arsenal of products on hand to keep Jackson's sweet baby skin comfortable and soft! :)

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Beauty Info Zone shares Top 10 Primers!

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Tired of looking like a sad clown with melted makeup at the end of the day? Lisa from Beauty Info Zone gives you a completely updated list of her top ten primers

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