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Friday, May 29, 2015

Get Beach-Ready with Beauty 360 and pop-arazzi: Mani/Pedi #giveaway

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It is finally Summer Vacation time!!! School is out and the weather is hot. While we are not taking a beach vacation this year, I am still getting beach-inspired with some super fun mani/pedi supplies from Beauty 360 and pop-arazzi! 

The hot weather has me wearing flip flops or sandals every day and fun summer colors and fashions. I always switch up my polish colors to Summer-friendly hues this time of year. Plus, with all this sandal and flip-flop wear, I need to do pedicures weekly or bi-weekly to keep my feet looking pretty and feeling soft. 

Have you heard of Beauty 360 tools and pop-arazzi polishes? These brands are exclusively sold at CVS/pharmacy. From the super cute polish bottles to the great selection of mani/pedi tools and accessories, you are going to have everything you need for a great Summer mani/pedi!
I recently tried out an assortment of pop-arazzi polishes and some Beauty 360 tools. 

From pop-arazzi, I tried Living Coral (a perfect Summer shade! A pretty pop of coral with a very subtle shimmer), The Hue is Blue (a soft creamy baby blue with the slightest hint of shimmer), and Toes in the Sand (a warm beige). I love how Living Coral and The Hue is Blue look like a matte creme at first, but then when you look closely, you see a lovely and very very subtle shimmer. The pop-arazzi polishes are in such pretty shades and OMG...the bottles, so cute! The formula did apply a bit streaky and thick for these. However, I did find the formula to be fairly workable and had a pretty good finish after 2 coats. Wear time was a bit diminished with some peeling before 2 days with the The Hue is Blue shade. However, the Living Coral shade wore for 3+ days with no peeling, which is very good! Despite the minor peeling issues with some of the shades, I still loved the color and look of the polish. Plus, these polishes are a great deal at CVS!

Beauty 360:
What a great assortment of everyday tools for your nails, feet, and hands! I tried the following:
  • Beauty 360 Padded Salon Boards: This is your basic padded board for filing your nails. I use this to smooth out the surface and to file my toe nails. I like using a crystal file for my fingernails. Retails for $2.99.
  • Beauty 360 Jeweled Nail Clipper: What a cute little nail clipper. It works great! I like having extra nail clippers around the house and this one is super duper cute! Retails for $1.99.
  • Beauty 360 Natural Pumice Stone: Daily use of a pumice stone is one of the key things that I do to keep my feet smooth and soft. The trick is that you have to use it daily. So, I make it part of my usual shower routine. I love that this little pumice has a rope so I can hang it to dry in my shower. Retails for $5.99.
  • Beauty 360 Gel Toe Separators: Toe Separators are a pedicure staple item for me! Using toe separators is the only way that I manage to not to smudge my polish! I love that these are gel. the gel makes them super comfy and washable! Love that! Retails for $3.99.
3 Winners will each get the following prizes:
Beauty 360 Ergo Nail Clipper
Beauty 360 Shape Defining Nail File
Beauty 360 Cuticle Pusher
pop-arazzi Just Beachin’ Nail Polish
pop-arazzi Shell Me More Nail Polish
pop-arazzi Short But Sweet Nail Polish 

To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Note: Please see detailed rules on the form. USA only, 18 and older please, prize subject to availability, prize not redeemable for cash, Giveaway void where prohibited, and Pammy Blogs Beauty not responsible for items lost in mail. Giveaway ends: 

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

NEW from RoC® Smooth Perfexion® Instant Line Corrector with COPPER-ZINC TECHNOLOGY

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NEW RoC® Smooth Perfexion® Instant Line Corrector with COPPER-ZINC TECHNOLOGY:
I am so excited to introduce to you this new product from RoC®! The RoC® Smooth Perfexion® Instant Line Corrector is such a unique product. It is like a makeup primer and face serum hybrid! It has the smooth and silky feel of a skin primer plus is packed with anti-aging ingredients. I just love multitasking products like this one! :) As a RoC® Ambassador, I get to try out all of their new products right away so that I can give ya'll the scoop! :)

RoC® Smooth Perfexion® Instant Line Corrector with COPPER-ZINC TECHNOLOGY is a new lightweight product that bridges the gap between skincare and cosmetics to deliver beautifully smooth and visibly firm skin in one easy step.

The product has a very unique consistency and appearance. The product itself is super silky serum-like gel-like product. It has a grey cast (from the active combination of Copper and Zinc: this grey cast disappears as you smooth the product onto your skin). It feels smooth and silky to the touch. As you apply it to your skin, it literally smooths in/fills in your fine lines and wrinkles. It feels silky smooth on your skin while also feeling like nothing at all! It almost disappears into your skin just leaving it feeling softer and smoother while blurring the look of fine lines and pores. The primer-like qualities provide an ultra-smooth surface for makeup application.

In the past, I will fully admit that using a primer is a step I often skip. As a busy stay-at-home Mommy of a 1 year old and 3 year old...who has the time for an extra step? Well, I find that with this product, I want to add in the extra step because this product is so much more than just a primer. It is also an anti-aging treatment serum! Copper and Zinc have anti-aging abilities to not only smooth your fine lines and wrinkles but also to increase skin firmness. Plus, this product is a nice complement to any retinol skincare routine as Copper and Zinc work well in conjunction with Retinol.

As far as results, the biggest that I see is the instant smoothing effect of this product. When applying makeup, my pores and fine lines are less apparent. I also feel that my skin looks and feels more hydrated and plump when I use this. Only time will tell when assessing the anti-aging and firming product claims. However, so far, so good! I am really enjoying using this product!

Next time you are in the drugstore, be sure to check out this new RoC® Smooth Perfexion® Instant Line Corrector with COPPER-ZINC TECHNOLOGY. I recommend replacing your usual primer with it for a few weeks. You are not going to want to go back to a regular primer after using this one packed with anti-aging ingredients!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Poppy Picnic Summer Collection from tarte!

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Are you ready for Summer? With the end of school and Summer activities starting, Summer is already in full swing at our house! ;)

Let me tell ya'll, in GA, the heat and humidity really give my makeup a workout. If I am not careful with my selection of products and application, my makeup will melt right off from the heat and humidity. I need highly pigmented, long-wearing, and even waterproof formulas to truly stand up to the heat! Enter tarte's Summer collection: Poppy Picnic! Tarte is known for their incredibly pigmented long-wearing formulas. So, I was super excited to dive into this beautiful collection of products!

From the Poppy Picnic Summer Collection from tarte, I tried out the Poppy Princess Palette, the LipSurgence Lip Cremes in Serene and Wonder, and the Lights, Cameras, Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner in Brown. To find out more details about all of these products, please click "read more" below!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Makeup Wars: Summer Glow Products!

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It is time for another Makeup Wars! This time the Makeup Wars bloggers are sharing some of their favorite products to get a great Summer Glow! My focus this time? Skin perfecting products for the body. So, here are some of my favorite self tanners, gradual tanners, leg makeup (yes!), and even a BB Cream for the body! These products are all amazing!!!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs: Leg makeup? What??? Yes, leg makeup! This amazing transfer-resistant tint helps to cover imperfections, give your legs a little bit of color, and generally makes your legs look great! Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs has been a go-to product for me for many years. As I mentioned, I am incredibly pale. Honestly, that does not bother me. I embrace my pale. However, I do feel a bit better about myself when my legs have a slight bit of color...especially if I am wearing a short skirt or short shorts. I especially like wearing Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs if I am going out in the evenings like on a date night or to a party. It just helps me to feel pretty. It is that simple! I actually like to spray a bit in my hand and then mix some in with my usual body lotion and apply to my legs. You can also spray this directly on your legs. I wear the Fairest Shade.

Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self Tanning Oil: This self-tanning oil contains 100% Argan Oil and natural DHA and other great ingredients like hydrating coconut water and aloe juice. When you use self tanners, you cover a large surface area of your body. So, I really appreciate the natural ingredients because your body absorbs so much of the product. To get an even application, you need to apply this self tanning oil with the mitt provided using circular motions to prevent streaking. Also, you need to keep shaking the bottle throughout application. As with all self-tanners, I recommend going very lightly over knees, ankles, and feet to prevent these areas from collecting too much color (I usually treat those areas first with extra lotion, to keep the areas from absorbing too much). Also, be sure to exfoliate first. Now, this product does have that typical self-tanner smell. However, I expect that from pretty much any product with DHA. I am pleased with my color results from this tanner!

Nature's Gate Glow Lotion For Light Skin Tones): As much as I love doing a full application of a regular self tanner, often I just don't have the time or patience. So, a gradual self-tanner is often much easier to use! Nature's Gate Glow Lotion for Light Skin Tones is my go-to everyday gradual tanner. First of all, I love that it is a natural and organic product, because I am slathering it all over my body and absorbing a lot of the product into my system. I just love the subtle color and moisturizing properties of this product! It doesn't dry out my skin like many gradual tanners do. When I first started using it, I thought the results were too subtle. Well, it turns out that is exactly what I like about this product! It is a perfect gradual tanner for super fair girls like me. You really can't even tell after the first day of applying...but, the color does gradually build after a few days to give you a nice light and natural looking color. You can truly use this every day! Just replace your usual body lotion with this and you will end up with a nice light tan in a few days time with no effort!!! I primarily use this on my legs as that is where I really want more color. I absolutely adore this product. It has become my favorite gradual tanner! :)

Jergen's BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream: BB Cream for your body? OMG, yes!!! This BB Body cream is amazing! It absolutely has the ability to subtly perfect your skin and give you a gorgeous glow. It works like a regular moisturizer but it also has the added benefits of skin perfectors! It goes on sheer but does give some subtle color. It gives your skin a lovely sheen which blurs imperfections and leaves your skin just looking lovely. Plus, can I just mention the amazing scent! To my nose, this BB Body Cream smells remarkably similar to Bath & Body Works's Twilight Woods scent. So, if you are a fan of that scent, like I am, then you are going to love the scent of this cream! Now, I have fair skin, however, I like using the Medium to Tan version of this product to get a bit more color than the Fair Skin formula (like I said, the results are subtle, but lovely!). This Jergen's BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream is a staple in my beauty routine for my legs and arms and all exposed skin areas in the Spring and Summer! Plus, the results are subtle enough to make it every day usable!  

What are you loving to get your Summer Glow? I would love to hear! Also, be sure to check out the thumbnails below for my fellow Makeup Wars bloggers. Find out what they are using to get their Summer Glow on! :) xoxo

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Friday, May 22, 2015

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Weekend Links!

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Phyrra brings you an easy to follow Dramatic Teal Cut Crease Tutorial

What do you crave on your nails in the summer? Beauty Info Zone shares a KBShimmer polish that you'll have a lot of love for and might start a craving. 

Sunny from Mostly Sunny used to think she can’t pull off reddish brown eyeshadows, but one day she realized she just has to pair them right! Check out her new reddish brown shadow love, Giorgio Armani Senso Eye Tint

If you seek summer-ready skin that is fresh, luminous and healthy, then Colbert MD Intensify Facial Disks will gently and effectively achieve this goal! Learn why Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is thoroughly obsessed with this game changing exfoliator!

Prime Beauty has an exclusive eyeshadow to share with you from Pacifica! Enter to win the Power of Love Eyeshadow Palette! 

Are you obsessed with neutrals palettes like Pammy is? Pammy Blogs Beauty tries out Hard Candy's new Look Pro Natural Eyes Palette. Is the quality as good as the price? Find out! 

Christa from Perilously Pale has many new favourite nail polish colours for summer and several happen to be from the stunning Essie Summer 2015 Collection.  

15 Minute Beauty has been obsessed with one thing lately, and that's her hair! Find out her favorite products to create the perfect tousled waves


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion: Does it pass the "Tissue Test"? #AveenoSheerHydration

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Body lotion is a daily staple for me. I literally slather it all over my body on a daily basis with some re-application to key areas throughout the day. I love feeling moisturized and hydrated. What do I not love?...the sticky or greasy residue that many lotions leave behind. It is one thing to apply a heavy lotion at night and deal with the residue while you are sleeping. But dealing with sticky/greasy residue during the day or when you are trying to get dressed quickly? No thank you! 

I have been a long term fan of Aveeno products and Aveeno moisturizers for many, many years. I trust Aveeno products and I know that they are both good for my skin and gentle for my sensitive skin. As an Aveeno Ambassador, it is exciting for me to try out new Aveeno products as soon as they are released! So, when they challenged me with the "Tissue Test" with their new Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion, I was happy to step up to the plate and give it a try! 

Like the other moisturizers in Aveeno's Active Naturals Collection of products the new Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion contains Aveeno's Active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal (which works to nuture and replenish the skin barrier while preventing water loss to help maintain moisture all day long). This wonder ingredient contains five vital nutrients found in healthy skin: proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, polysaccharides, and lipids.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hard Candy Look Pro Natural Eyes Palette: Gorgeous Set, Great Deal!

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I love that you honestly do not have to pay a lot to get good quality eye shadow palettes these days. Sure, not all drugstore-price palettes are created equally. So, I really enjoy the hunt for fabulous products at a great price. Luckily, I discovered a true gem with the Hard Candy Look Pro Tins. The Hard Candy Look Pro Tins are available at Walmart and for only $8.00! What a steal!

The Hard Candy Look Pro Tin eye shadow palettes each include 9 coordinated shades, a primer, a mini eye liner, and an applicator. Each palette includes an instructional card with 3 start to finish natural looks. The tin also has a small mirror inside. Look Pro is offered in three different palettes including Natural Eyes, Sassy Eyes, and Smokey Eyes.

I got to try out the Natural Eyes palette and have completely fallen in love with it! As a neutrals-girl at heart, these are the types of shades that I gravitate towards for everyday wear. The shadows are very soft and have an almost creamy-feeling powder texture. The shades range from a light vanilla (great for brow highlight) to a dark brown (great for powder lining or smokey eyes!) with many shades in-between. There is a variety of matte, shimmer, and even some sparkle (but not glittery) finishes. This palette has everything that I need to create a complete eye look from start to finish! 

In addition to loving the shadow selections, I also enjoy using the eye primer and the mini eye liner. The primer seems to increase the wear of the shadows and gives my lids a smooth finish. The liner is your basic eye pencil in black. It has nice dark pigment and long wear on me. 

Overall, this Hard Candy Look Pro Natural Eyes Palette is a fabulous palette at an incredible price! Be sure to check these out next time you are in Walmart. I know that I am eager to scope out the rest of the shades. :)

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