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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Weekend Links!

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The Beauty Spotlight Team has some news to share. We now hDaydreaming Beauty and Shipra of Taneja's Bride. We are excited to be able to share their great blogs with you. In addition starting next week we've got a new topic for our special weeks. We've just finished up Organization and the next topic is Product Favorites. We'll all be choosing a brand that we love and regaling you with our favorites. And now to the main event ---

ave a team of a dozen of the best bloggers around. We have two new ladies joining us, Amber of

African Botanics Marula Baobab Clay Oxygenating Cleanser and Buchu Botanical Enzyme Polish are two of the most amazing products for luxury spa facial results at home. Learn how this mighty duo is among the secret beauty weapons in the Lola's Secret Beauty Blog luxe skincare arsenal! 

Prime Beauty splurged on the Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive, Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look 5 Minute Face On the Go palette and is SO glad she did!

Need some inspiration? Check out AARP's new free Beauty & Style digital edition! Pammy Blogs Beauty found such great ideas and tips here!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a reminder of summer all year round? Lisa from Beauty Info Zone can do just that with her newest fragrances from Clean. Visit to read about what could become your new favorites.

Tired of shaving? Phyrra is too! Join her in the #NoShaveWave!

15 Minute Beauty is putting on her Doctor Hat and reviewing how retinoids work, why you want to use them and how she incorporates them in her own skincare routine. Are you using them yet? 

Allison from Never Say Die Beauty discovered an amazing color correcting concealer, Judith August Orange Masking Crème, from a brand that’s been around for over 30 years, Judith August Cosmetics Solutions, a pioneer in camouflage cosmetics.. This long-wearing, full coverage concealer is definitely worth a try!

Perilously Pale has a new favorite highlighter in her collection. You won't want to miss her review is the new Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer coming for Fall 2016!

What beauties do bloggers pick on National Lipstick Day? Look to see Taneja's Bride's choice of Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors.

Blushing Noir shares her favorite Summer lipsticks for National Lipstick Day! Enter to win a couple of them!

Want to know how to protect your hair from the summer sun and chlorine? Amber from daydreaming beauty has some great ideas to help keep your hair healthy and free from brasiness! Check out her Summer Hair Care faves from Sally Beauty.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Can You Do with 100 More Sheets of SCOTT® Bath Tissue? Easy Organization Ideas for Apartment Living!

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What Can You Do with 100 More Sheets of SCOTT® Bath Tissue? 
We could all use a little extra room in our budgets, right? Just a little bit of savings here-and-there tends to make a big difference when you look at all of those savings cumulatively. For instance, if you look at the savings of 100 more bonus sheets of Scott Bath Tissue on the new SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue roll from BJ's Wholesale Club, this could give you the means to save money. This money can be used in fun ways like organizing and revitalizing your bathroom!  

We just recently moved into an apartment while we are waiting on our new home to build. Let me tell ya'll, it has been a challenge! We are a family of 4 living in a small 3-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms. Lets just say that this apartment sure feels "cozy", lol! All kidding aside, we really did have to get creative with storage for our apartment. 

BJ's Wholesale Club Shopping for SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue:
I love finding great deals! Shopping at BJs is one of my "secrets" for saving money! I find that shopping for paper good items at BJs really is the deal: from toilet paper, to paper towels, to napkins, buying these items in bulk saves you so much money over time. So, you know that I love the great value of the new SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue that I found at BJ’s Wholesale Club! It was super easy to find the SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue in the paper products asile at BJ's Wholesale Club. 

About SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue:
Lets chat about the SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue! First of all, can I just tell you what a deal it is? I mean, 100 extra sheets per roll of SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue translates to 3 extra rolls per pack. That alone is savings! Plus, you are getting such quality. SCOTT® is known for high quality single ply toilet paper. There are 1,100 sheets of toilet paper in every roll. This makes it “America’s longest lasting roll”! This paper is safe for septic systems, RVs, and boats. 

SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue retails for $23.32 at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Please click here for an awesome coupon for SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue that you can use at BJ's Wholesale Club. Click through and save yourself some money!!!

Easy Budget-Friendly Organization Ideas for Apartment Living & Tips for Making a Small Space Work:

While our apartment living is cozy and happy, I can tell you one thing, we are certainly short on storage space! When you are living in a small apartment, storage space is at a premium. Since our situation here is temporary, many of our items are off site in long-term storage. However, we are going to live here for a few more months and need to make our space work and save money while doing so. The last thing that I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on storage solutions that are temporary. Plus, I want to continue to save money by buying certain items, like toilet paper in bulk. So, I just need to be creative with how I store not only my toilet paper, but all of our toiletries and other bathroom items.

We actually did luck out with a beautiful master bathroom in our apartment. However, even with that said, there is a limited amount of storage space in said bathroom. We do not have a master linen closet (which was where I formerly stored our bath tissue, towels, and spare soaps in our old house). So, drawers and cabinets are overflowing. Luckily, I came up with some great budget-friendly solutions!
  • Metal "Tower" Bath Tissue Storage: I just love this little metal tower bath tissue storage solution. It holds 3 extra rolls of toilet paper! I just tuck this right into the area behind the toilet and I always have extra rolls at-the-ready! Plus, I feel that it is an attractive way to store extra rolls.
  • Utilize a Tower Linen Storage Unit: I was so happy to be able to put this cabinet that I already owned into good use at the apartment! It works beautifully for bathroom storage. We are able to store spare towels, wash cloths, soaps, and extra rolls of SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue in this unit. This unit is very tall and narrow so it fits the small space well. 
  • Hooks, hooks, and more hooks: I am a huge fan of sticky hooks. They stick right onto the wall. So, they do not damage the wall with nails and holes. We had no where to hang our hand towels until we stuck these to the wall. It is maybe not the cutest solution, but it is functional and works great for a short-term solution.
  • Over-the-Door Hook Unit: I just love this over-the-door hook unit that I found! I have an assortment of bath robes, hair ties, and shower caps that I need quick access to on a daily basis. This unit slips right over the top of the door (so no worries about nail holes in an apartment!). The best part about the over the door hang is that it allows the unit to support a lot of weight. So, I can really load it up with a ton of robes! 
  • Extra Storage Baskets: Since our drawers and cabinets are overflowing with products (yes, as a beauty blogger, I am always overflowing!), I utilize baskets for the overflow products. Actually, the products in these baskets are my "most used" items. Since the baskets are out in the open, it gives quick access to these items.

I would love to hear about your budget-friendly storage solutions! Please feel free to share! Also, if you are not a BJ's member, you should certainly consider it! Such deals for the whole family! I especially love the deal that I got on the SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue! 

Thanks so much for reading!

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Monday, July 25, 2016

AARP The Magazine's NEW Beauty & Style Digital Edition

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I am always looking for beauty and style tips! In my downtime, I love reading magazines. So, I was super excited to hear about AARP's NEW Beauty & Style Digital Edition!

AARP The Magazine recently launched a brand new Beauty & Style Digital Edition. I have had a chance to browse through The Beauty & Style Digital Edition, and let me tell ya'll, there is some great beauty and style content there! The magazine includes excellent Beauty & Style features aimed at women 40 + including tips, tricks, advice and trade secrets. The Beauty & Style Digital Edition which can be viewed on the AARP website or downloaded as an amazing interactive iPad app. Digital magazines are so fun as you can read, watch, and listen to the interactive digital content, articles, and videos available!

The AARP's NEW Beauty and Style Digital Edition is packed with awesome beauty content: from Beauty Basics (skincare, hair, and makeup), to Special Features (this issue highlights Bobbi Brown makeovers and Christie Brinkley's beauty secrets), and Style (trends, slimming secrets, jeans, and accessories), this Beauty and Style Digital Edition was a delightful experience from start-to-finish! I 100% enjoyed my time while acquainting myself with this digital magazine!

I absolutely love the key message of the AARP Beauty & Style Digital Edition Magazine: "Age is No Barrier to Beauty and Style"! As a woman in her early 40's, I am starting to feel my age a bit and see myself as "older" amongst the beauty community...which honestly is ridiculous as I am only 42 (not to mention that I am a total kid-at-heart)! I have many, many more beautiful years ahead. However, most of the media out there focuses on the beauty of youth. Just open any fashion or beauty magazine and you will be bombarded with women in their late teens and 20s. This world needs more images real women, beautiful women...of every age! I know that I need these images and inspiration for embracing my beauty as I age. I mean, seriously, how gorgeous can Christie Brinkley be? If I am even a fraction of the beauty that she is now when I get to be her age. Wow! What an inspiration! So, this AARP Digital Magazine has been a delightful find! I mean, seeing those gorgeous photos of women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s is inspiring to me as a woman in my 40s. I want to look forward to those years and know that I can rock it like those women in the article.

Beauty Basics: Silky Skin
I particularly enjoyed the Beauty Basics Silky Skin article. As a beauty blogger, one of my key areas of interest has always been skincare. Finding and using great skincare is what motivated me to become a beauty blogger and skincare enthusiast! So, I always love learning more in this area. The Silky Skin feature gave some great tips (in a fun and interactive way) to banish brown spots, smooth wrinkles, and diminish or banish dark circles and eye bags. I like that the article suggested ways to treat each skincare concern with both skincare items as well as possible ideas for injectables/fillers from the dermatologist. That is not something I am currently considering. However, I am keeping an open mind for the future when these issues are more apparent and I want to up my game in fighting these issues. Also, I like that there were even some makeup suggestions to disguise skincare concerns. I found both tips that I can use right now (from home remedies to product suggestions) and some that I can catalog for later!

Glamour Glossary:
Last, but not least, I loved the Glamour Glossary! This is a section with straightforward definitions for beauty product ingredients! This is amazing!!! There are so many buzzwords in the beauty industry. Plus, there are so many active ingredients with complicated names. It is nice to have a concise reference for all of these terms!

I found so many great tips overall from the AARP Beauty & Style Digital Edition! From letting go of old beauty habits to embracing new techniques and products to accentuate my beauty as I age...I love it! Tips abound from de-aging your hands to selecting a new hairstyle to dressing for your body type. We are talking head-to-toe beauty and fashion!

Visit the AARP Beauty & Style Digital Edition online here and you can download the Beauty & Style App here! 

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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Beauty Spotlight Team: My Current Downsized Makeup Storage and Organization

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My Current Downsized Makeup Storage and Organization:
The Beauty Spotlight Team is wrapping up their series of Beauty Storage & Organization posts. This is the final post in that series. So, today I get to share with you lovelies my current makeup storage and organization solutions. 

Downsizing My Collection and Changing my Storage:
I am super excited to share my current makeup storage situation as it has drastically changed from my last beauty storage post! You guys might remember that my former storage system consisted of a huge mirrored matching lingerie chest and vanity from Pier 1 plus a clear cube? The set is gorgeous and it really was a dream come true to have such a beautiful storage and vanity area. 

 My Former Beauty Storage:
Mirrored Lingerie Chest, Mirrored Vanity, and Clear Cube:
 Note: The Clear cube was not packed yet in this former picture. 
However, this entire area ended up packed to the gills with makeup.
Well, after using that system for just over a year, I realized that it just was not working for me. As a beauty blogger, I had a ridiculously huge collection. As you can imagine, I get a lot of press samples. My collection got out of hand. I had more than I could use and the clutter started to really stress me out. It was an organized clutter. However, the sheer volume of the collection rendered it to not be user-friendly. I found that when I sat down to do my makeup, I was overwhelmed by choices. As a stay-at-home Mom of a toddler and a preschooler, I am very limited in my time to get ready in the mornings. I did not enjoy having to dig through the mass of makeup just to find some concealer, lip balm, and mascara and other basics on a daily basis. My day-to-day makeup is really quite simple. My daily basics were hard to find and I was wasting too much precious time digging. I realized what I had to do: I did some drastic downsizing. 

Downsizing: How did I do it?
Downsizing was really quite easy. I was holding on to things for way too long. Makeup items that were too old got thrown away. Items that were used but I never reached for were passed on to friends and family. New and unused items were given to friends and family plus there is a Women's outreach ministry near by that is now getting donations from me. 

I downsized by about 75% and I am still going! I has honestly been liberating. My next step is to tackle my bathroom items: skincare and body products.

I no longer use my lingerie chest for makeup storage. It was completely emptied out of makeup and now holds all of my lingerie and athletic wear (and I am thrilled about that!). My vanity drawer is not housing a ton of products either, just some back-up mascaras and brow products...that is it! All of my makeup is now in that clear cube and the small travel train case...and guess what, if I start to overflow again, it will be time to purge.

Just the Cutie Clear Cube from TwinLilies plus a small travel Train Case:
The best part? There are empty spaces!

My Current Beauty Storage: A Clear Cube plus a small Train Case:
I am in a constant purging mode now. If I don't love something after a few uses, it gets passed along. There is no need for me to hang onto something I am not using and loving. I used to keep things for sake of comparison and swatching, etc. However, the clutter was just overwhelming. My system is super streamlined now and, as a result, I love getting ready in the mornings again and doing my makeup! 

My most used everyday beauty items are kept in my small travel Train Case (by London Soho) that I keep on top of my vanity. My everyday brushes are on top with my concealers, eyeliners, and mascaras in the top zipper compartment. The rest of my makeup is in my clear cube: palettes, eye shadows, blushes, foundations, powders, primers, etc. I rotate blushes and eye shadows and lippies from my clear cube into my small train case periodically just to keep things interesting and to make sure things get used. When it is time to rotate products again, if I didn't totally enjoy using it, it gets passed on and does not re-enter the clear cube storage.

I just love my streamlined and simplified beauty storage! I know that large collections work for a lot of beauty enthusiasts...and it did for me for awhile. However, I am finding that I really prefer a simplified routine and a much smaller collection (although by many standards, I still have a large amount of beauty items...but it is about 75% smaller than before).

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post! Also, I hope that I have given you some inspiration to downsize and streamline if that is the direction you are heading. Funny, my favorite videos on youtube to watch used to be beauty hauls...and now they are beauty purges! I love hearing about people's success with de-cluttering and I find it to be inspiring! So, if you are in the process of decluttering any area of your home, I would love to hear about it. :) Thanks again for reading!

You can find the Cutie Clear Cube here! :)


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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Be Prepared for Life's Little Surprises with Carefree® Liners: My Period Survival Kit

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SpeakFreelyCarefree #CollectiveBias

Be Prepared for Life's Little Surprises with Carefree® Liners: My Period Survival Kit:
As we all know, life is full of surprises! Some surprises in life certainly are wonderful. However, there are certainly others that are not so much enjoyed. My fellow women out there know what I can be hard to be a girl sometimes! We need to be prepared for emergencies and surprises as they will happen, it is just Murphy's Law. Nothing is worse then being caught unprepared when you have female needs. So, I try to avoid that situation at all costs. I strive to always be prepared because, yes, life certainly is full of surprises! 

As a stay-at-home Mom of a toddler and a preschooler, my life is very busy. Most of the time I am taking care of everyone else's needs above my own. Kids schedules, family meals, keeping the home, and doing some part-time work are more than enough to keep me busy. I am always thinking and planning ahead for my family. The last thing in the world that I need clogging my brain is worrying about being unprepared for my period. I need to be prepared not only for my kids' needs, but also I need to plan ahead for my own basic needs!

I am going to speak freely: My period is irregular (since having my last child). My cycles are now very short and they sneak up on me! So, why be caught unprepared? Right?  I have found that my best defense is just to wear a Carefree® Liner almost every day when I am even remotely nearing my cycle. They are super thin and comfortable. So, you honestly don't feel like you are even wearing a pad. This method has worked so well for me! Why be caught unprepared for life's emergencies when you can just be Free to be you™with Carefree® liners!

My Period Survival Kit:
My best tip for being prepared for life's little emergencies is to have an emergency kit! Every woman's handbag or diaper bag should have one of these. Sure, we need the supplies for the babies and kids, but we need our things, too. I honestly can step out of the house that much comfortably knowing that I am armed with the basics...especially my Period Survival Kit which contains my Carefree® liners and some other necessities.

To find out more about my Period Survival Kit and Carefree® liners, please click "read more" below!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Day Pool Bag Essentials with Aveeno!

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#SummerSkin @AveenoUS

Summer is in full swing! The days are long and hot and the sun is super strong. My skin can certainly take a beating in the Summer from all of the sun exposure, chlorine, and self-tanner use. So, I am glad to be armed with an arsenal of amazing products from Aveeno to protect my skin during my long and sunny Summer days and to re-hydrate and repair my skin in the evenings. 

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite Summer sunny day body skincare essentials from Aveeno. These products are all items in my (or my kids) daily routines and I have been using them extensively this Summer. Aveeno is a brand that I trust for my whole family! I have sensitive skin and so does my toddler. Aveeno soothes and protects our skin without irritating it.
To find out about my Aveeno Summer Must-Haves, please click "read more" below! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Weekend Links!

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If an innovative, light-perfecting primer, that blurs imperfections and leaves your skin luminous, sounds like something you would covet, then Lola's Secret Beauty Blog highly recommends HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Correcting Primer in Mood Light! It radically increases the wear-time of your foundation, and gives skin a perfect glow!

Curious about the new Urban Decay Stackable Pro Artistry Palettes? Courtney from Phyrra has everything you need to know about them, plus a demo! Washing your hair can be a time gobbling pain. The Beauty Info Zone team has found ways to make your time fly by without damaging your hair. We think the Aquis hair towel and turban are holy grail items.  

Prime Beauty loves coconut and has discovered Skinny and Co. Coconut Oil, a fabulous resource for pure and natural coconut oil beauty products!

Beauty Bloggers switch up their products frequently. However, want to find out about two awesome skincare items that are almost always in Pammy Blogs Beauty's daily routine? Find out more about how she loves these two favorites from Belli Skincare!  

15 Minute Beauty has started a new series, Teen Makeup! This week she shared her thoughts on product application order and must have makeup brushes.

Even gals with dry skin need a lightweight moisturizer in the heat of the summer. Allison from Never Say Die Beauty was surprised that Tatcha Balanced Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer developed specifically for oily skin is perfect for her dry skin this summer under sunscreen or foundation. If you have oily or combo skin, you should definitely check it out!

 It's the most wonderful time of the year for Blushing Noir - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
Would you buy a product for the packaging alone? Find out which Clinique product Justina's Gems deems gorgeous enough to buy just to look at! 

The long awaited Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette is here. Christa from Perilously Pale shares her review and pics on this palette that will bring some much needed sparkle into your life. 

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