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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Vine Vera Skin Care: The Cabernet High Potency Collection

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It is always exciting to immerse myself in a new skincare routine. Finding effective skincare is one of the passions that led me to beauty blogging. So, I get super excited when I discover new brands and products that work for me. 

When I heard about Vine Vera, I was so intrigued! We are wine enthusiasts in our family. Not only do we love to drink wine, but also my husband is in the wine business. We study all aspects of wine: from the grape to the final product. Learning about wine has taught me about the amazing properties of the grape. Plus, Cabernet is one of my favorite wine varietals! 

Vine Vera and the Power of the Grape: Resveratrol Skincare: 
There are so many health and beauty benefits harnessed inside each little grape. The powerhouse ingredient: Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes. According to Vine Vera, Resveratrol is thought to cleanse your body of its impurities and it helps in preventing signs of aging (e.g., fine lines and wrinkles).

Vine Vera is a super high end luxury skincare line developed around harnassing the power of the grape. Resveratrol is one of the primary active ingredients infused within all of the products available from Vine Vera. Vine Vera offers a variety of skincare lines suited to various skin types and based on a certain types of grapes. While Resveratrol is a highlighted ingredient across the line, Vine Vera also includes many other skin-loving powerhouse ingredients like: essential oils, nutrients, antioxidants, natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals.

Let me just go ahead and tell ya'll, I really love using this skincare line. My skin has responded so well to the Vine Vera Cabernet High Potency Collection. My skin is amazingly soft, smooth, and even toned from using this line for a few weeks. I have even found some new favorites that I will continue to use for quite some time! 

For this review, I tried out the entire Cabernet High Potency Collection from Vine Vera. I am so excited to share more details about this collection as well as my overall impressions, thoughts, and results!

My Skin:
Before diving into my review of the Vine Vera Cabernet High Potency Collection, let me share a little more about my skin type and concerns. I want to give you some background on my skin so that you can understand my frame of refrence and will understand what I seek in my skincare products. 

I have classic combination skin that is somewhat sensitive. I do not break out often. However, if I am not careful with my skincare choices, I do ocassionally break out around my t-zone area. I am in my early 40s. So, I am interested in age prevention. While I do not have any major lines or wrinkles yet, fine lines are a concern. I want to prevent those signs of aging from appearing for as long as possible. I believe in both prevention and treatment. My fine lines are not very noticabel. However, they do tend to crop up more when my skin gets dehydrated around my eyes and ever-so-slightly around my mouth. I am looking for great anti-aging products that are proven effective. Yet, I want products that do not aggrivate my sensitive skin nor break me out. I tend to pay close attention to ingredients when trying out new skincare. 

So, are you ready to learn more about the amazing Cabernet High Potency Collection from Vine Vera? I am very excited to share more details with you. As a big fan of Cabernet wine, this Cabernet-based skincare line really appeals to me! 

Please click "read more" below to find out more! 

The Cabernet High Potencey Collection is unique within the Vine Vera line as it has an especially high concentration of the active powerhouse anti-aging ingredient Resveratrol. This line is ideal for mature skin or for anyone seeking anti-aging benefits from their products.

For this review, I am going to give you a first impressions review combined with the product information below. I have experimented with all of the products in the Cabernet High Potency Collection and am excited to share my thoughts as well as detailed information about each product.

Packaging and Presentation:
The Vine Vera Cabernet High Potency Collection is beautifully packaged. From the sturdy (and potentially re-usable) outer box, to the mirror finish products inside, this collection is total luxury. With this collection, you are getting high quality packaging that is also beautiful! Also, I must note that most of these products are very generously sized. Yes, these products are expensive...but, you are also getting a large amount of product in each container. 

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel:
I really enjoy using peel-type products at home. So, I was super excited to give this one by Vine Vera a try. At-Home Peels are a great way to get a spa-quality skincare treatment right in your own bathroom. 

The Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel was designed to be used 1-2 times a week. For my sensitive skin, I use it about once every week or every other week. So, just adjust according to your skin type and sensitivities. While I do have sensitive skin, I did not have any unusual reactions to this product. This product provides deep exfoliation to slough away dirt, excess oil, and any makeup residue. 

To Use: Apply to clean, dry skin. Massage gently and avoid the eye area. Then rinse with tepid water and follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. 

Key ingredients include: high dose Resveratrol, nut shells (for exfoliation), and glycerin (aids the skin in retaining water and helps with removal of clogged debris in pores).

This peel is remarkably gentle on my skin! It might actually be the most gentle peel-type product that I have ever used. I experience absolutely no tingling nor burning during the peel nor do I experience redness nor irritation bumps after. 

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Contour Eye Firming:
This eye cream was created to diminish the look of puffy eyes and to smooth fine lines. This is a super rich and deeply hydrating eye cream. I only need a small amount to smooth around the eye area for moisture and anti-aging properties. I use this layered over the Cabernet Eye Serum. The combination of these two products really makes a dramatic impact on my eye area. My eye area looks smoother and fine lines are diminished. 

To Use:
Apply a pea size amount in the eye area. I think this product works best when layered over the Vine Vera Cabernet eye serum (this will boost your results in your eye area). 

Key ingredients include high-dose Resveratrol, Soluable Collagen (this builds collagen and is designed to pass through skin's pores), Vitamin A, Retinyl Palmitate (anti-wrinkle ingredient), Vitamin E (for extra elasticity), Caffeine, and others like Soja Oil, Carrot Root Extracts, and Coconut.

This eye cream is huge! It comes in a 1.76 fl oz tub which is enormous for an eye cream. Most eye creams are in 0.5 oz tubes or tubs. So, even though this is a very expensive product. You are getting almost 3 times the product compared with most eye creams. So, when you factor that in, plus the fact that you only need a small amount...this tub will last you a very long time.

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Serum:
This serum helps your skin to look brighter and more balanced. I like using this serum immediately after washing my face in the evenings. You can apply it morning or evening. However, for me, I like using it in the evenings best. If you apply it in the morning, the texture of the serum makes it a very nice makeup primer as it preps and smooths the skin nicely for makeup application. In the evenings, I just apply about 1 pump of this serum to my clean and dry skin. After application of the serum, I follow up with application of the Cabernet cream. The serum can be used daily. 

Key Ingredients include high dose Resveratrol, an oil form of Vitamin C (for antioxidant properties as well as moisturizing skin), Seaweed (this superfood for your skin ingredient is packed with 72 trace minerals), Lavender Oil (this miraculous essential oil disinfects, soothes, and heals. It is fantastic for everything from eczema, to anti-aging, to acne prevention/treatment and more!), plus other ingredients like Wheat, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary, and Lime extracts.

I absolutely love the scent of the lavender oil in this product! I think that is one of the reasons that I love using this serum so much in the evenings as lavender has a nice calming and soothing effect for winding down in the evening. Plus, lavender oil does amazing things for your skin. The serum itself is clear and has a slick texture and a silicone-like feel. This gives it great slip and it really glides across your skin and absorbs very quickly. It leaves my skin with such a super smooth feel. I love it! 

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Eye Serum:
This Cabernet Eye Serum targets fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area. This serum is a clear gel serum with a silicone-like feel. I absolutely love how this feels on the skin. It is very hydrating and smoothing and it provides a great base to the eye area for very smooth makeup application. I like to layer this underneath the Cabernet Eye Cream. The combination of the Cabernet Eye Serum and Eye Cream gives me such a smooth and refreshed eye area! I really adore these eye products from Vine Vera! My eye area looks so plump and smooth and my fine lines are diminished.

Plus, I must mention that this product is huge! It is in a 1.69 oz pump tube. That size is very generous for an eye product. This serum is super concentrated. So, you only need a small amount for each application. This tube will last me forever. Seriously, I think this is a year's worth of product in this tube. 

Key Ingredients include high-dose Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid (has clinically proven filler-like effect to plump fine lines and wrinkles), Palmitoyl Oligopeptide + Tetrapeptide 7 (collagen boosters), Glycerin (helps skin to retain water while removing impurities), and many more including Ascorbic Acid, Goldenseal Root, Comfrey, Sage, Kudzu Root extracts. 

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Cream:
This is a fantastic anti-aging cream that targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product can be used morning and night. However, I just use it at night after applying the Cabernet Serum. In the mornings I prefer to use a moisturizer that contains a SPF for daytime sun protection. 

To Use:
Apply as final step in your skincare routine onto cleansed skin. You can either scoop out with the provided spatula or use your fingers. I like to apply this cream immediately after the Cabernet Serum. 

Key Ingredients include high-dose Resveratrol, Seaweed (this superfood for your skin ingredient is packed with 72 trace minerals), Oligopeptide 68 (purifies and brightens skin), Hyaluronic Acid (has a clinically proven filler-like plumping effect to the skin. It is one of my favorite skincare ingredients as it attracts water to the skin and plumps, smooths, and hydrates so well), and many more like Avacado Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Citrus Fruit extracts.

This is a very generously sized tub of cream! I love the thick and rich texture of this soothing cream. I find that it is so rich that I really only need a small amount of cream to moisturize my face. When I use the combination of the Cabernet Serum with the Cabernet Cream layered on top, I wake up in the mornings with such plump and smooth skin! I really feel that these products work nicely to smooth my skin and hydrate while also plumping skin and diminishing fine lines. Plus, I find the cream to be gentle and soothing to my sensitive skin. 

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Powder:
This product is a totally new-to-me type of product! It is a powder that transforms to a liquid. It is designed to improve your skin's luminosity while diminishing the appearance of signs of aging. One of the primary ingredients in this product is Vitamin C. So, I think of this as a "brightening" treatment for the skin.

I was a little confused by this product at first as I was expecting it to be an exfoliating treatment since it is a powder. However, once you apply and massage onto your face, it does become a liquid and it does not feel "scrubby" at all. Also, I must note that this product is not designed to be rinsed off. I did this the first few times I used it as I didn't realize it is supposed to be a leave-on treatment. So, be sure to read my how-to tips below!

To Use: Apply powder to clean and dry face. The powder will transform to a liquid while you massage it in with your fingertips. Use this product as a special treatment a few times a month (approximately once a week). Do not rinse off. Follow up with your moisturizer. 

Key ingredients include high-dose Vitamin C, Alaria Esculenta Extract (a brown algae known for anti-aging benefits), plus it is rich with amino acids, antixoidants, vitamins, and minerals.

This product is packaged in a box with 12 mini vials of powder. At first I thought these were individual use vials. They are not. Each vial has about 4-5 treatments in it depending on how much powder you use each time. So, since this is a weekly treatment, each vial should last you one month. So, the 12-pack should last you a full year (or more if you use this product less often). I do like that these vials are mini and monthly sized rather than one huge jar that lasts you a year.

Now, I must mention that this product is very, very expensive. Like, probably the most expensive product that I have ever used. So, I am still trying to decide if this would be worth a repurchase for me if I ran out. The results are nice as I do feel like this product "brightens" my skin and helps to refie texture and tone. However, the price is really out of my budget realistically as a skincare treatment. I really enjoy using it. If you can afford it, go for it! It is a nice extra skincare boost. However, I do find the price to be very, very steep. 

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet 60-second Eye Solution: 
This is a special gel/cream eye treatment which creates a 3-dimensional tightening effect. It works to improve the appearance of the under eye area by diminishing puffiness, fine lines, and lack of firmness. Now, I must say, I am not really the target audience for this product as I do not have puffiness nor lack of firmness in my eye area. I didn't see dramatic results in those areas since I don't have those particular issues to begin with. So, I can't say that this is a product that I will continue to use or re-purchase. However, if you do have lack of firmness and puffiness in the eye area, you should try it out. Once you apply you feel an instant tightening sensation. I could see how this would de-puff puffy areas and firm your eye area all around. 

To Use:
Use on cleansed skin. Gently press applicator to disperse a small amount of product. Sweep applicator across under eye area to distribute. The applicator tip has such a wonderful cooling sensation on the skin that boosts the formula's de-puffing abilities. Plus, it just feels so good going on. Use this treatment once a week. Wipe the applicator tip clean with a tissue after each use. 

Key ingredients include Sodium Hyaluronate and Actyl Hexapeptide-8. 

Vine Vera | Resveratrol Cabernet Rejuvenating Facial & Eye Mask:
This Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet Rejuvenating Facial & Eye Mask is a kit that includes 14 face masks and 12 eye masks. 

I am such a fan of the weekly home facial. These are just such an extremely luxurious treat to use! With luxury masks like this to use at home, you really can transform your bedroom and bathroom into your own home spa. Both of these masks are cool wet gel sheet-type masks. They have an amazing cooling sensation while on the skin. 

To Use:
These masks can be used together (eye and face) or on their own. I personally like to use them one at a time. So, I do each mask once a week which translates to 2 evenings of masks per week: one night eye and the other night face. The face mask really comes right to the eye area. So, I didn't find a need to double up and use the eye mask with the face mask since the face mask really does treat the eye area, too. That is actually one critique that I have about the face mask (and not just this one from Vine Vera but all of these types of gel sheet masks in general)....the eye holes need to be a little bigger. So, when I apply, I kinda stretch out the eye area a bit more in the mask so that it doesn't cover my eyes and so that I can see while the mask is on. Another tip, lie down while you use this mask! It keeps it from feeling like it is dripping. Also, I feel that part of the ritual of doing a face mask is relaxing. So, enjoy yourself and lie down and put your feet up for a bit when you use this luxurious mask.

To use the eye mask, just apply to clean and dry skin at the eye orbital area (avoiding actual eye). Rinse with cool water and follow up with the Vine Vera eye serum. For the face mask, just apply to clean and dry skin and then rinse off. The masks can be left on for a minimum of 10 minutes. However, I think you can use them for as long as you like. So, don't rush if you don't have to. Treat yourself and relax for awhile with these masks on. 

Key Ingredients: The masks are infused with Collagen, Resveratrol, and Lavender Oil to reduce the feel of dry skin and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

My Results:
Overall, I am really please with my results with Vine Vera across the Cabernet High Potency Collection skincare line. My skin is incredibly soft and smooth after using this skincare collection for a few weeks. My skin is super hydrated and plump. My fine lines are diminished and my pores look less noticable, too. I really notice the difference in my skin's texture when applying makeup in the mornings as my skin is so smooth and soft. I have had no breakouts and have had no sensitivity reactions to any of the products. Really, I think my skin looks great and I am thrilled with the results!

These are such luxurious products and they are really a treat to use. Yes, this skincare collection is extremely expensive. We are talking very high end price-wise. However, if you can afford this type of luxury treat, then I think you will be very pleased with the products. Also, the products are very generously packaged. So, you do get a lot of product for the price. Vine Vera uses the highest quality ingredients available. So, that is reflected in the high-end price tag.

Where to buy? You can find Vine Vera on their website and at various Vine Vera retailers worldwide. Locally, I know that I have seen a Vine Vera Kiosk at Atlanta's Northpoint Mall. Looking for Vine Vera on Social Media? Be sure to check out their Vine Vera Facebook page. Also, you can read more Vine Vera reviews here.

Are you a Vine Vera fan? I would love to know what you have tried from the line and what you are loving. I would love to explore Vine Vera's various collections further! :)

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