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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birchbox July 2012: Box Opening!!!

It is time for my monthly Birchbox Box Opening!!! 

This month is exciting because this box is another special edition box: a Birchbox/Glamour Magazine collaboration. As a fan of both Glamour Magazine *and* Birchbox, I can't wait to see the goods. Granted, this month is not a surprise for me as I just finished a giveaway for this exact box. So, while I know what is inside, I am still excited to open it up!

The Scoop on Birchbox:
Birchbox is a by-the-month beauty sample subscription. For only $10 per month, you get a beautifully wrapped box full of 4-5 deluxe size (and the occasional full sized) luxury or boutique beauty products. What a great way to discover new beauty brands and get out of a beauty rut!

My very favorite aspect of beauty sample services is the feeling like you are opening a present. My sample subscriptions are my monthly gifts to myself and I just love it! I have subscribed for over a year and have just been so happy with the service and the items I have gotten in the boxes. Beyond the boxes being a great value, they are fun! I honestly have found some great new brands and some new favorite products through my Birchbox sample subscription. 

I have a bit of a "thing" for Beauty Sample/Beauty Box subscriptions. Julep (love), GLOSSYBOX (love), and Birchbox: Birchbox remains my favorite! But, I really do love them all! I have weeded out the one that I wasn't as crazy about. Also, I am thinking that I might venture into other monthly subscriptions...I am tempted by Little Black Bag. But, I don't think I am ready to fork out $50 a month for accessories. I would rather shop for them myself!

Curious what has been in my previous Birchboxes? Check out those posts here: Birchbox Introduction PostJan 2011 BirchboxFeb 2011 BirchboxMarch 2011 BirchboxApril 2011 BirchboxMay 2011 BirchboxJune 2011 BirchboxJuly 2011 BirchboxAugust 2011 BirchboxSept 2011 Birchbox,  Oct 2011 BirchboxNov 2011 Birchbox, December 2011 Birchbox, January 2012 Birchbox, February 2012 Birchbox, and the March 2012 Teen Vogue Birchbox, April 2012 Birchbox Box Opening, and May 2012 Gossip Girl Birchbox Box opening.

So, lets get to this month's box opening!!!

July 2012 Glamour Magazine Birchbox: The Senses
See It, Hear it, Taste it, Touch it, Smell it!
Typically, I love these "special edition" Birchboxes! The Gossip Girl Birchbox and the Teen Vogue Birchboxes were both big hits in my book. Will the Glamour Magazine collaboration be just as good? Lets see!!!

This Month's Theme: "The Senses"
So, this month's box theme is inspired by Glamour Magazine's current July Issue's Senses theme. The idea is that every product included in the box will entice and delight one of your 5 senses. Now, opening a Birchbox is usually a senses-rich experience as many of the products look, smell, and feel lovely. So, I am not sure that this box is any more sensory than usual. But, still, I appreciate the theme nonetheless.
 What is inside the box?
  • boscia | Green Tea Blotting Linens (sample size 25 sheets, full sized cost $10.00 for 100 sheets): I love, love, love boscia! I am thrilled that there is a boscia sample in this Birchbox. I have liked just about everything that I have tried from this brand. In particular, I love their Amino AG Eye Cream! Definately check that one out if you are looking for a new eye cream! I am excited to try these blotting sheets. My skin has gotten quite a bit oily through the t-zone this Summer. Normally, I am normal-dry. But, I am teetering at normal-oily right now. These shine-busting sheets absorb oil with all-natural green tea extracts to leave skin matte.
  • Eyeko | Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Purple (Full sized!!! Whoo-hoo! $15.00): How much do I love getting a full-sized product in my Birchbox? So much!!! Clearly with this product retailing for $15.00, the value of this box is amazing. I have always been curious about the Eyeko brand. So, I am happy to test this out! When I do wear color, I tend to gravitate toward purples. So, I am happy with the color choice too! The liner is a felt-tip style liquid pen. The tip features a very fine point. This product will be great for doing winged liner. Word. Direct from London, these punchy color liners feature a pen-style applicator that's truly goofproof.
  • Jouer | Luminizing Moisture Tint (sample size: .07 fl oz, full sized cost $38.00): What a cute little sample. This tube is super tiny, yet still in the "delux size" category. I am thinking I can get about 2-3 uses out of this sample. The shade I got is "golden". It seems to be a soft skintone shade with subtle golden shimmer. At first I thought this was a luminizer. But, after looking it up online, I see that it is actually a tinted moisturizer designed to even out your skintone and add luminosity. It has an SPF of 20 (which is nice!). But, the shade "golden" might not be a good shade for my skintone. I think I would need the "opal" shade which is more suited for porcelain complexions like mine. I wonder, did everyone get "golden" for their sample? But, the tint is quite sheer. So, I might be able to make it work. We will see! I really wish that Birchbox would have sent out a sample closer to my skintone! I need to make a note of this in my feedback to them. Or look back at my Birchbox profile to see if I can add in my skintone there. This lightweight award-winner is our daily shortcut to dewy skin that feels natural and looks gorgeous. 
  • Oscar de la Renta | live in love (small sample vial, full sized cost $25-$78): Okay, ya'll know, I have perfume samples coming out of my ears from all my sample box subscriptions! Seriously, I really don't need any more of these! That said, I have discovered some amazing new fragrances (that I have since purchased) from my sample boxes. Actually, just last month I ordered Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck which I sampled a couple boxes back. Also, I always take these with me when I travel. So, the do get used. The scent of this Oscar de la Renta is nice. It is elegant and floral and makes me want to go out for a fancy lunch with some girlfriends. This elegant floral layers ethereal notes of hyacinth and orchid over a rich base of sandalwood and cedar. 
Lifestyle Extras:
These are the "non-beauty" box items!
  • LARABAR in Uber: Yum, yum, yum! I love LARABARs and I ate mine immediately. Birchbox, you can send more of those anytime. Personally, I love getting some healthy food in my Birchboxes. A cute little treat. 
  • Birchbox Exclusive | Earbuds:  Oh cute! Little pink and green ear buds. I can always use an extra pair for the gym. (see how Birchbox slipped in something for the "audio" sense?)
Overall, I am really happy with this month's box! I am so happy that I got a full sized Eyeko Eyeliner! Yay!!! Also, the earbuds were a nice little extra. The boscia blotting linens will be put to use right away. The perfume will be tucked away with my other minis for my next trip. I might not get much use out of the foundation sample because of the shade. But, the box was still a hit for me! 

I pay for my monthly Birchbox subscription.
But, this month I got an additional press sample
of this box. In additon, I hosted a giveaway
for this box.


Savannah said...

This looks like a good box! I've been wanting to try Eyeko and the blotting sheets are a good add in!

Unknown said...

@Savannah-The Eyeko liner alone makes the box a total winner in my book! :) Yes, those blotting sheets are fab too! Thanks for the comment! :)

Unknown said...

I just checked my Birchbox and this is the same box that I am getting. I have received both the Jouer tint and the Perfume in my sample society boxes.
The Jouer tint I get in SS is the "bronzed" color so Im excited to be able to try a new color if I get the same one that you got!

Unknown said...

@Tiffany-I am wondering if everyone might get the same box this month? Cool that you are excited about the Jouer tint. Such a cute little sample it is! :) Have a great day!!!

TMason said...

This was definitely my favorite box so far. I received the eyeko last month. I'm really not sure if it's that great because unfortunately I have yet to prefect the art of liquid liner :/ I hope you enjoyed yours though!!

Unknown said...

@TMason-Such a great box this month!!! Totally agreed! Liquid liner can be tricky. :) For me, it doesn't take long to apply liquid liner. But, I just cant rush it or I will smudge. :)

Carrie Willard said...

Got my box today and would have to agree it's the best yet. I have received two others so far. I'm excited about the deep conditioning treatment. I've been coloring my hair for a while now so I was looking for something to try. They must have read my mind!

Unknown said...

@Carrie-I'm so glad you liked yours! :) I love it when they include full sized products. You know, I never realized that you color your hair Carrie. Your color looks so natural! Looking forward to your guest review on the blog! xxoo

Ellen said...

Mine was TOTALLY different than yours! I got the Eyeko eyeliner last month (love it), this month I got a bb cream from boscia, Color Club nail polish in a sort of seafoam green, and stila lip glaze. My perfume sample was different too and instead of a Larabar I got Tea Forte minteas! I love hearing what everyone else got in theirs!

Unknown said...

@Ellen-oooohh! Your box sounds *amazing* (jealous!). I would have loved to get a Color Club polish and a Boscia item!!! I will cross my fingers to get some of those things in future boxes! I have been wanting to try those Tea Forte teas as well. You got a GREAT box this month!

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