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Pammy Blogs Beauty is a blog focusing primarily on Beauty Product Reviews and Fashion Reviews

For beauty, I love testing out Makeup, Skincare, Hair products, body products, nail polish,  fragrance, body products, and beauty tools. 

For Fashion, I am all about being current yet classic and pretty with a very slight edge! I love following trends and covering new seasonal releases for fashion, shoes, and accessories. I will fully admit to having a healthy obsession with shoes and handbags! ;) 

In addition to beauty product reviews and fashion reviews, I also post favorites lists ("best of" type lists), shopping ideas lists, occasional shopping hauls, and local fashion and beauty event coverage.

Do you have a Beauty or Fashion item that you want me to review?
I would be happy to receive beauty products or fashion items from brands or PR representatives in consideration for review or mention on this blog. I prefer full sized samples that are in final packaging as I like to experience the product in the same way that a consumer might. In addition, I like to test a product for at least 2-4 weeks.

I believe in full disclosure! I always disclose in my reviews if a product was received as a sample. 

I only write about products that I have tried personally. So, please do not ask me to write about a product that I have never tried.

If I am testing a product, I am generally considering it for review on my blog. However, acceptance of a product does not guarantee a review or mention.Typically, I post about products that I really loved and that worked well for me.  So, if I tried your product and it did not work for me, usually I will not mention nor write about it. However, occasionally I will share products with my readers that did not work for me. I will always give my readers my honest opinion! 

Not necessarily all products that I test will be reviewed. Great products inspire me to write! :) That is what this blog is all about...finding really great products! If a product does not work for me and I end up writing about it anyway, I tend to be objective (like making note that the product didn't work for me because of my coloring, or dry skin, etc). 

No guidelines nor limitations will be accepted for my editorial content. This is done for sponsored posts only. If you are interested in a sponsored post, a sidebar ad, or a sponsored giveaway, please contact me for my media kit and/or rates.

My goal is to share my love of beauty products and fashion with my readers. I strive for well written product reviews that share my experience. I look for good quality beauty products that deliver results! I also look for fashion items that set and follow current trends.

Product Testing Timeline:

Typically, when I test a product, I do so for a quite a few weeks. I really want to experience the product for as long as I can to either see results or to see other longer-term impact (like "does it break me out" or "does it improve my skin/hair, etc"). If I am in the midst of testing out something new when you contact me, it might be a while before I can start testing your product to consider it for review or mention. 

Right now, my product review timeline is about 2-3 weeks for makeup, body, nail, fragrance, and haircare testing and 4-6 weeks for skincare line/products testing. My fashion review timeline is usually about 2 weeks

Know that if you send me a skincare product, it might take a few weeks for me to complete my current testing before testing out your products. After testing the product I will consider if I want to review it or mention it on the blog. I want to give every single product that I test my full attention.

I am a new Mommy and I blog in my spare time. I get dozens PR requests and emails every single day. So, hang in there if it takes me a couple days to return your email. 

I use and equally love both high-end and drugstore or lower-priced brands. I like using widely-known brands. But, I also consider smaller or less well-known brands if they have a unique product or just generally appeal to me. While I am a fashionista, I am also a granola-girl at heart. So, I have interest in natural and eco-friendly products too!  

Fashion Brands? I am looking for current and trendy items that are of great quality. I like classic styles with a trendy or edgy twist. My fashion look is generally a total mix of designer as well as lower-priced items. 

In Summary:

All products and fashion items tested are considered for a review, but I do not review all products that I test. I want to share with my readers the products that I really enjoy using. I will always disclose to my readers if a post I got the product for free by stating that it is a sample or that I got it in consideration for review (see my disclaimer). I do not feel that receiving a free product sample impacts my review as I will always share my honest opinion on a product based on my experience while testing and using the product.

If you would like to send me something to test out: Please see my "Contact Me" Tab or email me directly:

Thanks again for reading!

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