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Hello fellow product lovers!!! I am glad you stopped by my blog! If you like in-depth product reviews and positivity, you will find that here!

I am a beauty-blogging product enthusiast who also happens to be a proud Stay-at-Home Mommy of a baby boy and a precious little 2-year old girl. Before my children were born, I practiced as a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. I am still keeping my license current should I ever decide to return to work. My keeps keep me feeling young while smiling, singing, and yes, lol, changing diapers all day. Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, and Home Decorations are a nice escapes for me!  I am loving my days spent as a stay-at-home Mommy to beautiful babies, but that doesn't mean that I have lost my knack for searching for the latest palette, trendy polish, or the perfect bag or shoes. However, I do strive to stay balanced and realistic material things. Sure, beauty and fashion are fun but what matters the most? I strive every day to inspire my daughter to believe in herself and be beautiful from the inside out. Plus, I am in awe that my baby boy will someday grow up to be a man. I only pray every single night that I can be the mother that these two beautiful children need...and that God will give me the wisdom and strength to do right by them. Sorry, I digress! I do truely believe that all women are great beauties. That beauty must come from the inside! I try to remind myself that every day...and to find beauty all around me! Our lives are what we make of them. So, I choose to see beauty and to seek happiness.

I am a self-proclaimed product-obsessed girly-girl. After years spent lurking around beauty blogs and reading or writing reviews on various makeup/beauty message boards (I am a long-time MUA girl!) and beauty sites, I decided that it was time to create my own beauty product review blog! Yes, lol, I'll admit my product enthusiasm is a bit excessive. But, honestly, it is totally fun for me! I could literally talk makeup and products for hours on end. 
I blog with true enthusiasm for the products that I love. Now I have my own little spot here on the web to talk about makeup and products!  With that said, I also try to keep the tone light and fun...after all, it is lip gloss I am talking about, lol! ;) 

With my fair and sensitive skin, I am picky. Sometimes I have to test out many things before finding something that works...and when I do, I want to tell everyone how great that product is! 

What will you find here? In-depth product reviews written with the passion that only a true product enthusiast could muster. Typically, I write about products that I have tried, loved, and work for me. Negative reviews are just not my thing. It is the products that I adore that inspire me to write. If something didn't work for me and I end up reviewing it, I try to keep it objective. As the girls say on MUA, YMMV: "Your Mileage May Vary"...what works for one might not work for another. 

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I am a new Mommy to a beautiful baby girl and I have the world's greatest hubby! I am currently making the transition from working full-time as a Speech-Language Pathologist to being a Stay-at-Home Mom. With an infant at home, needless to say, I never seems to have enough time in the day! While I truly enjoy being with my family and being a speech-therapist, blogging provides me with a totally different and wonderful creative outlet! I have been a makeup/skincare/beauty junkie since my pre-teen years. I feel that it is time to share my many-many years of personal product testing with the world! :) I believe in doing everything to the best of your ability. I blog my heart out because I have a passion for beauty. But, I don't take myself overly-seriously. After all, this is lip gloss that I am writing about! ;) 

Blogging about beauty is a wonderful way for me to share my product reviews, experiences, and tips and gain inspiration from my dear readers! Beauty is not skin-deep...your true beauty lies within yourself! Want to know more about how I feel about loving yourself and inner beauty? Be sure to check out my Inner Beauty tab. 

Thanks so much for visiting! I truly enjoy writing for you and I appreciate every single one of you readers!!! I love interacting with my readers. S
ome of my best beauty tips and product finds are from my amazing readers! I am available here, on twitter, and on Facebook. All those links are on the main page. So, check it out! 

I believe that all women are great beauties and that a good beauty routine can amplify the true beauty that lies within. 

Stay beautiful!

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