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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just Joined JewelMint: Invitation for you!

Hey Dolls!

I know I might be "late to the party" here. But, I just joined JewelMint! I am so excited!!! I just placed my first order.

What is JewelMint? It is Kate Bosworth's jewelry line featured in a "monthly club" format. When you join you complete a style profile. The site generates selections based on your style preferences. Each month you can purchase one credit. One credit = one piece of jewelry. Pieces are all $29.99. But, keep track of your emails as JewelMint frequently emails 50-75% off codes. The jewelry looks fantastic! While I have not gotten my piece yet, the jewelry line in general gets fabulous reviews for quailty. Even though this club is "monthly", there is no obligation to buy and you can always skip the month if you don't feel like purchasing. All the jewelry is free shipping. Plus, you can earn credits for inviting friends.

It was hard to choose! So many cute things! Here are the earrings that I ordered:

Here is my link to join:

Any JewelMint members out there? How do you like your jewelry? I am excited to get my first order!

Have a great Saturday Ya'll!

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