Pammy Blogs Beauty: Protein Treatments Series: There is help for seriously damaged hair!!! Aphogee review

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Protein Treatments Series: There is help for seriously damaged hair!!! Aphogee review

Do you have seriously damaged hair? If so, then this blog post is for you! 

Chemical processing (highlighting/coloring or perming) works because your hair cuticle is being physically transformed by chemicals in order to change the color or texture of the hair. It literally takes the protein right out of your hair. The desired color or texture can be fantastic; but, you will pay the price with some damage. So, you need take very good care of your hair.

Well, the good news is that there is "help" for damaged hair! Protein treatments are the best way to combat damage from chemical processing. Strengthening your hair with protein will protect your hair from breakage. Protein adds strength, but not moisture. So, it is always good to follow up a protein treatment with a moisturizing one.

My "Protein Treatments Series” blog posts will cover a variety of Protein treatments currently available. So, keep an eye out for future "Protein Treatment Series" reviews. I choose these products from my years of testing out various products, doing online research for good reviews, and tips/recommendations from my hair stylists.

The ApHOGEE Two Step Protein Treatment is the strongest and most effective protein treatment that I have used (the "mother" of all protein treatments). It is somewhat tricky to use (and a lengthy process), but the results are worth it if your hair is very damaged.

Background info: My severe-hair damage story:

I found out about this treatment while doing research online after having my hair practically *ruined* by a bad colorist. My hair literally felt like "mush". It’s hard to explain...but, when the cortex of the hair gets damaged, the hair becomes VERY fragile and feels sticky when wet and "mushy". This is the type of damage that most hairdressers would tell you to cut off. Well...luckily I stumbled upon this miracle treatment that, over time (and new hair growth) helped my hair. You can't really "repair" cortex damage. But, a good protein treatment can help manage the problem.

Now that my hair is in good condition, I use this treatment as a preventative measure to ward off hair breakage (especially since my hair is very long). By using this, I can get my hair heavily highlighted with minimal damage. Aphogee recommends doing this treatment one week-48 hours prior to hair coloring or highlighting.

If you do not have damaged hair or do not highlight your hair, then this treatment might not be for you. So, if you have healthy probably don’t need this. I find the results of the Aphogee 2-step treatment are unparalleled. This is the absolute *best* hair treatment on the planet for severely damaged hair. Severely damaged = breaking off when dry, "mushy"/sticky when wet, or hair that is so damaged that it won't hold color.

Be forewarned readers, this treatment smells REALLY bad! We are talking rancid, somewhat "cat pee" smelling product. So, just consider yourself warned
about the smell! My husband and I jokingly call this the "stinky treatment". But, hey...if it works...!!!

*disclaimer: This product is "for professional use only". I am not a hair care professional, just someone who purchases and uses this product. Please consult a hair-care professional before using this product on your own. Using it after color can strip out your color. So, generally, safe for use *before* coloring or highlighting. This is a VERY strong product please be careful and use caution! Please follow the instructions listed on the product. And, if at all in doubt, please have a professional apply this product. 

Tips (for best results): 

1. Wash your hair with a detangling shampoo (I like to use Redken All Soft Shampoo).

2. Towel dry hair and gently comb out.

3. Drape a towel around your shoulders and secure (this treatment will drip and you don’t want it on your clothes). I even place an old towel on the floor to catch any drips.

4. Thoroughly shake your bottle of Aphogee 2-step treatment. Saturate your hair with the product and comb through. Try to work quickly as this product will eventually harden. *be very careful to keep product off of skin and do *not* get in your eyes. I keep a wet washcloth nearby to wipe any drips as the product can really irritate your skin...and it will drip.

5. Blow dry hair. This could take between 45 mins-1 hour depending on how damaged your hair is. I usually go about 45 minutes myself. This is important: Do not move nor agitate your hair when drying. Hair will become rock-hard and if you move it while it is hard, your hair will break. Keep blowing it dry until your hair is as hard as a rock. You will know. Just when you think it is will get *harder*

6. *gently* remove your towel (it will be under your hard hair (which can get stuck sometimes on the towel)

7. *gently* rinse out product in the shower with warm water. Note: do not agitate or move hair until product is rinsed out. Remember to be careful as hair can break as long as it is "hard"...once product is rinsed out you can "move" your hair again just fine! And, I promise, it does rinse out! 

8. Towel dry hair

9. Apply a VERY moisturizing conditioner or conditioning masque. I like the L'Oreal Natures Therapy Mega Moisture Cream (this is also from Sally Beauty Supply). Slather on a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner and cover with a plastic cap. I then proceed to cover my hair with a heat-cap (I use the "micro hair cap" that I found online), but if you don’t have a heat cap, a hot towel will do. Leave on from 20-30 minutes.

10. Rinse out conditioner.

11. Optional step: To maximize results before coloring/highlighting. Use Roux Porosity Control. Apply after rinsing conditioner. Leave on a few minutes and then rinse out. This equalizes the pH I believe and helps color adhere better as porosity is controlled. 

12. Rinse and style as usual.

Note: you can get most of the products mentioned at your local Sally's Beauty Supply

How it works: The heat allows the protein in the Aphogee to create a bond with your hair and elimate breakage. The packaging guarantees "no breakage for 6 weeks"...and honestly ya'll...that is the TRUTH.

I now do this treatment both prior to and post highlights (and that might be over-kill on my part, but it has been working!)...and my hair is absolutely healthy and VERY long.

Good luck if you try this treatment! And, remember to consult a professional if you have any questions! I know that for me...this hair treatment has been a total "lifesaver" for my hair!

Whew, that was a long post! :) Hope this helps someone out there!!!


JamieJ said...

I tried this treatment going by these specific directions and am thrilled with the results!! I didn't know such a product (Aphogee,sp?) existed.

45 minutes didn't sound long, but it is with a hairdryer in your hand. I added another step before drying my hair called grab a glass of wine to sip during the drying step!

I will absolutely do this process every 6-8 weeks, so worth it!!!!!

Pammy said...

Yay Jamie!!! I am so glad that you tried this treatment and are thrilled with the results!!! Its such a good treatment, and I think you will be happy to see how long the good-hair results last! Love your "extra" step with the wine...LOL!!! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

Hmmm very interesting post!! I don't highlight my hair but if I ever choose to, I will definitely keep this in mind! :) I'm glad it works well for you and helped with your "ruined" hair!! (so sorry that happened!) I generally colour my hair darker (if I colour at all) and use a demi-permanent, which really, makes my hair feel healthier than before! :)

Pammy said...

Hey Shaylee! Yes, adding color certainly can make your hair feel healthier! :) I am so glad I found this treatment!!! :) XOXO!

MadamRenfield said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting about this. My hair was seriously damaged after highlighting/perming and I was beside myself. I googled "seriously damaged hair" and found your post on Aphogee 2-step protein treatment. It works!! My hair now looks and feels more like its old self. Thank you!

Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said...

@MadamRenfield-Thanks so much for the nice comment! But, most of all...I am *so happy* that you had great results with this hair treatment process! I know how it feels to have seriously damaged is terrible! But, its great to have a solution besides cutting your hair! This Aphogee treatment process has saved my hair and I will never be without it! Keep up the treatments and you will be able to eliminate any breakage or damage and have consistantly great hair! Hugs!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Pammy-- I found this post via your shower post, and I am very intrigued. My hair is heavily highlighted and while it's currently in good shape, I always end up going darker because eventually my hair gets very dry and brittle from the highlights. I am really excited to go to Sally's and get started on this process.

One question: Do you only use this pre- and post-coloring? Or do you use it in between color appts as well?

Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said...

Hi Elizabeth! It sounds like this treatment would be perfect for you! I only use it pre-and post highlights. I only get my hair highlighted every 10 weeks or so and the treatment lasts the whole time! :)

Beauty and Fashion on a College budget said...

I am honestly not super impressed. I did notice some super damaged hair isn't squishy anymore, but the rest of my damaged hair doesn't really see any different. I'm eh about this. I was hoping to get your wow reaction with this.

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@beauty and fashion on a college budget-Really? This product is totally a game changer for me. At least you squishyness is gone and you are preventing further breakage and damage. Results may depend on your level of damage. I have also found that it really does seem to matter what moisturizing deep conditioner that I use with it. This product adds strength. However, you will need to add in other products for moisture and shine.

Crystal said...

Yeah...I've been using this since 1997. When I was a relaxing, bleaching rebellious teen. My cousin went to cosmetology school and put me on this!

It literally is a hair saver! I used it for 2 weeks straight (I know I know) but the bleach REALLY messed my hair up one time! Then every 6 weeks after that.

I love it!?

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@Crystal-I am so glad that Aphogee's treatment has helped you, too! I seriously don't know what I would do without it! It has saved my hair countless times.

Jane D said...

Hi there, I'm really hoping you check this! I found this post after looking for Aphogee 2 step reviews, and my hair is a tangled mess, strechy when wet and ruined from permanent dye!! Did you try a strand test before using this? I've used Nexxuss emergencee in the past but didn't really like this - does this product actually work?

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@Jane D-Yes, Aphogee 2-step really works and I still swear by it and use it absolutely every time I get my hair highlighted! If you are concerned, yes, do a patch test. This is strong stuff! I, too, used Emergencee by Nexus but Aphogee is much more effective. Let me know how it turns out!

Jane D said...

Thanks for the post - I did try it, and it was great!! Nothing compared to Nexxus emergencee. It's everything it claims to be!! I did do the strand test, and it took about an hour for that alone, but it worked great! I would like others not to be so scared to try this!! I think there are a few bad reviews, that make it seem scary, but if used correctly, it's a lifesaver. Thanks again, if the directions are followed, and a person is diligent when using, it goes just fine. Yes, the smell! It's terrible, but if your hair is really that bad, it doesn't matter in the slightest! Thanks again for the post

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@Jane D-I am so glad that this treatment worked for you! I is a lifesaver for damaged hair and it has saved me time and time again! So glad to hear that you had great results! :) I appreciate you giving me an update!

gabrielle greene said...

Hey! I had a question about this product.I do not color my hair and I haven't had a relaxer in years, but I do have a little heat damage in some spots and I can't cut it off or my hair will be extremely uneven lol. And also a hair stylist applied a keratin treatment to my hair last year and one part of my hair has a looser curl pattern. I was am a little nervous about buying Aphogee products because I am afraid it will further damage my hair. I was wondering if this product could help restore my curl pattern.

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

@Gabrielle-I honestly don't know if it will help to restore your curl pattern? My hair is straight. Maybe someone else will comment to this? I would say that this treatment might be stronger than you need if you don't have damage from color?

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