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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Influenster: Summer 2012 Mom Vox Box! imPRESS Press On Manicure

Ya'll know that I love my sample boxes. So, when I found out about Influenster, I just had to sign up! Influenster is a site that connects bloggers/vloggers with brands through their *free* Vox Boxes. Vox Boxes contain a variety of samples centered around a certain category. For my first Vox box, I got selected for the "Mom box".

Influensters are chosen for certain box releases based on their "influence" and their demographic. This is all still new to me as I get to know the Influenster site and how the system works. While I was hoping for a beauty box, this Mom box is fun too! As many of you readers know, I am a new Mommy. I have a 6 month old baby and I have made the transition from working full time to being a stay-at-home Mom. When this box arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait to dig in to find my new-Mommy treats!

First of all, I was a bit surprised when I opened my box! I don't know why, but I thought this box would have baby items. LOL, seriously, it is not called a "baby" box. So, I don't know why I assumed that. This box is filled with items that a Mommy might love.

What is in the box?
  • Ivory Bar Soap: Not only do I like Ivory soap (and bar soaps in general). But, I have already almost used up this soap! I was in need of soap when I opened the box. So, it went directly in the shower. I grew up using Ivory soap. So, it has been a long-time favorite of mine. The scent of it reminds me of my Mom's house and lots of good memories. The soap is gentle, mild, and basic. I have always liked it! ($4.27 for 10-pack)
  • Den Tek Comfort Clean & Fun Flossers: I'll admit, it is hard to get excited about a dental-floss type product. I am notoriously bad for remembering to floss my teeth. So, any product to make the process easier is a winner in my book! These are super easy to use and quick too! Hey, now that I am a Mom, I am supposed to be a good example, right?!?! That means I need to get better about my flossing! ($1.99-2.99 for full packs)
  • Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler (and Nectar sweetener): I love Stash Teas!!! Long-time Stash tea fan over here! I am a bit of a beverage connoisseur. I almost always have a beverage in hand be it water, tea, or coffee. It is so important to stay hydrated. I just feel so much better when well hydrated. Iced or hot, tea is an excellent choice! This Superfruits Tea Sampler is a great intro box for anyone wanting to scope out the Stash brand's selection of fruit herbal and green teas. The box features: Acai Berry Herbal, Blueberry Superfruit Herbal, Yumberry Blackcurrant Herbal, Goji Berry Green, Mangosteen Green, and Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea. The honey crystals sweeten them just right! I think I like the Blueberry one the best. But, they are all good. I am mostly drinking them iced since it is so hot in GA right now. I am already planning on repurchasing this box when I run out of tea. ($3.50 for a box)
  • Quaker Soft Baked Cookie: I eat Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast almost every day. I am on the tail end of my "lose the baby weight" diet. Oatmeal is an excellent diet food! This soft baked cookie was eaten immediately when I opened the box (lol, it is still a diet food in cookie form, right, ha ha!). This cookie was pretty good. It was not overly sweet and it was nice and soft. It didn't taste like homemade. But, it was pretty good for a store-bought type cookie. ($2.69 for a box of 6, this seems expensive!).
  • ImPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails: As you can imagine, this is the item that I am the most excited about! A beauty item, yay!!!! Okay, so, I have not tried press-on type nails since Middle School. I remember them to be pretty mediocre way back then. Well, the press on nail technology must have improved because I do like these! They are super simple to apply. You just press them on and you are done! They are not the most natural looking manicure in the world. But, they are fun for a switch. Plus, they are super quick to apply. I can't seem to get a week's wear from them. But, I do see myself wearing these again in the future. I would love to explore some of the fun designs that they have available.  The packaging is cute too. These are available in 36 colors and patterns. ($5.99-$7.99)
  • The Original Dish Drying Matt: I am so glad that I got this item in my Vox box! It appears that I could have gotten this or the Language Learning Program demo DVD. So, I am glad that I got this instead (I am a Speech-Pathologist. So, you can imagine that I already have plenty of language-learning material in my home). I have been eyeing these dish drying matts at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. So, I am happy to have one. I do a TON of dishes with a baby at home. I find this so useful! Actually, I tend to use this more for washing stemware and pots than baby items (as I have a baby drying rack that looks like wheat grass...have you seen those?). I like that this matt absorbs all the extra moisture before you dry the items off and put them away. It provides nice cushioning for my crystal stemware. My husband is in wine sales. So, we always drink wine in good crystal. I am notorious for breaking glasses. Hopefully this matt will prevent some future breaks!  ($4.99) 
So, that is it ya'll! A pretty fun assortment of home-related items. I know that this is a bit of a departure from my usual beauty posting. But, I know that many of ya'll are fellow sample box lovers and bloggers yourselves. If you haven't signed up for Influenster yet, I totally recommend it! I am having fun exploring the site and earning badges for future boxes. 

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