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Monday, April 29, 2013

Makeup Wars: My Favorite Facial Masks!

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It is "Makeup Wars" time again! This time the Makeup Wars bloggers are sharing their selections for facial masks!!! 

Before diving in to this week's topic, here is a little background on Makeup Wars (if you are new to this series): The Makeup Wars Bloggers are a group of top beauty bloggers that publish coordinated bi-weekly posts. The Makeup Wars bloggers collectively pick topics to blog about (e.g., Top 10 Products, Beauty Pampering, etc). We publish our posts at precisely the same time and link up through the graphics at the top and bottom of our posts. It is always so much fun to see what products this group of top bloggers is using and loving.

Nothing beats a good facial mask for a beauty "pick me up". When I do "spa night" at home, it always includes some sort of mask. Facial Masks do two things for me: they perk up my skin and they force me to sit down and relax, lol! I find that my evenings are often filled with "busy work". Once my toddler is asleep, I seem to start a million projects. So, I welcome the excuse to ignore my chores and projects in order to lay down on the couch or relax in the tub with a fabulous facial mask on.

My Skin:
I have combination skin. So, I choose my mask depending on what my skin needs at the moment. In the winter, my skin leans more to the dry side. When it gets warmer, my skin is more normal with a bit of oil in the t-zone. In addition, I occasionally get hormonal breakouts (mostly on my chin). My skin sure is tempermental! Sometimes I need a mask to hydrate, sometimes I need a mask to clarify my skin, sometimes I like a mask that exfoliates, and sometimes I like using mask containing anti-aging treatments.

To find out what masks made my current favorites list, please click "read more" below!

Here are my current favorite facial masks:
  • Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask: I love this mask for hydration and healing! I have literally been using this mask for 12+ years. I feel that this aloe-based mask is a total must-have! I use this mask whenever my skin needs extra soothing  or whenever I have accidentally gotten too much sun. It is also useful to help heal skin after facial treatments. I literally always pack this when we travel to the beach! I apply this clear gel mask after washing my face and then I leave it on as long as I can. When I am ready to remove it, I just wipe it off with a warm wet washcloth and follow up with my usual skincare routine. I highly recommend this mask! :)
  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask: I must thank my dear friend and fellow Makeup Wars member (and creator!) Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic for this gem of a mask!!! When I was pregnant and struggling with a lack of pregnancy-safe treatment products for breakouts, I re-read Christine's fabulous post on Pregnancy-Safe Skincare in which she recommends this mask as a spot-treatment for zits. Let me tell ya'll, this mask works!!! What is even better? It is just stupid-cheap! Basically, I just apply this as a spot treatment on breakouts before I go to bed. Yes, it looks silly. I mean, I end up with spots of this green mask all over my chin, lol! However, who cares if it works! ;) While my breakouts won't be completely gone by morning, it does heal them faster and is pregnancy and nursing safe and is not nearly as harsh as benzol peroxide or salicylic acid. While I am no longer pregnant nor nursing, I still love using this mask as a spot treatment!
  • Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry Mask: It is probably pretty obvious why I chose this one! :) Um, hello Chocolate and Strawberries! This mask smells amazing!!! Plus, it is so inexpensive! This clay based mask works really well while also being gentle on my sensitive skin. It cleanses deeply and I get to enjoy the yummy scent while I relax. I apply it after cleansing and then leave it on for about 10 minutes while it dries. Freeman has a great selection of masks! I am a fan of their Avocado & Oatmeal mask as well (I would have included it in this post; but, I am currently do not have it on hand).
  • Borghese Fango Restorativo Mud Mask for Face and Body: This mask works really well to clear your pores! I got this as a sample from one of my beauty box subscriptions (I think Birchbox?). It has a lovely spa-like herbal scent. Now, it does tingle my skin a bit. However, I do still like it. It is on the expensive-side. However, I would love to purchase a full-size in the near future! I use after cleansing my face. The trick with this mask? You are supposed to remove it *before* it dries completely.
  • ExfoliKate: Even though I technically categorize this product as an exfoliator, it really is also a facial mask. Words can't even describe how much I love this product!!! This product was actually my first introduction to the Kate Somerville brand (you might remember my review here). I am completely in love with both ExfoliKate and the whole Kate Somerville brand. This product just *works*! It is an exfoliator that works with both manual exfoliation (the "scrub") and enzymes. I am not gonna lie, ExfoliKate is strong stuff! I recommend doing a patch test first to see how your skin reacts.  To use, I apply a very small amount on clean, wet skin. Next, I very gently massage in a circular motion. Then, I let the product sit for about 2 minutes and rinse. My skin looks ever-so-slightly pink for about 5 minutes after rinsing. Then I apply a gentle moisturizer. My skin feels incredibly soft after I use this. I feel that consistant use of this product is keeping my skin very clear. Plus, I feel that the fabulous exfoliation is helping to blur fine lines. This is a Holy Grail product for me and I hope that Kate Somerville makes it forever!!!
  • MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro-Gel Mask: Have you ever tried a sheet mask??? They are so fun!!! I have a bunch of sheet masks in my collection. For the purposes of this post, I included the one that I used most recently: The MISSHA Snail Hydro-Gel Mask (a goody from GLOSSYBOX). I just love exploring Asian skincare! I just had to get past the fact that this mask contains actual snail slime as an active ingredient *ewwhhhhhhh*! Anyways, this mask is incredibly hydrating! Nothing beats a sheet mask for packing moisture into your skin. To use, I apply right after cleansing my face. I literally lay down when I wear sheet masks. I like leaving them on for about 30 minutes. After removing, I gently massage the excess into my skin.
  • The Body Shop Honey & Oat Mask: Here is another long-term favorite of mine! I have literally been using this mask for 20+ years (OMG, am I showing my true age here or what???). I am absolutely in love with the smell and consistency of this mask! This mask has actual oatmeal particles in it for very gentle exfoliation. Somehow this mask seems to clarify, exfoliate, and moisturize in one step! I leave this delicious mask on for about 20 minutes before removing with a wet washcloth. I literally go out and purchase a new one every time I use this up! I have not been without it for more than 20 years! Now, that says a lot! :) I tend to reach for this mask when my skin is in "normal" know, not dry and not oily nor broken out. I like using it as a special treat when I am just in the mood to pamper myself. 
  • Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask: This is the newest addition to my mask collection! While I actually do not have blackheads, I do find that this mask can be effective for other types of breakouts. The mask contains Salicylic Acid to help treat and prevent breakouts. I use this mask on my problem area only: my chin. While I do not use this that often, I like having it available when I get those pesky hormonal breakouts. The mask has a bit of a medicinal smell which I actually kinda like. It goes on blue and dries white. I leave it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse off.
  • Reviva Labs Green Papaya & Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygen Mask: This Reviva Labs mask is really unique! It is great for people that do not like that "tight" feel that goes hand-and-hand with most masks. It is a creamy mask that "Oxygenates" skin and gives gentle exfoliation. The Papaya provides the exfoliation. I find this mask to be incredibly soothing! The skin just feels so comfortable while this mask is sitting on your skin. It applies just like a dense (yet light...almost fluffy) cream. To use, I apply the mask in a thick layer after cleansing and rinsing my skin. I leave the mask on about 15 minutes. Then, I remove it with a warm wet washcloth. My skin is left feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized! Tip: Be sure to keep the mask away from eyebrows as the Hydrogen Peroxide can bleach them! I really enjoy using this mask!!!

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Be sure to click the thumbnails below to find out what masks my fellow Makeup Wars bloggers are loving!



Anonymous said...

ExfoliKate is totally amaze. I love the smell!

Pink Sith said...

I do love me some oxygen masks! I'll have to try this out. (Adds to the list) I do also like the kate sommerville mask, but I'm so bad about regular use I hardly see the benefits. I think your post has motivated me to be more diligent with the KS scrub/mask!

Retrodiva said...

The Queen Helene Mint Julep mask is a classic. You can never go wrong with that one.

MarciaF said...

I'd say you have a "few" masks all right. It's amazing that I've only tried a few. I've used other Reviva Labs masks but not that so it goes on my list. I haven't used ExfoliKate as a mask but now that you've put this in my head I definitely will. I have a sample or two around here.

Phyrra said...

The Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry sounds sooooooooo good!

Chantel said...

Thanks for sharing these great masks!

B said...

I forgot to include the very faithful Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. That mask is a staple for me! And I am soooo going to have to try that one from Aveda. It sounds wonderful!

Unknown said...

@Brooke-Isn't ExfoliKate the best?!?! :)

@Elvira-You know, this Reviva Mask is the only oxygen mask that I have ever tried. I would love to explore more! Yes, you must bust out your ExfoliKate more. It is certainly effective!

@RetroDiva-Yes, a classic mask for sure. I plan to always have it on forever! :)

@Marcia-lol, yes, I am a bit mask obsessed (hanging head in mock shame)! :) Oh, yes, you must try that Reviva mask. It is sooooo soothing!

@Phyrra-The smell of the Chocolate mask is divine. Using it is worth it alone just for that! :)

@Chantel-Anytime! :)

@B-Yes, the mint julep mask is such a staple. Oh, the Aveda is a must-try for sure! :)

April K said...

The Queen Helene masks and the Freeman masks are amazing. I love that both of those lines are cruelty free and have great ingredients and they also work wonders for your skin!

Unknown said...

@April K-I love that about those lines, too! :) Great masks for sure!

jbrobeck said...

I want to try the chocolate and strawberries now!

Unknown said...

@Jessika-That mask "had me at Chocolate"!

Carleenp said...

I love Exfolikate too. And we both included Mint Julep!

Eugenia said...

I tried a sample of the exfolikate and I loved it! I forgot about it until now! I need to pick it up!

Unknown said...

@Carleen-We have similar tastes in masks for sure! :)

@Eugenia-Yes, isn't ExfoliKate amazing! :)

Christine said...

I need to try out that Clean & Clear! And thanks for the shout out! :D

Unknown said...

Look at all those masks! How crazy that I don't even have any! LOL

Unknown said...

@Christine-Anytime! :)

@Christa-How funny! :)

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