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Monday, December 10, 2012

Makeup Wars: Holiday Beauty Wishlist

Now this is my favorite kind of makeup war: A post dedicated to all of the makeup and beauty items that I am lusting for!

Nothing beats the Holiday season for amazing beauty releases. Just about every brand has special value sets, limited edition products, and amazing palettes! Plus, the sales! This time of year is a beauty lover's dream for shopping!!!

I usually treat myself to one nice palette or set around Christmas time. I really do my research first. I read blog reviews, watch YouTube video reviews, silently lust over the Ulta and Sephora catalogs that come in the mail, and scope the products out in the stores. I am always determined to get something really special, a kit or palette that stands out in the sea of Holiday releases. Often I mill around about this decision for quite some time.

I am so excited that the Makeup Wars group decided upon Beauty Wishlists for this Makeup War! Let me tell you, this group of bloggers has stellar taste in makeup (if I do say so myself, lol!). We never know what the other bloggers are going to write about ahead of time. So, I am just as excited as you are to click all the links at the bottom of this post to find out what is on the other Makeup Wars blogger's Wishlists!

What are the Makeup Wars?
The Makeup Wars group blog blasts about the same topic about every other week. We link to each others' posts through the themed graphic at the top of the post (see the last mascara, next mascara links) and the blog logo/photo links at the bottom of this post. We encourage you readers to click the links and scroll through all of our blogs to see our favorite mascaras! Our posts all go live at the same time. So, finding out what other Makeup Wars bloggers picked is a surprise to me too! I am always so eager to click through to find out what everyone picked!

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To find out what is on my Beauty Wishlist this year, please keep reading! 

After much deliberation, I have decided upon my top 5 wishlist items. Most of them are attainable. However, I did list one "fantasy" wishlist item too! I mean, after all, this is a "wish" list!

As much as I want every item on this list, the reality is that I will likely only purchase one of these items. My plan? I will purchase the item as my "Christmas Gift for myself" and review said item in January after the Holidays (and after I have had a good chance to play around with it).

Drumroll it Holiday 2012 Beauty Wishlist! Oh, and you will notice that I made this graphic on beautysets. OMG! Beautysets is my new fave!!! I am still new to the site and trying to figure it all out. However, it is fun, fun, fun! Please follow me on beautysets if you are on the site too! ;)

The Items:

image source: Sephora

1. Tarte's "Carried Away with Tarte" Collector's Set: ($54)
OMG, have you seen this set??? I am literally amazed at not only how beautiful it is, but also what a great value it is! You get 24 FULL sized shadows, 8 Mini lipglosses, a mini blush, a mini powder, a blush brush (which is very soft!), and a mini mascara! This really is an amazing deal. Plus, the pretty gold damask case is perfect for travel. I am seriously tempted by this set. If I get it, I am planning on taking it as my only makeup during Holiday traveling. You guys know me, I seem to be on the perennial search for the all-in-one set for ease of packing for travel.

image source: Sephora
2. Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora Storylook Palette: ($55)
First of all, I love Disney. Yes, I am an adult. However, when it comes to things like Disney and Hello Kitty (and Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR...okay, sorry, I get the jist here), I turn into a pre-teen. So, you can certainly imagine how I totally want this palette! Cinderelly is one of my fav Disney princesses and this palette looks amazing! It is definitely a collector's piece. I really like the color selection of shadows included with this set. I am not sure of the quality though. I have read somewhat mixed reviews. Plus, the price of this palette is quite high.

photo credit: tarte
3. Tarte's Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush Enthusiast Set: ($35)
Before I got into makeup, I wasn't much of a blush wearer. I know, I know, it is just crazy talk! Well, once the "Makeup Bug" bit me, I became a blush lover. Actually, I dare to say, it is now my favorite makeup item (by a landslide). Nothing tempts me more than blush! Not only does it perk up your complexion and make me look brighter and healthier, it also detracts from my dreaded dark under eye circles! Okay, again I get off topic, lol! I love blush, and this blush set from Tarte just "speaks to me"! I only have one Tarte Amazonian Clay blush. I love it and would love to try more. This little set of mini Tarte blushes is a great way to expand my Tarte collection! What a great value too!

photo credit: Sephora
4. Make Up For Ever Be Your Own Makeup Artist Station: ($950)
This set is Amazeballs. Seriously!!! The price is insane at almost $1,000! I mean, who can spend that much? And, if you can spend that much, can you adopt me? LOL! Since I am not a traveling makeup artist, there is pretty much no way that I can justify the expense of this kit. However, this kit is so cool. It is pretty much a makeup train case that opens up, stands on legs, and becomes a lighted vanity table. Plus, it comes packed with Make Up For Ever Makeup! Pretty much the coolest thing ever. Total lust here ya'll!

photo credit: Sephora
5. Sephora Favorites "In the Glow" Set: ($45)
Ever since watching Emily at Beauty Broadcast's Holiday Gift set video, I have been lusting after this kit! Sephora is known for these great special value, mixed brand, mini product kits. They have a ton to choose from and this one is my favorite.

photo credit: Sephora
6. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation:
Okay, so this is not a Holiday Gift set. However, I am still totally lusting after this foundation and have not purchased it yet. Ever since reading Phyrra's amazing review, I knew that I had to have it! Her skin is just as fair (if not fairer) as mine, so I always take note of her foundation reviews. 

Did you figure out my "fantasy" item? LOL, yes, it is the Make Up For Ever Makeup Artist's station! I have lusted after it ever since seeing it on Pinterest. Then, when I attended Make Up For Ever's Makeup Bag Remix event in Atlanta, I sat and got my makeup done at a one of these totally awesome Makeup Artist Stations! Let me tell you, these are just as cool in person!!! Unfortunately, $ is totally out of my price range. Darn! Oh well. Still, this is just the coolest thing and I had to include it in my list!!!

So, what do you think??? What should I purchase? I will tell you what item I am totally leaning towards: the Tarte "Carried Away with Tarte" Collector's set! It just seems to be the most "special" item of the group. The packaging is gorgeous and you get a TON of product. Plus, with the exception of the blushes and lip/cheek stains, I have not tried a whole lot from this brand. So, this kit would be a great introduction.  I will be sure to update and edit to let you readers know what item I picked out! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as I often post about my purchases there first! Plus, my New Year's resolution is to get on Social Media more. So, follow me there and keep me motivated!!!

What is on your Holiday Beauty Wishlist this year? I would love to know!!! Plus, I might need to edit and add to my list! ;)

Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to check out the other lovely Makeup Wars blogger's Beauty Wishlists too!



Unknown said...

I am really torn between the Tarte set and the 'Glow' set. I want them both for myself, too! I guess it depends if you need more eyeshadow or not? I never "need" more eyeshadow, but I'm always happy to get more :D

Teri said...

Hope you get a few things off your list. That MUFE station is a dream for me too!

Christine said...

So many of those items almost ended up on my list as well!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the Urban Decay Naked Skin so far! I had forgotten all about that Tarte blush set! NEED!

Pink Sith said...

So many awesome items on that list. That Blush set looks right up my alley and not too pricey either! I love this list!

Phyrra said...

#3 is something I'm lusting after too. What a great list :)

oldergirlbeauty said...

The MUFE station made it on to my list, too!

Brooke @ BlushingNoir said...

I'm pretty sure we're all on board for that MUFE set. Hot mamma it's amazing!

Unknown said...

@Emma-I hear ya girl, lol, I really don't "need" any more shadows. Yet, that does seem to be what I am drawn towards with these beautiful holiday sets. Sigh! So pretty!

@Teri-Yes, we can all dream for that MUFE set! :)

@Christine-Great minds think alike! ;)

@Elvira-Thanks! The blush set does look great indeed!

@Perilously Pale-That blush set has my name written all over it! I actually just recently looked for this at Sephora and they were out. Hope I can find it!

@Phyrra-It was so fun to make this list. Thanks!

@Older Girl Beauty and @Brooke-Yes, we all need that MUFE Makeup Station. We can dream can't we! :)

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

I think that Make Up For Ever kit is the ultimate dream product.

I should have put the Disney set on mine since that looks gorgeous!
I do want the UD foundation and will buy it if someone ever gets it in stock in my color!
Great list Pammy.

Unknown said...

@Marcia-Ah, we all dream for that MUFE kit, right! :) You should totally get that Cinderella palette while it is still around!

jbrobeck said...

I got the big Tarte set during VIB and I LURVE it! I really wanted the blush set too, but I waited to long and now it seems to be sold out everywhere!

Carleen said...

Get either Naked Skin or the Cinderella palette. Both are awesome!!!

Unknown said...

@Jessika-I think you are right on the blush set (darn!) as I have tried looking for it to no avail. Glad to hear that you love the big Tarte kit! I think I am going to go for that for sure (better scoop it up before it sells out too!). Glad to hear that you like it!

@Carleen-I have been using a sample of the Naked Skin and am totally falling in love. Will have to purchase that!

soonermom said...

I got the Tarte Carried Away set and it is amazing! Just that one blush in the set made me want the Fantastic Foursome set. I hope you get everything on your list! =)

Unknown said...

@soonermom-That is great to hear that you love the Tarte kit! I am so excited to (hopefully) get it!!! :) Thanks so much for the comment!

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