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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Makeup Wars: 10 Things I Repurchase Over and Over!

What a great idea for a Makeup Wars Challenge! During a recent discussion amongst the Makeup Wars Bloggers, we realized that the true test of what we love is revealed when we look at our repeat purchases. So, the lovely Teri from Beautiful Makeup Search suggested that listing our Repurchased Items should be our next challenge!

This was such an easy list to make! I know exactly what those old-standard products are that I swear by. These are the items that I almost always have a backup of lying in wait. Gasp! These are items that I absolutely do not want to run out of!

Some of the items on this list will be no surprise to you regular readers (as I tend to mention these items over-and-over again). However, some of these items are the "quiet and true" items: the real workhorses of my beauty arsenal. These I might neglect to mention (shame on me!) because I have used them for so long that they have just gotten me. But, lets face it, your standard products are the ones that work and have withstood the test of time!

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So, lets get down to it ya'll!
Keep reading to find out what "Things I have Repurchased Over and Over":

10 Things I Repurchase Over and Over:
I "pity the fool" who stands between me and these beloved Holy Grail products!!!

1. MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow: This is my favorite taupe shadow and taupe is my favorite crease color. So, you know that I never want to be without this shade, like, ever! Actually, I featured it for a previous Makeup War: Favorite Taupe Shadow. ;) This taupe is so pretty and so complex. Just go take a look at it next time you are in the Mall. You will fall in love, too!
2. CoverGirl "LashBlast" Mascaras: LashBlast Fusion is probably my favorite of the "LashBlast" formulas. However, I honestly like and have repurchased all of the incarnations of the CoverGirl Blast mascaras. I am absolutely obcessed with the wand, the formula, and yes...the cute packaging gets me too. I adore these mascaras!!! I literally find no need to even explore other drugstore or high end mascaras. The CoverGirl Blast mascaras are all I need! The only time I wear any other mascara it is either because I am testing one out for review or I got a freebie GWP mascara. My eyes are sensitive and I have allergies. Almost every single mascara out there smudges terribly on me...but, not these!
3. MAC Vanilla Eye Shadow:  I literally use this eye shadow every day. I honestly don't know how to do my eyes without it! It is actually almost the exact same color as my skintone. So, it makes the perfect brow highlight. I also dab a bit in the inner corners (unless I feel like going with a brightener shade in the inner corner: like BeneFit's Eyebright, which I also love and adore). I go through MAC Vanilla shadow very quickly (in relation to how often I hit pan on other shadows in my collection). I am never without this and never travel without it either.
4. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: Serious Holy Grail here!!! The best lip balm/lip moisturizer ever. I will never be without this! If you have dry lips (and nothing else has worked), try this! I promise it will reverse the condition of your lips. That is what it does for me. :) I have actually never mentioned this before...but, I have an autoimmune condition (Sjogren's Syndrome) that causes my lips to go through phases of extreme dryness. Luckily, my Sjogren's is completely under control and I have very few symptoms. However, when I have a dry mouth flare-up, 8-hour cream totally saves my lips! Also, I found it particularly helpful when dealing with the dry mouth/dry lip issues that I delt with post-childbirth. I rarely delve into personal areas here on this blog. However, there might be some fellow readers out there that suffer with Sjogrens too and this product could be very helpful to a fellow Sjogie! :)
5. MAC Studio Fix NC 15: I know that I mention this powder all of the time. It is my Holy Grail powder foundation! While I am starting to love a few liquid foundations, this product is still my go-to for a quick finish every day. Under eye concealer plus a quick dusting of this is all I need day-to-day for flawless skin! It is just so quick and easy to use. The NC 15 powder is my ideal shade (which is funny because I am actually cool toned? I think the slight "warmth" of this shade works to counteract any redness in my skin). I will absolutely NEVER be without this powder. I always have a backup on hand when I start getting low and I never travel without it either!
6. Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein: This Nail Protein nail strengthener has saved my nails time and time again. Nothing else works quite like this. It takes my nails from soft peeling short nails to rock hard strong nails that I can grow as long as I like. This product transforms my nails completely! I have repurchased too many times to even count and have probably been using it for about 8 years now.
7. Redken All Soft Line: I love, adore, and use this entire line. I know, lol, I can't seem to stop talking about how much I love this line! :) The shampoo, conditioner, and Heavy Cream treatment are my long-term Holy Grail hair products. Sure, I have found many other shampoos, conditioners, and deep treatments that I love. However, I will still not ever be without my All Soft line! Whenever I run out of an item, I promptly repurchase and replace! In between other hair care testing, I always return to these at least once a week (other days I use my other shampoos and conditioners as I do love others!).
8. Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment: Without fail, I do this super-deep treatment one day before and 3-5 days after I get my highlights. This treatment is transformative for extremely damaged hair. While my hair is no longer extremely damaged, I still use it to prevent damage and to infuse my hair with strength. This product completely lives up to its claims: It completely stops hair breakage for 6 weeks!!! I won't go into a lengthy review here, as I have already fully reviewed it here. If you missed that review, please go check it out!
9. LUSH's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter: This is actually the "newest" item to the group. Not only has it become a Holy Grail for me, but also my Husband loves it too! There isn't a single cuticle moisturizer that I have ever used that I like better. This stuff is the best!!! The tub is huge. Yet, we go through it very quickly as we apply every night and throughout the day.
10. Angel by Therry Muglier: This is my hands-down favorite scent ever. It is just "me" in a bottle. LOVE it! It is a heavy and sexy scent (think "date night").  I mostly wear it during the colder months. While it is a heavy "evening" scent, I wear it all day long. I literally look forward to cooler weather just so that I can wear my favorite scent. I am on my 3rd bottle of this! I now get the refillable kind (love the concept of a refillable collectible bottle!).
So, that is it! Kinda cool that it turned out to be an even 10 items! I didn't even plan that until I counted my list! What are your most Repurchased Items? I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to click on the thumbnail graphics below to find out what my fellow Makeup Wars bloggers choose for their "Most Repurchased Things"!


While I have gotten a couple of these items
as samples here and there, mostly I have repurchased
these items (many times over!).


Christine said...

For some reason I've never tried Satin Taupe! I have a lot of similar shades (by MAC even), but not that one.

oldergirlbeauty said...

I love the Lash Blast mascaras, too. I remember when the first orange tube came out, I was smitten with the brush. I still compare most mascara's to that one.

Beauty411 said...

I've never tried Satin Taupe, either! Thought for sure I had every version of a taupe eyeshadow. I know what I'll be picking up next!

Teri - BeautifulMakeupSearch said...

I repurchasd MAC Studio Fix over and over for years, and still use it in the summer over foundation. I have sort of graduated to others that aren't as drying in the winter.

MarciaF said...

Great Beauty Set and great choices. I'll never have a fragrance on my list but I've bought some of your others several times like the 2 MAC eyeshadows.

Chantel said...

Great products!

Unknown said...

@Christine-You must try Satin Taupe!!! I just know that you would LOVE it!!! :)

@oldergirlbeauty-I compare all other mascaras to Lash Blast too! :)

@Beauty411-Yes, Satin Taupe is a must for the crease!!!

@Teri-We seem to always have similar tastes in products! I would love to hear what you have found that is similar to Studio Fix, but less drying! I might message you!

@Marcia-You know, Angel is one of the very few fragrances that I have ever repurchased! I mean, I think I have only repurchased the same fragrance with about 3-5 different scents over a span of a lifetime: hmm...Clinique Happy, Bath and Body Works Flowering Herbs (a million years ago), Issey Miayke, and Angel...with Angel by far being the favorite!!!

@Chantel-Thank you! :)

Unknown said...

LOVE, love, love LashBlast mascaras! They are the only ones I've ever used that never smudge, flake off, or create horrible raccoon smears. Every now and then I'll try one of the expensive brands when I get a Sephora sample....but I always return to LashBlast because it works.

Unknown said...

@Natasha-I so totally agree! Most mascaras flake and smudge on me but never Lash Blast! It is just the best! :)

Kelly said...

I love the Lush Lemon Flutter. I need to race upstairs and see where I put it. I had totally forgotten about it!

Carleenp said...

I wear an awful lot of MAC Vanilla and Satin Taupe as well! And boy do I love Lemony Flutter!!!!

Unknown said...

@Kelly-I hope you find your Lemony Flutter girl!

@Carleen-Aren't those two shadows just the best! :)

Unknown said...

I MUST finally try Lemon Flutter!

Anonymous said...

I adore Satin Taupe! I'm dying to try out Lemony Flutter, too.

Unknown said...

@Perilously Pale-Yes, you must! :) Everyone should! Even my Hub loves it!

@Blushing Noir-Glad you love it too!

Phyrra said...

Wow! What a list of favorites :)

Unknown said...

@Phyrra-Thanks lady! Seems that I have a lot that I repurchase (and I even forgot some things! )

SammyBB said...

Thank you so much for sharing this list! I put on my first coat of Nailtiques Formula 2 today and can't wait to see results. I have been searching for something to help with my poor, brittle nails. Any other nail pointers would be great! One question, if you have polish on do you paint the Nailtiques over it every day?

Anonymous said...

Lush gave me a sample of the Lemony Flutter. I shall soon try it and have heard good things about it.

Unknown said...

@mousewings-You must try your sample! It is such an amazing cuticle moiturizer. You will love it! :) LUSH is so great about samples :)

Unknown said...

@SammyBB-You are most welcome!!! :) When I apply the Nailtiques with polish, I apply it just as I would a basecoat. Actually, here is my exact order when I apply with polish: nailtiques first, then Orly's Bonder (helps polish to last longer), nail polish color, fast dry top coat: Seche Vite or Sally Hansen Insta Dry. Hope that helps!!! The results of the Nailtiques will be gradual. In about 4-6 weeks you will be amazed at how strong your nails are! I am doing an ongoing "The NAIL Files" series that you should check out, too with nail tips, nail of the day, and products. :) Thanks for reading!!!

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