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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scrub-a-dub dub: Nivea "Touch of Renewal" Lathering Body Scrub

Lately, my daily showers have become my "me time". With an infant at home, my shower has become quite a place of tranquility for me. A great escape to recharge and pamper. So, lately I have been getting *very* into bath and body pampering products. Sometimes it is just these little taking some shower time to pamper yourself, that make all the difference!

In addition to exploring more bath/body products just to pamper myself in the shower, I am also looking for good exfoliation in order to self-tan for Spring and Summer.

My latest shower-time love is Nivea's "Touch of Renewal" Lathering Body Scrub. This product is so cool because it is a scrub and body wash in one. Yes, it does both jobs! Micro peeling particles cleanse your skin by gently removing loose dead skin, while the moisturizing formula with Hydra IQ and Vitamin E pearls nourishes your body.

It is not the most "scrubby scrub" in the world. But, it still does a great job. I experiment with using it on its own, applying it with a wash cloth, and applying it with a body pouf. I find that using it with a body pouf lathers it up great and gives a little extra oomph to the scrub.

This dual scrub/body wash is a winner for me. The scent is soft and fresh, it is affordable at $5.99 for a huge 12 fl oz tube, and the exfoliation is effective; yet also gentle enough to use every day. This gentle and creamy scrub leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, and moisturized. Also, I must much as I would love to spend extra time pampering myself in the shower everyday, usually I am in a hurry to get back to my baby. So, this dual purpose products like this cut down on time and get me out of the shower quicker (when I need to rush!).

How do you girls turn your showers into a spa-like experience? What scrubs are you girls loving lately? Any great self-tanner recommendations? If you like reading bath and body product reviews, keep checking back! I have quite a few great products that I am either testing now or will test soon for review. Plus, I am always looking for great ideas from ya'll!

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful (and scrubby!). :)


MaquiLab said...

Will certainly try! My favourite SPA scrub is Oriflame Swedish SPA body scrub - it's so soft and nourishing :)

Merrybelly said...

I will try this out for sure! I'm almost out of my regular scrub...

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