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Monday, October 29, 2018

Luxe Anti-Aging Skincare: Lavelier Marine Essentials Collection

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Luxe Anti-Aging Skincare: Lavelier Marine Essentials Collection 
My First Impressions

Are you looking to boost your anti-aging skincare routine? I know that I am always on the hunt for great products. So, I am supre excited to share about Lavelier's Marine Essentials Collection. Lavelier has a variety of lines available and the Marine Essentials Collection sounded like it would be the best match for my skincare concerns. 

My Skin:
Before diving into my first impressions review, lets chat a little bit about my skin. I have mildly sensitive combination skin that is somewhat prone to oiliness in the t-zone area. I am currently using Rx Retin-A. So, I also get some patches of dryness and some increased sensitivity from the Retin-A. I am in my mid-40s. So, I am very interested in age-prevention and anti-aging products. So far, my biggest "aging" concerns are fine lines and some mild sun damage. Also, I occasionally get clogged pores and sometimes get a stray breakout (infrequently, but it can happen!).

I am so excited that I have had a chance to try out almost the entire Lavelier Marine Essentials Collection. I tried out every product except for the two Marine Essentials Serums. So, lets talk about each product. 

These products come beautifully packaged with large boxes (they are somewhat bulky, but are attractive). The products themselves have a white containers with silver emblishments. My only other packaging critique is that some of the items (the moisturizers and the facial peel) are packaged identically. So, if you are in a hurry with your beauty routine, you need to double check the writing on the back to see if you grabbed the right item. 

The Marine Essentials Collection from Lavelier was designed to suit all skin types. It is an anti-aging line that gives you all of the essentials to fight fine lines and mild signs of aging. The products are created to be used together to maximize your results.

Lavelier | Marine Deep Moisturizer: This anti-aging eye cream contains powerhouse age fighting ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Retinyl Palmitate. This super hydrating moisturizer is effective without leaving a greasy residue. It works to moisturize your skin and fight fine lines. Since this is a vitamin-a product (Retinyl Palmitate), I like to use it at night on nights that I am not using Retin-A nor the Lavelier Marine Evening Repair Cream. It retails for $300.00. 

Lavelier | Marine Evening Repair Cream: This super moisturizing cream is enriched with shea butter and the antioxidant coral seaweed to moisturize and fight free radicals. It works while you sleep to plump up the skin and diminish your fine lines. It is super thick. However, it does not feel heavy on the skin. It is soothing and hydrating. I can really see the difference in my skin in the morning after using this in the evening. I wake up with smooth hydrated skin that does not feel greasy. Retails for $350. 

Lavelier | Eye Firming Concentrate: This is an eye treatment that helps treat puffiness with caffeine. It contains other skin-loving ingredients like collagen, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. It is very thick and rich. You really only need a small amount of this eye cream to treat your eye area. So, a jar of this eye cream will last you a very long time. This is good because this product is extremely expensive at $500.00 per jar. I like using this in the evenings since it is super rich. I feel that it might be too heavy for daytime for layering underneath under eye concealer. I do feel that my eye area looks smoother when I use this super rich and nourishing treatment. 

Lavelier | Biology Mousse Cleanser: This fragranced foaming cleanser is super thick coming out of the tube. Yet, it is lightweight and works up to a lovely foam. It is a perfect first step to your morning or evening Lavelier skincare routine. You only need a small amount to get a great lather. It rinses clean without leaving a feeling of residue. Retails for $175.00

Lavelier | Intensive Facial Peel: This product is recommened to use about 1-2x per week. Since I am using Retin-A, I skipped testing out this product since I do not want to overexfoliate my skin (since my skin is sensitive). This peel retails for $200.00.

Lavelier | Advanced Marine Bio-Syringe: This interesting product is actually not a real syringe, lol! However, it is a fantastic product to use occasionally when you want that extra anti-aging boost and minimization of fine lines. It contains powerhouse ingredients DMAE and hyaluronic acid. The idea is that you apply this directly to your wrinkles and then let your face remain exrpresionless for two minutes. It should work to smooth and hydrate your skin to make your wrinkles look less apparent. I did try this product. However, I honestly do not have anything more than a few fine lines. So, I can't really evaluate what this product will do for wrinkles. This product retails for $995.00. 

Overall, I really enjoyed using Lavelier's luxurious Marine Essentials Collection. I used these products exclusively (along with my Retin-A) for a couple weeks and am happy to share my results. The products worked beautifully and did not irritate my skin. My skin looks refreshed, hydrated, and I believe that my fine lines look diminished as well. 

You may have noticed the price points for these products in the Marine Essentials Collection...they are priced very high. From $175 for a cleanser to $995.00 for the Bio Syringe. While I don't typically spend even near that much for my skincare products, I am sure that there are some people that do. So, if you are willing to pay that much, these are very nice products that I genuinely enjoyed using. While I loved reviewing these products in exchange for my blog review, I will not be repurchasing them as they are personally out of my price range. 

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