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Monday, August 8, 2016

Getting my Bronze on with tarte: Better Bod Bronze & Contour and Brazilian Plus +

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Summer is the time for baring outfits and bronzed skin. So, what is a fair girl to do? A "real" tan is hard to come by with my skin tone. Not only is it unsafe for me to try to tan, but also it really is almost impossible for me to achieve a bronzed look from the sun. That is right, I rarely tan, as I just end up burning and freckling and peeling. It is no fun and I gave up years and years ago in favor of shade at the pool and beach and high daily SPF use. However, I do still love that bronzed look. 

Well, the good news is that there are so many wonderful ways to get a bronze glow now without having to try to tan the old-fashioned way. Tarte has some fabulous new products for achieving a gorgeous bronze look with ease! Introducing: Better Bod Bronze & Contour and Brazilian Plus +.

To find out more about tarte's and Brazilian Plus + and Better Bod Bronze & Contour, please click "read more" below! :)

 Better Bod Bronze & Contour:
If you want a total instant tan, this product will do that for you! Tarte's Better Bronze & Contour is an instant matte waterproof body bronzer. It gives you an intense tan color as the product is highly pigmented. It gives full coverage with its intensly pigmented formula. Since the color is so intense, you do need to really blend it a lot when you apply for your color to be even and uniform. It is super easy to apply with the mitt. Just squeeze out the product onto your skin and blend in using large circular motions with the mitt. There is no question, I get a gorgeous tan color when I use this product. I actually get so tan with this product that I find I need to go darker with my foundation to match the tan on my body (I suppose you could apply Better Bod Bronze & Contour to your face. However, I prefer to just use it on my body). I love how this product wears! There is absolutely no transfer. This product will last on your skin until you wash it off. I even find that I need a little extra exfoliation in the shower to completely wash off this bronzer.

tarte Brazilian Plus+:
What a great self-tanner! This product gives me a natural-looking and non-orange tan in one application. The gel-like consistancy makes the product very easy to apply with the mitt. The resulting tan is even and subtle and it lasts for about 5 days on me. The scent of the product is very nice and fresh. However, after a few hours it does develop a slight self-tanner smell. However, I do not find this to be a drawback as the active ingredient in all self tanners cause this from the reaction in your skin causing the tan appearance.

I love these bronzing/tanning products from taste! I found them both to be super effective at giving me a bronzed and self-tanned look. I will continue to use both the Brazilian Plus+ and the Better Bod Bronze & Contour to achieve a natural-looking tan without the sun!

Have you tried these products from tarte? I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Have a super day! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

We don't get Tarte here, so nope, haven't tried 'em! But I would if I could.

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