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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

On-the-Go Beauty Favorites: What is in my Handbag? Sol Janeiro, Herpecin, Pixi Beauty, and more!

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On-the-Go Beauty Favorites: What is in my Handbag? 
Are you like me? Do you always feel that you are on-the-go and limited for time? While I do apply makeup daily, the amount varies depending on how much time I have to get ready. Some days, it is just simply my skincare routine plus a little concealer. So, I like to have some beauty basics with me at all times so that I can create a put-together look even when on the go. 

Besides makeup, I like carrying other beauty favorites with me. My on-the-go time is actually a great time to indulge in some beauty treats like nice hand creams and moisturizing cuticle treatments. Seriously! What better thing to do when in carpool line than moisturize those cuticles, lol! I have honestly made a habit out of reapplying a moisturizing lip balm like HerpecinL HL 30 while in the car. The more I use this super hydrating and soothing lipbalm, the better it works. Plus, getting an extra dose of SPF 30 is essential when on-the-go. We must protect from the sun!

So, my current handbag's makeup bag is full of on-the-go beauty goodies: products for moisture, products for makeup touch-up, and items to cleanse, and much more. Let's dig through my bag one item at a time so I can give you the full scoop!

What is in My Handbag? On-the-Go Beauty Favorites:

  • Jane Iredale | Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen: Powder-Me SPF is a nourishing, easy to use skin protectant that contains titanium dioxide and natural clay to shield against redness and provide light coverage (so you can skip foundation). Added bonus – it's water resistant up to 40 minutes! I like keeping this in my handbag as I can layer on more coverage and SPF throughout the day. This has a cool sponge applicator and the product puffs up into the applicator and you can apply by dabbing your face with the puff. 

  • Sol Janeiro | Brazilian Touch Hand Cream: As ya'll know, I am obcessed with Sol Janeiro's Brazilian Bum Bum cream. So, you know I am all over this new launch! Skin-loving ingredients like Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí, Coconut Oil and Brazil Nut provide a silky layer of nourishment and conditioning while the famous Bum Bum scent leaves you smelling delicious. For you guys that are not familiar with Sol Janeiro, the signature scent is a combination of salted caramel and pistachio fragrance. OMG, it smells sooooo good! 

  • Summer's Eve | SIMPLY Mandarin Blossom Cleansing Cloth: My days are long. So, I like to be able to freshen up mid-day if I need to. These cleansing wipes are super gentle and I am really liking the new assortment of Summer's Eve fragrances like the Mandarin Blossom and the Coconut scents. Summer's Eve's new line of feminine cleansers and cloths are free from harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol and parabens – so you can feel good about what you are putting on your body! Plus, I like that they are infused with botanical extracts. 

  • Herpecin L | HL 30 Cold Sore Lip Balm Stick: Herpecin L is one of my favorite lip products! Herpecin L can be used year round and it is not just for cold sores. I don't even get cold sores, I just use this amazing balm for its super moisturizing and protecting properties!  It is more hydrating than my standard lip balms. It feels super soothing going on and it leaves my lips feeling super soft and comfortable. Plus, it is perfect for on-the-go application as it contains SPF. So, you are getting that sun protection in as well. 

  • Neutrogena | Deep Clean Blotting Sheets: I always carry blotting sheets with me. My skin is combination with some slightly oily areas in the t-zone. Blotting mid-day helps to take down the shine and removes excess oil. These Deep Clean sheets are nice as they won't distrupt your makeup...just pat, pat, pat, and you are done! 

  • Burt's Bees | Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream: I have literally been using this product for is one of my longest standing product favorites! I believe I discovered it back in college. Over the years I have tried other cuticle creams, but always come back to this one. It is the best. The lemon scent is just so refreshing and "clean" for your hands. Consistant use of this keeps my cuticles in shape. Plus, I love the slim cute tin...perfect for a handbag! 

  • Mont Bleu | Glass File with Crystals : I have an assortment of these Mont Blue crystal glass nail files from Czech Republic. I put the smallest one in my handbag for on-the-go nail maintenance. I prefer glass files as they are super gentle to your nails...and, with good care, they last forever! 

  • essence | shine shine shine wet look lipgloss: I like keeping lipgloss in my handbag in nude and pink shades for quick and easy touch ups. I really love the fun and trendy lipglosses from essence. Right now I have shade #07 Happiness in a Bottle in my handbag. So pretty!

  • jordana | Modern Matte Lipstick: Yes, I am on board with the matte lipstick trend...especially with nudes. I don't know what it is, but I am obcessed with pink nude lips lately and love the look and feel of this #16 Matte Divine shade from Jordana. Plus, super affordable!

  • Neutrogena | Hydro Boost Concealer: I have the worlds worst dark under eye circles. Concealer is my best friend, lol! I certainly do not leave the house without concealer. Otherwise everyone would ask me if I was tired or sick all day because of my under eye darkness. So, even though I apply concealer at home, I like to have one on hand in my purse for touch ups if needed. I like this one for touch ups as the coverage is light and hydrating. I wear the shade Fair. 

  • Pixi Beauty | Endless Silky Eye Pen: Pixi Beauty makes the best eyeliners! These glide on effortlessly and lay down impressive color. Plus, these eyeliners are smudgeproof and I believe waterproof, too! I like carrying around this matte nude shade as it looks so good in the waterline. It makes me look more awake and brightens my eyes. 

So, those are some of my favorite products living in my handbag right now! I would love to hear about what you have in your bag. Or, if some of these are your favorites, too...let me know your thoughts!

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