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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Desert Island Beauty: 12 Top Products I Can't Live Without!

It is my turn for the Beauty Spotlight Team's Desert Island Beauty series!!! The Beauty Spotlight Team bloggers want you to know what beauty items they want to be stranded with. 

Since none of us want to really think of beauty needs if we were *actually* stranded from a disaster, we should think of this more as a fantasy post. Imagine a beautiful Island where you are stranded with some hot man...hmm...say, Tom Brady? David Beckham? Um, yeah, in this case you are going to wish for some beauty products and personal care items!!!

For this post, I thought of items that I literally did not want to be without! These are some of my very favorite beauty products! Also, I tried to choose multi-taskers when I could. For this challenge series, we were only allowed to pick 12 items total (ack!). So, I had to leave out many of my favorites! The Beauty Spotlight team collectively decided that there was a miraculous and unlimited supply of sunscreen and lipbalm on the Island. So, we did not need to include those two things in our lists. I had to edit this list a few times when I realized that I needed to add items like a hairbrush and deodorant! ;) Even as I publish this post I realize that I left out an essential: a toothbrush. Yikes! No kissing on the Island for me! lol Also, since it is not included in this list, I am assuming that I will become stranded while my hair is in a ponytail! I can't live without my hair ties and didn't include one in the list (oops!).

So, are you curious yet? Please keep reading to find out what I would want to wash up on shore if I was stranded on a Desert Island!

Desert Island Beauty: Items I can't live without!
So, here are my items!!! I truly love and adore all of the items listed here. However, this is certainly not a comprehensive list of my favorites! I tried to pick tried and true items across a variety of beauty need categories. I needed multi-taskers that might work well given the setting and situation.

As much as I love makeup, creating a full face of makeup is not a major concern for me when I am on the beach. Sure, I might want a little bit just to "feel pretty". However, makeup wasn't really my main focus for this list (especially since I wasn't including items like makeup remover in my list nor an eyelash curler...if I was allowed 20 items, those things would have made the list!). So, this list contains a lot of basics: everyday items that I use and love!

1. MAC Studio Fix in NC 15: I can't live without this powder! Love, love, love it! I know that I talk about it all the time. I can't help myself. I just love it that much.

2. Pixi's Pixi Glow Fairy Face Palette: Here is another item that I just can't seem to stop talking about. It is one of my top 5 of all-time favorite palettes. The color assortment is just perfect and so easy to wear. It might be a "cheat" to count as one item as it has a beautiful blush, 5 shimmery neutral shadows, and 5 lipsticks. Plus, it has a large mirror and very decent applicators and a blush brush. It is all I need for my Island face color cosmetics!

3. Your Best Face (YBF) Boost: Skincare is a must on my Island! Since sunscreen was already provided, my next need skincare wise? A great antioxidant serum!!! I just love this one by Your Best Face (YBF). It is packed with antioxidants. Plus, it gives a boost of hydration and even keeps your skin smooth and clear. Love it!

4. Redken's All Soft Heavy Cream: Island sun and ocean salt can wreak havoc on my castaway hair! A super rich and moisturizing conditioner is a must for my super long and somewhat dry and damaged highlighted hair. This hair conditioner/hair mask is super thick and rich. Yet, somehow it does not weigh my hair down. It is my holy grail conditioner. I always seem to be guaranteed a
"good hair day" when I use this!

5. Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream: Even though lipbalm is provided on this Island, I still need to bring my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream!!! I mean, seriously, if I could only bring 1 item, it would probably be this bad boy. I flipping love it! For those of you who have never tried or heard of it, it is one of those cult-classic products. It is a heavy balmy ointment. It has a strange odor. However, you can now get a non-scented version of it (whenever I repurchase, I am totally going for non-scented). You can use it anywhere that you need intense hydration or repair: lips, cuticles, dry spots, and I am assuming even skin irritations. I use it every single night on my lips. I discovered it after having my first baby when my lips got super dry. This stuff is a miracle in a tube.

6. RoC's Multi Correxion Lift Anti-Gravity Eye Cream: When it comes to skincare, my eye area is my main concern. I have very deep and dark under eye circles from allergies, hereditary, and general lack of sleep. To top that off, I am starting to get some very fine lines in my eye area. While I am a skincare enthusiast, I am in my late 30s. So, despite my best efforts, signs of aging are appearing. This super rich and nourishing eye cream from RoC will keep my eye area nicely hydrated while I am waiting on my rescue!

7. Japonesque's Pink Manicure Set: While I won't be painting my nails on the Island, I will need some basic tools to avoid hangnails, ragged nails, and overgrown eye brows! This little kit of tools will help me to keep my nails in shape and my brows tweezed! Plus, there are some scissors in here. Those could come in handy on the Island!

8. Aveda's Paddle Brush: This is my favorite hair brush. I have actually been using this brush for like 25 years!!! I have repurchased it 3 times now (I lost one and used another until it broke). Nothing beats this paddle brush for detangling, blow drying, and styling my long hair. My hair gets so knotted, especially when I am on the beach. So, this brush is an absolute essential!!!

9. Philosophy's Shower Gel: A 3-in-1 shower gel/body soap/shampoo is a must on the Island!!! My supplies are limited. So, I need a soap product that I can wash both my hair and body with. Philosophy has some great ones!

10. Secret Deodorant: I don't like to smell. Like, ever. Deodorant is a must! I always wear Secret deodorants. They smell pretty and they work. Enough said! :)

11. Make Up For Ever HD Concealer: OMG!!! This is my new favorite under eye concealer (full review is coming very soon ya'll). Literally a pin size amount is all you need for complete coverage in the under eye area. I am so amazed by this product! It completely obliterates my dark circles. This is a major feat! Love, love, love it!

12. Neutrogena's Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser: This is my new favorite every day facial cleanser. It is a gentle and effective gel based cleanser with a lovely soft scent. 

What products would you wish for if you were stranded?

Thanks for reading! This was so fun to write!!! :)

Some products I purchased myself and 
some of them were PR samples. Items 
were chosen for this list regardless of how
they came to me.


Unknown said...

I love your posts! This one is particularly interesting - thank you!

Unknown said...

@Vicki-Thank you!!! I am so glad that you enjoyed this post. It was so fun to write! :)

Gummy @ Gummy Vision said...

OMG I love the Aveda paddle brush so much I keep 2 on hand!!! Ha ha :-)

Chantel said...

Great products to have!

Unknown said...

@Chantel-Thanks! :)

Icaria said...

What a fun post! I really don't think I would be able to have a life with only 12 products. I may try this challenge myself in the rear future! :)

Unknown said...

@Icaria-Thanks! It was fun trying to come up with this list! :)

Anonymous said...

A three-in-one body wash would be very useful.

I didn't know Aveda had hair brushes. I'll have to take a look as my old one that I've had for years is falling apart.

Unknown said...

@mousewings-Yes, the Aveda brush is fabulous!!!

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