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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Birchblogger Network: I am an offical Birchbox Blogger!

Happy weekend to all you lovely readers!

I have a fun announcement to make today. I recently got an invitation from Birchbox to join their Birchblogger Network! This is so exciting! As you loyal readers know, I am a huge fan of Birchbox and I frequently blog about the monthly Birchboxes and purchases I have made from Birchbox. 

What does it mean to be a Birchblogger?
Well, nothing will really change on my end. I will continue to blog about my monthly Birchboxes and Birchbox in general just like I always do. But, now I get to include my own personalized link that allows me to earn points for referrals! I know that many of you have commented, blogged, facebooked, or tweeted me saying that you found Birchbox because of me. I love that! Well, now I can earn points for those types of referrals. I will be adding my coded referral/affiliate link to product reviews and other posts mentioning Birchbox. I also get to display a cool badge on my blog and have the opportunity to be featured on Birchbox's site for product reviews (what I love to do best!).

Just had to share the fun news!!!


YBFSkincare said...

Congrats Pammy!
We learned about Birch Box because of you several months ago!

All our best,
Darrell and Kimberley

Unknown said...

@YBFSkincare-Thank you! So glad ya'll found Birchbox because of me! :)

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