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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wet n' Wild: Color Icon Holiday Palettes Review Series: Golden Goddess

Hello there dear readers! Here I am with the last of my Wet n' Wild (WnW) Holiday Palettes reviews! Please see my previous posts for the WnW Sugar Plum Fairy review and the WnW Night Elf reviews. This review is for the WnW Color Icon Holiday Palette in Golden Goddess.

While I find all the WnW Color Icon Holiday Palettes to be of extremely high quality for a drugstore brand, this is my least used palette amongst the group. This is due largely to the fact that this particular palette is just a tad "too warm" for my generally neutral-cool coloring (some of the shadows look down-right orange on me, not a good look!). I find that to make these shadows wearble on my complexion, I need to add other shadows from my eyeshadow collection to tone down the warmth and make the overall eye-look that I create more wearable. With that said, there really are some beautiful colors in this palette!

My thoughts:
  • As with all the WnW Color Icon Holiday Palettes, the quality of the shadow is just phenomenal for a drugstore brand (not to mention a very *inexpensive* drugstore brand). Such fantastic quality for the low $4.99 price tag!!!
  • If you are a warm-toned girl, then you MUST pick up this palette. Women with cooler skin tones might have more trouble pulling off some of these shades. I found 3 of these shades to be wearable on my neutral-cool coloring with the other 3 shadows looking either too yellow or too orange on me. But, don't let me totally dissuade you! I think the palette is still worth it for the 3 shadows that I can wear.
  • This palette, like the other WnW Color Icon Holiday palettes, is packed with shimmer, glitter, and metallic finishes. As a fan of glitter and shimmer and everything in-between, I think that this whole series of palettes is a fantastic choice for creating festive and sparkly holiday looks. While the glitter can be a negative for some, I say bring it on! Especially this time of the year. ;)
  • The texture of these shadows is soft, "buttery", and totally blendable. As always, I recommend using a nice eyeshadow base (am loving Too Faced Shadow Insurance lately, but any eye primer should work to increase the vibrancy of the colors and make the shadows last all day).
  • These shadows are easy to work with. They blend so easily and would be easy for a makeup beginner to apply.
  • On another note, these shadows would be great for the experienced makeup aficionado, too! Or any makeup collector who can't resist those words..."Limited Edition"! LOL-you all know who you are!
  • Holy Pigmentation! These shadows pack in the pigment! Just look at the swatches below!!! The whole palette is very nicely pigmented.
  • My particular faves are the champagne highlighter shade (beautiful micro-fine gold sparkle), the bronze (beautiful metallic finish!), and the dark brown (it has a lovely copperish micro sparkle).
  • If you want this palette...and see it, I would recommend going ahead and purchasing as these will not be available for long and are already extremely hard to find. I know I had to search for a while before finding them myself. And, if you are lucky, you will find one during those awesome 50% off sales! You readers know I *love* a good bargain!!!

In summary, I highly recommend *all* of the WnW Color Icon Holiday Palettes (well, all that I have tried...I never did pick up the Blue/Green one...but, apparently there are some MAC dupes in that one!). I am consistently impressed with the pigmentation, texture, finish, and *price* of the WnW Color Icon series (Holiday collection as well as the Permanent line). What a great value for a low price. This is a fantastic way to experiment with colors that you might not have tried otherwise at a higher price. My personal favorite of the WnW Holiday Collection is the Sugar Plum Fairy Palette. Love, love, love that one!!!

Thanks for reading!


Jane said...

thank you for the swatches and the review! I was curious about this one. There's not as much review for this as other ones.

Unknown said...

@Priscilla-Awhh! THanks girl! I <3 ya too hon!!!

@dodo-you are welcome! :)

Thanks ladies for stopping by! :)

Ashchronicles said...

I'm warm toned! and OMG, that is so pretty! =D But WnW is not available at my place..and the last time I checked Walgreens website, they were OOS..=( Too bad..

Unknown said...

@aisyah-I hope you find it, perfect for warm-toned girls like you! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

I love it! I think they might look a little too orange on me as well though - too bad because they are really pretty! I'm not a huge fan of "coppers" or "bronzes" they just don't look right on my eyes! Thanks for the great review girl!!


PS - I'm now mentally undoing the stuff I sent you and hoping theres nothing too "warm" in there! :S haha

Unknown said...

@Shaylee Anne-Hey girl! Yes, some colors in this palette are WAY orange (especially looking back at my photos here). And-usually I can get away with wearing a lot of warm tones, my skin is on the "neutral" side of cool...Like, the UD Naked has some warm shades which are all very wearable on me...but, these from the WnW palette are WAY warm. I might hand off this palette to my Bestie as she is warm toned! :)

Irene Blushing Loves said...

Great review!!Golden Goddess looks so pretty!!!

Unknown said...

@Blushingloves-Thanks girl! :)

Sharon said...

very pretty palette&great review hun...

Unknown said...

Thanks Sher!!! :)

Jen said...

I've always loved the holiday pallettes that come out.. the shine and shimmer is perfect for those holiday parties!!

Unknown said...

@Jen-Agreed! Love the shimmer! The holidays are a great time to buy makeup! :)

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