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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

TEM-KI tool for Hands, Feet and Nails

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Today I am very excited to tell you about a new tool for nail care. Introducing Tem-ki! The Tem-ki tool will help you eliminate ridges and cuticles and achieve shine in a totally natural way. Plus, the Tem-ki does even more: you can use it on your hands and feet, too! Tem-ki is based in Portugal and Belgium. The brand specializes in the research and development of tools for the well-being and comfort of the body.

The TEM-KI can help you to achieve all-natural and long-lasting shining nails. It works to eliminate crevices, cuticles and wedges. The Tem-ki exfoliates and helps you to achieve absolute softness of your nails. The Tem-ki is unique as it does not rotate or spin to produce its results. It actually vibrates to create the smooth finish on your nails.

This innovative tool works in all positions fast, thanks to its many vibrations. It gives you precise results with a perfect finish. Plus, the Tem-ki is easy to handle because it is not rotating. So, it doesn’t cause overheating, nor skidding.

In addition to working wonders on your nails, I really enjoy using the Tem-ki as an exfoliating and smoothing device for my feet. My feet are prone to rough skin and callouses. The Tem-ki is a super easy, quick, and effective tool for eliminating and smothing rough patches. I like to use the Tem-ki on my heels and on the area near my toes. I follow it up with a thick cream or moisturizer. The result? Super soft and smooth skin on my feet!

The TEM-KI kit includes:
  • 1 ergonomic handle
  • 1 sponge head
  • 1 normal head
  • 10 abrasive disks (grit 1)
  • 10 abrasive disks (grit 2)
  • 10 abrasive disks (grit 3)
The Tem-ki kit retails for 

Watch the Tem-ki in action here:

I really enjoy using the Tem-ki. Be sure to check out Tem-ki, the new tool for the care of hands, feet and nails! Discover the Tem-ki here:

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