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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sweet Scent of Spring - NEW Hard Candy Fragrances

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Sweet Scent of Spring - NEW Hard Candy Fragrances:

Are you tired of cold weather and ready to jump into Spring? Well, I have some gorgeous and affordable fragrances to inspire you for your Spring scent! 

Celebrate Spring in style with two NEW signatures scents by Hard Candy!  Serenade your senses with these fun and flirty as well as romantic and sophisticated fragrances. The Pink and Black fragrance duo offers subtle sugared notes of vanilla and iris and hints of floral and fruit aromas.  

These scents are super sweet and young. Reguardless of your age, you can unleash your inner youtful side as a flirtatious and edgy Hard Candy girl by wearing these fragrances on their own or layered together. 

While these are fantastic scents for spring, I can also see how these scents could appeal year round with the warm notes of vanilla and musk. I can't place my finger on it...but, these scents remind me of other scents I have and/or have worn previously. I believe I am thinking of Ariana Grande as well as Pink Sugar by Aqualina. However, I am not 100% as I don't have those fragrances currently to directly might be a Victoria's Secret scent I am thinking of. Either way, these scents remind me of something that I have worn previously that I loved. 

I love the sleek black and pink matte metal bottles. These look modern as well as young and trendy. 

This is a fashionable fragrance that evokes freshness and warmth. Exhilarate your senses with this romantic, floral musk that leaves an endless trail of beautiful scent. 

Top Notes – California Tangerine and Pink Passion Fruit
Mid Notes – Fluffy Pink Peony and Sheer Jasmine
Lower Notes – Vanilla Sugar and Sensual Musk

Retails for  $12.97

A fashionable fragrance that evokes a cool sophistication of sweet scents. Exhilirate your senses with this scent that offers and endless trail of floral, fruit, and sugared notes. 

Top Notes – Lush Kiwi and Juicy Mango
Mid Notes – Quince Blossom and Vanilla Absolute
Lower Notes – Sugared Iris and Warm Amber

Retails for $12.97

The Hard Candy Pink and Black Fragrances are available at Walmart and 

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