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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Deck of Scarlet: Monthly Makeup Box Subscription to ReCreate YouTube Looks!

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Introducing a new monthly makeup box subscription that partners with YouTubers.

Deck of Scarlet is a new makeup line and an exclusive makeup club, inspired by the daring looks of your favorite YouTubers. Deck of Scarlet was born out of lust for makeup and wanting to re-create the most gorgeous looks seen on Youtube. However, when one video used 32 products (!) to achieve a perfect cat-eye- it was enough. There had to be a solution for the makeup obsessed that doesn’t break the bank. With Deck of Scarlet, you get one palette for two complete makeup looks delivered right to your door for just $29.95 every other month. Each palette is made in collaboration with a popular YouTuber. You can create multiple looks with each palette!

Deck of Scarlet Edition No. 6: Collaboration with Nikkia Joy
This month's palette was created in collaboration with Artist-in-Chief Nikkia Joy. The gorgeous makeup artist Nikkia is known for her emphasis on gorgeous eyes and standout lips. She has a cool glam look with just the right amount of glitz! Her palette will give you smokey grays, a dramatic rust, a dash of champagne, and deep/dark lips. You can get totally edgy and creative with this palette and your inspired looks!

This is a gorgeous palette that can create midnight sky-inspired looks. This palette is bold with dramatic and pigmented color that is also totally wearable. I am impressed with the quality of this palette and the nice assortment of coordinated shades.

The palette is nicely packaged in a well-padded box for delivery. Card inserts tell you a little bit about the artist-in-chief Nikkia Joy. The palette itself features a slim design and an artistic graphic look. It features a mirror and magnetic closure. The lip area opens separately from the eye and face colors. which is nice since I always touch up lips more than eyes.

Here is how Deck of Scarlet Describes this gorgeous palette:
It starts with greys as deep as the universe, and the subtle sparkle that escapes from Gravity. Eyes get touched with a golden Aurora; face is illuminated with pure Stardust. On lips: Venus, a bold berry so intensely captivating, nothing escapes its allure. 

While these shades are bolder than I tend to go for day-to-day, I find that I am inspired to create a more dramatic look with this palette for my next date night! The shades are flattering and work very well together. I was especially inspired by the sample looks posted on the Deck of Scarlet site for this palette. They featured a gorgeous winged-eye look with vibrant lips that I totally want to recreate! 

You can subscribe for every-other-month delivery for $29.95 or you can do a one-time purchase of each palette for $44.95. With subscriptions, the palettes are delivered every/other month. You get to preview the palette before it ships and you can skip the month if you do not want that particular palette. You only pay for what ships. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I really like that you can choose each month if you want to get the palette or you can skip the month. When you go to your online Deck of Scarlet account, you can see not only the palette itself, but also the gorgeous looks that you can create with your palette as well as swatches. So, you are really going to be able to make a well-informed decison each month. 

What a super fun beauty subscription! I am excited to see what is offered in the upcoming months. Be sure to check back here for more reviews on Deck of Scarlet. I feel that an ongoing subsciption can really encourage me to try new makeup looks and really branch out from my everyday routine. Plus, I can discover new YouTubers to watch (that is if I am not already watching them!). 

Have you tried Deck of Scarlet? I would love to hear what you think, too! 

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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