Pammy Blogs Beauty: Where I blog! The Beauty Office: My New Desk Set-up and Organizational Tips!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where I blog! The Beauty Office: My New Desk Set-up and Organizational Tips!!!

 Picture me blogging here! :)

My Pammy Blogs Beauty "Beauty Office" has been re-done!!! :) Just had to do a quick post to show ya'll my new set-up!

I am just thrilled with how everything turned out! I have a new desk with plenty of storage drawers and storage baskets for office supplies and the beauty products that I am reviewing. I now have organized areas for products needing to be photographed, needing to be tested, and needing to be reviewed. I test out and review so many products. It is absolutely essential for me to be organized! My previous system was my laptop on the kitchen table and baskets of products throughout the house, lol! This is so much better!

In addition to this beauty office area, I also have a vanity area in the bedroom. Most of the products that I am currently testing are in my vanity area. I did not include a picture of the vanity area just yet as it is now in the process of being re-organized! Check back in a few weeks as I will post pictures of that area when it is completed!

I just love my new beauty office area! Not only is the new beauty desk area great for blogging, but it also helps me to stay organized with my Stay-at-Home Mommy household management work. I even have a drawer just for coupons! :)

Key Office Components and Organizational Tips!
  • Laptop! I love using a laptop for blogging!!! :) While I am planning on doing a lot of blogging in my new office area, I love the freedom of being able to blog anywhere in the house! :)
  • White-Board: You will notice my white board calendars in the top left of the photo (pink and zebra of course!). I schedule all of my blog post on these white boards. I have an old skool system of sticky notes and dry erase markers. I schedule the post on the sticky note, and then when the post is written, I write it on with the dry erase marker and throw out the sticky note. If the review is a monthly series (like my MAC Matters Challenge), I just transfer the sticky to the next month. I like using dry erase markers as sometimes I do have to move posts around. I use two white board calendars because I usually have to do a "long lead" and schedule my posts 4-6 weeks ahead of time. I have been using this system for about 8 months and it is really working well! I get 100s of PR emails a week. The only way for me to stay organized is to stay on top of emails, schedule posts, and write everything down!
  • In-Coming Bin: (Striped Bin to the Right): I need a spot to put items as soon as I get them! As soon as I open an item from the mail or empty a bag from shopping, I place the item in this bin to be photographed. After it has been photographed, I then transfer the item to my review area for product testing (either my vanity area for testing if it is a makeup item, or my bathroom for bath/body, shower, hair, or skincare).
  • Review Bin: (Striped Bin in the middle of desk): This bin houses all of my items that have already been tested. These are items that are ready to be reviewed! When I have time in my busy week to blog, I just grab an item out of this bin and start writing. I often include sticky notes on the items with specific thoughts from my product testing. Yes, lol, I love sticky notes! :)
  • Discover Your Best Time of Day for Writing!!! I am most creative and clear headed in the early morning after my first cup of coffee. On a typical day, I wake up early (before the baby!). After answering a few emails and downing my much-needed 1st cup of coffee, I start blogging! I write very efficiently in the mornings. Usually, I write about 2 posts before anyone else in the house is awake! Photo editing is an ongoing process. I edit photos here and there throughout the day and add them to my posts. My goal is always to focus on my baby girl during the day and edit when she is down for naps or after she is in bed at night.
  • Makeup Mirror: I have a makeup mirror with a light here in my beauty office as well as on my vanity. That way I can always double check a product as I am writing up my review. Even if I have extensive notes from my product testing, I always like to actually have the product "on" as I am writing about it. So, I love having a makeup mirror on my beauty desk! :)
  • Lighting: I have multiple options for lighting on my desk. Two square 40 watt bulb lights and the light on my makeup mirror. There is also a large window in the office for natural light, an overhead light, and I have a larger desk lamp that I whip out of the closet when I need it. In addition, I have a plastic bin in the closet with 3 different kinds of lamps and white cardboard for my blog photography.
  • Lots of drawer space! I got a little rolling unit with 6 drawers for underneath my desk. I hold PR paperwork as well as office supplies in those drawers. 
  • Weekly To-Do Lists: I make to-do lists like a maniac! Most of my to-do lists are on the notes app on my phone. However, I also like a weekly hard copy version or white board version posted to my desk area. I really like being able to glance at my week to see what needs to be done ahead of time. I especially like it for scheduling special events in my life as well as to help keep track of important blog stuff like Makeup Wars posts, link submissions, giveaways, and sponsored posts. Oh, and this is just really for blogging and Mommy tasks. Household and Family-related to-dos are posted on my fridge! :)
My fellow bloggers, how do you stay organized with your blogging? Do you have a specific area designated to beauty or blogging? I would love to hear any tips for staying organized!

Thanks for reading!

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tania said...


i've write on my blog for about a year, and i never ever make a schedule like you.. maybe that's why i'm not as success as you, LOL

good job, pammy!

Unknown said...

@La Vanilla-Thank you! :) I try to stay organized or I get overwhelmed with what I have "to do". I try to keep blogging fun and stress-free. :) Plus, it is just nice to have my "own space" for writing. I am just loving this set-up! :)

beautybabbling said...

Where did you get your set of drawers?

I love the idea of writing posts on post its and transferring it to a calendar when the post is written. Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

@beautybabbling-Glad you like the Calendar idea! :) I love sharing organizational tips (and finding out new ones from my readers!). I got the drawers and the desk at Ikea! :)

Anonymous said...

So neat and tidy! I sit at my desk too with my laptop. I also had a cork board right in front of me where I stick notes all over for school and dead lines!

BeautyByKrystal said...

I recently turned out guest room into an office for all my blogging and filming. I was starting to take over the house and clutter every shelf and drawer, so I finally decided I need a work station - now my blogging life is so much easier, and relaxing :)

Unknown said...

@themakeupfile-Thank you! I try my best to keep it neat. :) However some days it is hard! Especially when I am working on a ton of reviews at once!

@Krystal Caracol-That sounds just like me Krystal! I, too, am more relaxed now when blogging! I feel like I can use my time more efficiently now that everything is organized and in place. It really has inspired me to organize my whole house! :)

Anonymous said...

Very well set up area you have there.

I usually write at the desk in my room on my laptop. I've found my best time for writing is in the evening.

Unknown said...

@mousewings-Thank you! :) Sounds like you have a nice set up too for blogging! :)

planwithelizabeth said...

great setup! I need to revamp mine!

Christine said...

You are way more organized than me. I do a similar bin thing, except they exploded about a month ago and my bins (the size of ottomans, they're huge) are now spread all over my office floor. It's sad. I haz no cute chevron!

Beauty Box said...

What a cute set up. Your work space is so important and good on you for putting in effort to make it conducive for blogging. Kudos on writing two posts before the baby is up - wow!

Unknown said...

@Liz-Thank you! :)

@Christine-I have a feeling that my bins need to be bigger! They are already overflowing (a few days since the photo was taken). If you notice to the bottom left of the photo, I did get extra bins. So, I am thinking I will need to double stack my "to review" box! :)

@Beauty Box-Thank you! Oh, and I don't always get 2 posts done before the baby awakes...that only happens a few days a week. :)

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