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Friday, September 7, 2012

"Most Worn Things" for Summer of 2012!

As Fall rolls in and Summer comes to a close, it is time to ponder my "Most Worn Things" of the season! Typically I don't post may tags here on my blog...but, this one is too fun to pass up! I figure instead of my usual "Monthly Favorites" post this month, I will do this tag instead! I know that I always like to read this type of post on other blogs!

How did I choose the items? These are, quite simply, my most worn items of the Summer Season. We are talking daily basics here. I love creating lists like this (actually, lol, I am kinda a list freak). While I often focus on new product reviews on this blog, posts like this one allow me to focus on some daily basics and favorite products that I have been using all season long, and in the case of some items, feature products that I have loved for years!

What you will find are my daily basic Summer essentials. I live a casual lifestyle as a Stay-at-Mom with my little 8 month old baby. As much as I love glamour, my daily go-to items are fuss-free staples that are quick and easy to use. Most days I am out and about with my baby girl. These are items that help me to look and feel pretty while doing that!

What are my "Best of Summer" Most Worn Things? Keep reading to find out!

Pammy Blogs Beauty's "Most Worn Things" for Summer 2012
  • Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-Tastic: This is the polish that has been on my toes most of the Summer. Sure, I have rotated to a few other colors...but, I keep coming back to this polish. These Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes are the most solid and glitter-packed glitters that I have ever used! One coat lays down an opaque layer of multi-color glitter. This one is teal micro fine glitter with chunky round silver larger glitter pieces embedded. The effect is just beautiful and the color reminds me of the ocean. My single favorite polish of the season!!! Gorgeous on tips or toes. I always get compliments when I wear this. So sparkly! 

  • Hair Product: Aveda Volumizing Tonic: This is a long-time favorite of mine! Seriously, I have been using it every time I wash my hair for the past 11 years or so. I primarily use it in my bangs. I spray at the roots before I round brush them. Works like a charm! With very long "new Mommy" hair, I often end up putting it in a bun or a ponytail (yes, my baby girl LOVES grabbing my hair). Even it if is in a ponytail, I always style my bangs. *oops! This product is not pictured because I just used it...a true mark of a most-used product! (sorry!)
  • Bag: Skip Hop Madison Diaper Bag in Glow: Yes, that is right, my favorite bag of the season is a Diaper Bag. LOL, I am trying to keep it real ya'll. I have so many handbags that I love right now...but, we are talking about "Most Worn Items". I use this bag on a daily basis and it is just perfect. Sure, it is huge; but, I am always hauling around a ton of baby items. It has room for Skylar's stuff and mine. Plus, it has a pocket for everything. It is also rather lightweight considering the size. Even with daily use, it shows minimal signs of wear. I am completely sold on the Skip Hop brand for diapers. 
  • Shoes: Oka-b Daisy in Licorice: I am pretty much obsessed with Oka-b flip flops. I picked these daisy flops as my Most Worn Shoe, but really I could have picked any of my Oka-b's for this category as I rotate the ones that I wear. One of my Besties is president of this company and she keeps me up to date with their latest styles. These flip flops are amazingly comfortable! I can't get over how you can just wear and wear these and they don't show it! Plus, they are super cute!!! Pretty much the dressiest flip flop you can find. 
  • Clothing Item: Old Navy Jeans Shorts "The Diva": Hey, I told ya'll I was going to "keep it real". As much as I love my cute dresses, my most worn item is for sure these super-basic jeans short cut offs from Old Navy. 
  • Foundation: MAC Studio Fix: I don't think I rave about MAC as much as I should! Many of my daily basics are from MAC. Powder foundations are perfect for Summer when my skin is more oily (I have normal/combo skin). This powder foundation is super quick and easy to apply and it makes my skin look flawless! Plus, the NC 15 shade is a perfect color match. Love, love, love this powder foundation. This has been my Holy Grail powder foundation for about 10 years!!! 
  • Blush: Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo: This was super hard to pick because I am such a blush fanatic! There were about 6 heavily worn blushes in my collection this Summer. I think that I reached for this one the most often. Also, it is the most "Summery" blush that I own. These corals are just gorgeous! If you missed my full review of this blush, please check that out here: Color of the Year: Sephora + Pantone Universe Blush Duo.
  • Lip Product: Dior Addict Lip Glow: It was hard to figure out which lip product was most used as I switch up my lippies so frequently. This Dior Addict lip glow is pretty much just a lip balm that adds a "self adjusting" lipcolor tint to your lips. You can wear this on its own or layer it under gloss or lipstick. The packaging is pretty much the prettiest ever! So girlie. If I ever designed a product line, I would be inspired by this packaging.
  • Mascara: CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume: This is a mascara that I have loved for years. I tend to rotate through all the CoverGirl "Blast" mascaras. I started testing this one in conjunction with my All You Giveaway and remember why I loved it so much! So easy to wear and it never smudges.
  • Eye Shadow: L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Endless Pearl: OMG, I am obsessed with this eye shadow! It is the most beautiful buttery vanilla shade. It wears all day! I just swipe it on with my finger over my lids and I am good to go. I wear this almost every day that I am not testing other shadows. It is my quickest and easiest eye look. Most days it is just this shadow plus a little mascara for me. Check out my full review: A Different Kind of Shadow.

That is it! Those are my most worn Summer Items! If you did this tag, please leave your link in the comments below! :) If you haven't posted about this, I tag you!!! :)

Some items I bought and
some were samples or gifts.

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