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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Totally Different Kind of Shadow: L'Oreal's 24 hr Infallible Eye Shadow

As a beauty-blogger, I test a ton of new products. But rarely is a product so unique that it defies categorization. The L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour Eye Shadows are truly that different! They are honestly unlike any other shadows that I have tried!

Not only are these shadows different, but also they are potentially my new favorites. Yes, Holy Grail potential here!!!

The Skinny on the Collection:
  • The collection contains 9 shades. They range from light neutrals, to taupes, to rich color. But L'Oreal...why so few? I want more shades (beating fits on desk)! ;) 
  • These are supposed to last "up to 24 hours". What? What? Who wears shadows for 24 hours? Anyways, they are long wearing. I did not test for 24 hours. But, I did find the wear to be very good. It lasts all day until I remove my makeup before bed (note: I have dry skin. I am curious as to the wear on those of you with oily lids. I would imagine that this product would still last all day). 
  • Price: About $6.00-$9.00 depending on where you shop. As always, be armed with coupons and hold out for sales! If you haven't checkout out Noveau Cheap yet...head on over there! She lists the weekly drugstore makeup sales and writes fab reviews!  
  • Product itself: These are single shadows in cute little screw-top acrylic clear jar containers. The product inside is cross between a loose mineral shadow, a pressed shadow, and a cream shadow. What it actually seems like is a "pressed pigment". No, it is not actually "creamy" in texture. But there is a "wetness" to the product. So unique!!! The texture is amazing and it is so easy to work with. 

I picked up the shade 888 Iced Latte

**Don't make the mistake that I did! Do not throw away the little "stamper" grey plastic insert. Use that to "stamp down" the shadow after each use. It also keeps the product from drying out. Also, be sure to cap it really tight after each use! 

Iced Latte is the most gorgeous warm champagne-ivory shade. The shimmer is TDF amazing! It almost seems metallic. This has become my go to quintessential lid shade. 

As a new Mom, my makeup routine has morphed into "whatever makeup I can slap on the quickest". This shadow is absolutely easy to apply. I find that this one shade warn as a "wash of color" is all I need most days. I just top off with a little mascara and I am good to go. Added bonus: The amazing shimmer in this shadow instantly makes me look more awake. What new Mommy doesn't need that!

Application tip: Initially I tried to apply this with a shadow brush (force of habit!). Well, that didn't work and I let this shadow sit unused for awhile. Then I tried my like a charm! Just swipe on your finger (just the lightest touch brings up amazing pigment) and then tap onto lids. Easy peasy! Another method: use those little sponge applicators (thanks Elvira from Pink Sith!)

Do I love this shadow? Yes!!! Will I purchase more? You know it! I am looking forward to trying out some more of the neutrals as well as a few brighter shades. 

Apparently these are somewhat similar to shadows by Armani and Buxom...has anyone tried these? How do L'Oreal's compare? 

Thanks for reading!


MarciaF said...

I use the MAC 217 with these shadows. They are great for a quick look or under another shadow. I've got a big collection by now since I bought some in Canada first and then bought a lot here.

BeautyByKrystal said...

These babies get a ton of love, and I'm still iffy on buying them, I think because they are priced higher than I want to spend, but the colors look amazing! :)

Unknown said...

@Krystal-I think these shadows are totally worth the hype and the price! I am thinking I might have to slowly collect them all! ;)

@Marcia-Thanks for the tip on the MAC 217! :)

Jen said...

I purchased 890 Bronzed Tsupe and 899 Endless Pearl at Target for $6.99. The pearl is my wake-me-up color without shimmer and the taupe will replace my favorite bronze color in the Chanel Mystic Eyes quad that I use everyday. I did not know how I would replace that color once I ran out short of purchasing another quad- saved a lot of money on this purchase! I also used a coupon from Target's website for a Loreal product and also a Loreal coupon. A little goes a long way with these shadows-especially the bronze one. I love mine and wish I had every color that is made and more!

Unknown said...

@Jen-You got a great deal on those!!! Funny, I have been eyeing both of those shades! I love taupe...and the L'Oreal one looks like the perfect crease shade. That pearl shade would be pretty as a highlight too! Can't wait to pick those up. Thanks for sharing!!! I really hope that L'Oreal comes out with even more shades. So pretty!!!

sleepandwater said...

I have 3 of these and want to get some more. Haven't seen this shade available where I am, but it looks pretty and very wearable. Thanks for the tip on how to best apply them.

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