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Friday, July 6, 2012

GLOSSYBOX July 2012: Box Opening!!!

Hello beauties! Are you ready for another GLOSSYBOX box opening? I sure am!!! As ya'll know, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my beloved GLOSSYBOX every month. What goodies will this month bring? I can't wait to rip inside this package and find out! :)

"What is GLOSSYBOX" you say?
GLOSSYBOX is a luxury beauty sample box subscription. You pay $21.00 per month and get a beautifully presented and wrapped box of 5 deluxe beauty samples (Which includes one full-sized item!). This beauty sample subscription is more than double the price of Birchbox. Birchbox continues to be my favorite beauty sample subscription at $10 per month. Also, Birchbox is the beauty subscription that I compare all other subscriptions to (my "Gold Standard" of beauty boxes!).

I am new to GLOSSYBOX and GLOSSYBOX is also new to the USA (but has been wildly popular across the globe for quite awhile! Thanks for finally coming to the US!). So, I am still getting a "feel" for this subscription. Is it worth the higher price tag? Sure, Julep is also $20.00 per month. But, the difference here is that Julep offers all full-sized products in their Julep Maven Boxes and you also get to choose which box you get (Julep has never disappointed me!). So far, I have been extremely pleased with GLOSSYBOX! Both their special edition Blogger GLOSSYBOX and May/June's box were fabulous! So, I must admit, my hopes are really high for this July GLOSSYBOX!!!

Glossydots: GLOSSYBOX's referral and rewards system
You can give GLOSSYBOX feedback on your GLOSSYBOX sample items to earn "Glossydots". You get 20 Glossydots for each feedback item. Currently, GLOSSYBOX members can invite friends to join through via email only. If you get your friend to sign up, you earn 200 glossy dots. There are no referral links available just yet. So, email is really your only way to earn points through people signing up. What do you do with said Glossydots? When you collect 1,000 of them you can apply them towards getting a free Glossybox.

So, I know ya'll are dying to know...what is in this month's box??? Lets open it up together and find out!!!

As usual, this box is absolutely beautifully wrapped and presented. Last month I likened GLOSSYBOXES as being the St. Regis of Beauty Sample Boxes. That still holds true with this month's box presentation! Everything about the way this box is shipped, wrapped (outer), and boxed reeks of high end! What an elegant box. For me, getting a Beauty Sample box is all about feeling like I am unwrapping a present. Plus, I want beautiful and delightful luxury products. Anyone can spend $21.00 and get and assortment of small drugstore-priced products. I want my $21.00 to be my intro into some really nice luxury and boutique brands!

The Box Presentation:
The outer shipping box is even cute! It is stamped in a pattern with GLOSSYBOX's signature crown logo.

Then, you open it to find one of GLOSSYBOX's mini magazines! I *love* these!!! As much as I love reading media on my kindle and iPad, nothing beats flipping through an actual magazine. This mini mag has articles on trends and reports with brands and products included in this as well as previous GLOSSYBOXES. I find the GLOSSYMag to be a nice little addition to the box.

The dusty light pink box is nestled inside the outer box wrapping. As I have described before, this is no ordinary cardboard box. This is an incredibly sturdy and totally reusable decorator-type box. Granted I am still trying to figure out what to do with my previous GLOSSYBOXES! But, they are certainly boxes that you will be happy to reuse!

The products inside are nestled in shredded paper, wrapped up in tissue, paired with an info card, and tied up with a bow! Such lovely presentation. I mean, I love the box before even actually unwrapping anything and seeing what it is, lol! See how much presentation dictates how I actually like something? Presentation is everything!

This Month's Theme: "Summer Simplicity":
GLOSSYBOX always includes a little postcard with a note from GLOSSYBOX about the box's theme on one side and a product list and info on the other side:
As the weather heats up and you head to the beach, it's time to get back to the basics and let your natural skin glow. This month's GLOSSYBOX allows you to do so....With your natural beauty restored, alll you'll need to worry about is which bikini to wear.
Inside the Box:
So, lets get to the products!!!
  • Beauty Addict  | "Show Off" Mascara in Jet Black: Full size!!! (Full Size .39 oz $20.00). Funny, I was just reading about this mascara somewhere...and now I get to try it myself. Word! The tube's packaging promises "intense, dramatic lashes" (sweet! just what I need!). This unique formula with argan oil will give your lashes an intense, dramatic look without clumps or smudges. Sounds good to me. Plus, I was in need of a new mascara! This full-sized product alone pretty much pays for the box! This product has an interesting wand. It is curved and somewhat flat. 
  • First Aid Beauty | Smooth Shave Cream : (sample size: 2 fl oz, full sized cost $16.50 for 6.8 oz): I am so happy to see an item from First Aid Beauty in my GLOSSYBOX! This is a brand that I have been quite curious to try. I am always in need of a shave cream. So, this will be put to use right away! Smooth Shave Cream is a gentle, non-irritating formula containing everything you need to obtain a close, long-lasting shave. Keep your legs looking smooth and sexy all summer long. This 2 oz tube is a nice sized sample. Also, it is a great size for airline travel!
  • Kinerase | Restructure Firming Cream: (sample size: .24 oz, full sized cost $98 for 1.7 oz): With as long as Kinerase has been around, I have never tried it! I am in the midst of doing a ton of skincare testing right now. So, I am not sure when I will get around to trying this sample. But, I want to! Erase the years from your face with elastin-strengthening technology that visibly transforms and contours your face. 
  • Shea Terra Organics | Cape Lavender Whipped Shea Butter (sample size: 1 oz, full sized cost: $18 for 9 oz): OMG! I LOVE Shea Terra Organics! Actually, I have reviewed a couple of their products on PBB before: Shea Terra Organics Chocolate Scrub and Shea Terra Organics Bananas & Baobabs Whipped Shea Butter. I am thrilled to try out another product from this brand. They do amazing scents and the texture of their whipped sheas are just divine. This little jar will be perfect for my purse or diaper bag for mid-day moisturization. The little jar is just adorable. Plus, have ya'll noticed that I am on a lavender kick lately? 
  • Wella Professional | Enrich Moisturizing Treatment (sample size: .84 fl oz, full sized cost: $12.00 for a 5.07 oz): I am always in need for a good moisturizing hair treatment! I honestly tend to use up all of the hair product samples that I get in my Birchboxes/GLOSSYBOXes. This one looks to be designed for fine/normal hair (which is not my hair type). Oh well! I am going to try it anyway. Maybe in the future GLOSSYBOX can match hair samples to subscriber's hair types? Anyways, this sample smells amazing!!! Create free flowing hair with this lightweight treatment containing silk extracts that instantly restore your mane. 
  • Surprise Treat (an "extra"): Urban Organic Fragrance from Perfume Organic (small perfume vial on a card sample, full-sized cost $65.00 for .41 oz). Now, this is the way to include a small sample vial of a perfume in a sample an extra! (Birchbox, take note!): I am literally swimming in perfume samples between my frequent trips to Sephora and my beauty sample boxes. While I certainly don't need any more, it is nice to have this as an "extra". Not sure about this scent though? It smells very "kitchen-y". Maybe it is the strong citrus notes?  
So, that is this month's box! Once again, I am very pleased with my GLOSSYBOX! I really like how they put a combination of makeup, skincare, body products, fragrance, and hair care into their boxes. The samples are all either a generous deluxe size or a full sized product (with the exception of the "extra" perfume sample vial. But, we won't count that against them!).

This box is a total treat! I can't wait to try my items and am already looking forward to next month's box!

My fellow GLOSSYBOXers, did you like this month's box? Did we all get the same thing? I purposely do not read anyone else's Box Openings until I post my own. :) Thanks for reading ya'll! Stay beautiful and love your self!!!
Note: Referral links included for Birchbox 
and Julep. GLOSSYBOX links are not referral


Unknown said...

This month looks great! I still don't know if I could let myself spend 20$ month though..

That's awesome they put Wella in there! Very good brand

xoxo Janelle

Shaylee Anne said...

Wow! Your (USA) GlossyBox's are way better than ours up here in Canada! BUT something surprised me, you guys pay $21 and we only pay $15.. Strange! I'm glad you enjoyed your box this month!

spedhead said...

Sounds like awesome products! I created a birchbox Account recently and they said they would let me know when it was my turn to start receiving boxes. Wonder how long they are going to leave me hanging?? Glossybox does sound fancy. Maybe I will head there if birch box never approves me:)

Unknown said...

@Glamorous Mama-I hear ya on the $20! It is much easier to spend $10 to get a Birchbox or Beauty Army (I think they might be $12). :)

@Shaylee Anne-Lucky girl to only pay $15!!! That does surprise me as things always seem more expensive in Canada? Strange! xoxo!!!!

@SpedHead-Hmm...that is interesting! Birchbox must have a waiting list now. They didn't when I signed up. But, that was a year and a half ago for me. Have you checked out Beauty Army? I think they are $12.00 and they are supposed to be quite good. That might be another alternative for you. But, if you feel like springing for the $21.00, you definitely get more than your moneys worth! Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

I got mine yesterday and I had a few different things, didn't get the mascara or firming cream which I would have loved, got these vbeauty eye and face creams tiny little samples and an eye shadow (cream) and this awesome smelling body wash by dead sea corporation. I got the shaving stuff and the wella hair stuff and the organic fragrance. This was my first box I just heard about all these sites. Currently waiting for my birchbox and beauty army to come .

Unknown said...

@kymleemurphy-Sounds like you got a great box!!! I keep wanting to subscribe to Beauty Army...soooo tempted! :)

Holly said...

definitely check out "myglam"
they give little "glam bags" that are only $10 dollars a month. they are filled with awesome products & not ONCE have I been disappointed.

Unknown said...

@Holly-Thanks for the recommendation. Actually, I used to subscribe to MyGlam but ended up cancelling. Glad you have been happy with the bags. I, personally, was not that impressed when I compared to the other subscriptions. With that said, they seem to be putting out better bags since I cancelled!

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