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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September 2011 Star Products

Hey Dolls!

Can you believe it is October (my fav month!) already!?!? Time is just flying by! My life has been so super busy as I am preparing for my first baby, working full time as a speech-language pathologist, and just enjoying life along the way. With my busy schedule, I have really paired down my beauty routine. My current goal is to streamline my routine and get ready quickly.

So, its time for my monthly Star Products post! I realize that I didn't do a favorites post last month. It just seemed like I had a lot of duplicate favorites. This month I got lucky, a lot of products that I tested for review were just fabulous and have turned into daily staples for me!

If you want to find out what made this month's Star Products list, please keep reading!

I have been very into skincare lately (lol, but aren't I always?). My skin is in such fluctuation with pregnancy. I am so glad that I have found some great products that work well with my temperamental skin. 

So, what made the list??? These are the products that I have been reaching for continuously over the past month...

September Star Products:
  • Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash: This cleanser contains lactic acid (a pregnancy-safe hydroxy acid) and has kept my temperamental preggie skin clean and fresh. Be sure to check out my recent Belli Skincare review!  
  • Belli Elasticity Belly Oil: This product is just such a treat to use. I apply it every night to my expanding belly to keep it soft and moisturized. The lavender scent is so soothing at bedtime. 
  • CVS brand Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil: This is CVS's generic version of Vaseline's Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil. Funny, I have never had Oils on my Star Products lists. But, I have 2 oils that I love this month! I had intended to buy Vaseline's version...but, I stumbled upon the CVS generic version while it was BOGO. I use this after my shower in the mornings on my very dry body parts. I also like how this looks on my arms. It gives a nice soft "glowy" look without making you look greasy. The gel texture is really cool! I have never tried a gel oil before this and I think I am hooked! Works great on dry cuticles too!   
  • Your Best Face (YBF) Defend Wrinkle Protection: Another great product from one of my fav skincare brands! I realized as I was completely using this product up this week that I must review this soon. This amazing antioxidant-based lotion hydrates and tones your skin while also keeping it clear. I totally love this product!  Check out a previous YBF review of mine here: YBF Boost.
  • Dior Addict Lip Glow: I love using this all-in-one lip product. I just swipe and go...super easy look for my lips! It gives moisture, shine, SPF, and a slight tint to your lips. It lives in my purse and I reach for this often. Be sure to click on the link to read my recent review!  
  • Hard Candy World Balmination in Good Girl: Another great lip product! This new lipbalm from Hard Candy's Fall 2011 lineup gives a great sheer color and smells like vanilla lemon (yummy!!!). The soft peachy color goes very well with my fair skin. My lips feel very smooth when I use this. No need for an additional lip moisturizer!   
  • Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol: The more I use this blush, the more I like it! It is just so unique. It is HIGHLY pigmented...actually, the most pigmented blush that I own. Once I got the hang of application, it gives the most beautiful rosey-bronze blush look! Really brings out my cheekbones and gives me great color. It has become one of my fav blushes for sure! I like using a huge blush brush to apply it so the color dosn't go on too heavy. 
So, that is about it for this month! I really adore all of the items I mentioned. What are ya'll loving this month? Thanks for reading dears! xoxo

Some items I purchased 
and some I got as samples. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Pammy, thanks for the list of beauty products. I loved the Cocoa Gel. I tried it, its very effective. Will look forward for your next big list. Also, i suggest can you put a proce value tag with the products in the future posts

Unknown said...

@Avilash Behera-Thanks for the comment. Yes, the cocoa butter gel is fabulous! :) Sure, great idea, I will try to remember to include approximate prices in future posts.

Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

I'm going to have to try the have me sold, woman! And I really, really wish I'd had a good belly oil when I was in the process of having 3 girls in 4 years. My skin gave up on Maya, girl #3, and has never fully recovered. Maybe if I'd been more diligent in moisturizing, I'd be in better shape now.

Thanks so much for the post! Those products all sound wonderful!


мσитѕєяgιяℓ ❥ said...

I always hear the coco butter gel is such a great thing to use =D
Great favorites, I have been into skin care more then makeup lately as well so this is helpful for me to look into some of these =)

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