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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dior Addict Lip Glow: My new Daily Beauty Staple!

Hey Dolls!

I can't wait to tell ya'll about my new favorite lip product! This review is for the Dior Addict Lip Glow: Color Awakening Balm.

I first tried this unique lip moisturizer at my Pammy Blogs Beauty "Pretty Party" event with Dior and Lucky Mag at Bloomingdale's. Well, I passed on buying the Lip Glow at the event. But, would you know, that I made a special trip back to the mall a few days later to purchase this! I realized I couldn't even think of a single item similar to the Lip Glow. I love purchasing makeup items that I find to be unique.

I am so glad that I made this purchase as Dior Lip Glow has already become a daily staple! If you want to hear more, please keep reading this review after the jump break.

Let me start off by saying that my lips are always super dry. During the Dior "Pretty Party" as we were applying our lip color, I requested "something for moisture" and this is what the makeup artist presented me with.

The Surprising Tint:
I immediately was intrigued by its pretty pink packaging. I swiped a little of this clear balm on and then a few minutes later did a double-take. My lips suddenly had a beautiful rosy tint! But, the balm is clear! I quickly realized that this is one of those "color enhancing" products. When applied to the lips, it brings about your own unique rosy shade. The overall effect of the color reminds me of a sheer lip tint. The color adjusts to what I would describe as my "perfect shade". Beautiful!!!

What a unique and inventive product! It is a balm/lip moisturizer, lip tint, and lip gloss in one! It gives a beautiful natural flush to the lips, moisturizes, and leaves behind a nice dewy/glossy finish! I love it!!! Honestly, most days this is the only lip product that I wear. With my busy schedule, I love a "grab and go" lip color. It gives me all I need for a beautiful and natural lip look with one product. I already know that I never want to be without this and this will live in my purse permanently. There is no question that I would repurchase this as soon as it runs out.

The Packing:
Yes, in typical Dior style, the packaging is TDF! It is sleek and elegant, yet also girly with its sheer pink lid. This beautiful packing screams "high end". I love whipping out this pretty tube. Tres chic!

I find that I apply this throughout the day. The dewy effects wear off quickly, but the beautiful tint is left behind (and lasts for hours). I reapply when I feel that I need a little more moisture. I love that I don't need a mirror to apply.

What a treat!
Okay, I will admit, this product is *very* expensive. I am on a budget and I don't often treat myself to high end products. But, when I find a product that is super unique and that works for me...then, to me, the investment is worth it. That is exactly how I feel about this product. I love it every time I use it. Until I can find a lower cost replacement, I will keep using this. I suspect that even if I found a lower cost alternative, that it would not be packaged as pretty. The beautiful packaging is part of the fun of this product! This retails for about $29.00 at Bloomingdale's.

Other Perks:
  • The hydration this product gives to your lips is just fabulous! I feel like my lips are generally in better condition from using this.
  • You can layer this with other lip colors! Lip Glow makes a great base for other lippies!
  • It has an SPF of 10. It is always nice to get some extra sun protection from your lip products.
  • Very nice Vanilla scent!
As you all can tell, I totally love this product! I am thrilled with my purchase and will continue to enjoy using this great all-in-one lip product!

What are you ladies loving lately on your lips?

Thanks so much for reading!


makeup merriment said...

Aww Pammy, I wanted to love this one but it chapped my smacker something fierce! I ended up giving it to my Mom (she had no issues with it and actually bought a refill!!).

Glad it works for you =)

Unknown said...

@makeup merriment-Awh man! That stinks! So far, no chapping for me so I think I am in the clear, whew!

The Rainbow Zebra said...

In the world of beauty products it's not *that* bad in cost--and if you truly love it, and use it every day, then it's worth every penny.

ESPECIALLY since you're pregnant....the little things like this will keep you going when you're sleep deprived and changing the umpteenth diaper, trust me ;)

Congrats on a great find!

Unknown said...

@ManicuredSlayer-So true! If you love it and use it every day it does make the cost worth it, right! :) And, yes...those little treats are so nice when you are pregnant. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you have totally sold me - the product looks so pretty and I always love a good lip product! Not to mention, I {heart} Dior!

Unknown said...

@Connie-I hear ya! Nothing like a good lip product, right!!! :)

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