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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Science of a Smile: Get Happy with Physician's Formula Happy Booster: Glow & Mood Boosting Blush (review)

Hello there my dear readers!!! Can you believe it is almost Valentines day??? Testing and reviewing this adorable product has totally gotten me in the V-day spirit! So, do you want a little "mood boosting" Valentine pick-me-up? Well, then treat yourself to an item from this cute Physician's Formula Happy Booster Collection!

The Collection:

The Happy Booster collection contains a Blush, Bronzer, and a Face Powder. The display at my Ulta (only a few days after the release) was already almost completely out of product! After looking through the options, I decided upon a blush.

The Science of Smiling? Can the act of smiling make you happy?

Did you know that it is speculated scientifically that when you smile, you actually become, at least physiologically, more happy? I remember reading this in magazines a few times; so, I did a quick google search to read more about this scientific theory (for an example articles, click here and here).

Yes, smiling, regardless of how you feel at first, can in fact make you feel happy! Smiling causes physiological changes in your brain which in turn cause people to feel more happy (additonal reading: click here) Some studies show that smiling, even "fake" smiling, can have a positive impact mood. Go ahead and will feel better!!! :)

So, what is the scientific implication for this mood boosting blush? Well, think about it, when you apply blush, do you smile? I do? Smiling while applying is the best way to get precise application right on the apples of your cheeks and up through your cheekbones. So, smile and apply some blush...and be happy! :)

Okay, I digress (Ya'll know I like to geek geeky with the science stuff, it fascinates me!)...back to talking about Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush! :)

For the review (and swatch) of the this adorable Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush, please keep reading after the jump:

Physician's Formula Glow & Mood Boosting Blush (natural):

This blush is sooooo up-my-alley!!! Not only is blush one of my favorite makeup items, but the *HEARTS*, to-die-for cute!!! I am just bananas about Hearts! I love heart shapes for decor, jewelry design, etc. So, of course I love them embossed into a blush pan!!! Not to mention this product's timely release right before the quintessential "heart" day: Valentines Day!!! Super great marketing on Physician's Formula's part.

The Blush:
  • This is a shimmery blush with multi-colored hearts in an array of hues: roses, pinks, peaches, and more brown-based pinks.
  • Swirl them all together (how I apply) and you get a lovely peachy pink color.
  • The blush is highly pigmented. On my fair skin, I apply with a pretty light hand.
  • What a flattering blush! This is one of those every-day wearable shades for me!
  • While this product contains shimmer, it does not look glittery on the skin. It just gives you a lovely peachy-pink glow. Beautiful!!!
Scent/Ingredients (according to the packaging):
  • I just wanted to make a note here on the scent and ingredients. This product is "infused with the Happy Boost Blend" (apparently plant extracts which promote a "feeling of happiness").
  • The scent: The blush is lightly scented with violet, which "provides a feeling of joy when you apply" (lol, according to the package). While some perfume-y scents bother me, this one does not. I think it smells pretty. But, if you don't like floral notes, you might not enjoy the scent. The addition of scent did not seem to bother my sensitive skin.
The Packaging:
  • The compact is adorable!!! It is a hot purplish-pink metallic compact with a clear lid.
  • Packaging is sturdy and not too bulky.
  • The pan lifts up to reveal a small blush brush underneath. I never use these little brushes that are included (they are too small), but I did want to let you know there was one under the pan.
  • The embossed hearts in the product itself really make the product standout!!!

So, does it really "boost your glow and mood"? LOL! Well, Science aside, yes this blush makes me happy, lol! But, that is just because I adore blush in general and enjoy applying my makeup! :) As you can tell, I totally <3 this blush!!! :) This product is just *so fun* because it is a pleasure to apply, it smells lovely, and it has an adorable design and packaging! :) For me, its just totally appealing!!! I love it! I might have to give the bronzer and complexion powder a try too! :)

The great news here? I hear that the Happy Boosting Collection is going to be part of Physician's Formula Permanent Line! Yay!!! So, if you are having a hard time finding this in stock, be patient! :) You will find it soon!

Smiles (and *hearts*) to you! :)



sugarbumpkin said...

I was somewhat tempted to get this, but I've had crappy experience with Physician's Formula blushes and powders. Stila has one just like in on their website ($14). If you apply the coupon code you can get 20% off the product and free shipping, which may end up to be just a little bit over what you may pay for the PF one. Oh dang, now I'm tempted to get it...

Shaylee Anne said...

Hi Pammy! I was looking at this today and was SO tempted to buy it! Its pretty expensive up here though at $19.99 so I decided not to get it right now - hopefully in the future! :) It looks like a great colour and its so true that smiling instantly makes you more happy - we learn that in psych!

I actually picked up the new Lash Boosting Liner+Serum by Physicians formula today! yay! I will do a review soon! XOXO

Congrats on 400 followers girl! :D

Unknown said...

@sugarbumpkin-Hey girl!!! Yes, I am totally interested in the Stila one too (esp since Stila is one of my fav lines of m/u!). If you don't mind, could you either post the code in a comment, or send me the code on email? I would love to order with that discount! And...yes, the PF one is rather expensive for a Drugstore brand/item. But, still love it!!!

@Shaylee-LOL, yes, I whipped out some Psych 101 on you readers! ;) I love that stuff (I minored in Psych in college). Wow, your prices are much steeper on certain things in CAN! (well, hint hint, you might have something from this line headed your way soon....but, I wont say, it will still be a suprise, sorta!). Cant wait to read your lash serum review!!!!


ohyouprettythings said...

What lovely colors!! It makes me happy just looking at it! :] I can't wait to get one for myself! :]

Unknown said...


liketreasure said...

So cute! I saw a girl talking about the blush on Youtube the other day. I wish we got Physicians Formula products in the UK, I haven't seen any blusher as cute as this! Hahaa xx

Shaylee Anne said...

LOL! Pammy I love you! haha "there may be *hint hint*..." <3

Unknown said...

@communicatingbeauty-Hey Lauren! No Physican's Formula in the UK? I didn't know that! I hope all is well with you!!! xoxo!!!

Bailey said...

Great review! I saw this and almost bought it just for the cute factor. I think I for sure need now thought! Better yet they had $6 rebates on the ones I saw. Cute and money back!

MaquiLab said...

This looks gorgeous for a summer splash of colour on the cheeks :)

Unknown said...

@Bailey-Great! Glad you got it too...nice deal with the money back!

@Eli-Yes, pretty for summer for sure, now if summer could just get here already, lol! ;)

MakeupByAngel said...

I've been sort of skeptical about the hype behind this product and it's claims. I have seen them in person and contemplated purchasing based on color but always pass. Good to know that it's not LE, just in case I change my mind. lol Thanks for the review :)

Unknown said...

Hey froggistyle73! Yes, I was totally skeptical at the "mood boosting" claims too, lol...but, the pretty color and the hearts drew me in! :)

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