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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dupe Alert! OPI Katy Perry: Teenage Dream and Sally Hanson Strobe Light

Hello there my dear readers!!! I am here with a *Dupe Alert* today!!!

I am on such a nail-polish kick lately! Maybee my nails have just finally gotten in good enough shape to wear the polish well (and look better for swatching photos)! Either way, I felt like a giddy teenager when I saw Katy Perry's OPI collection photos in magazines and then swatches and reviews on various blogs (15 Minute Beauty Fanatic and All Lacquered Up). I just had to run out to my local Ulta to check it out!!!

Katy Perry is the epitome of girliness-with-an-edge...she is punky-pretty. A look which I try to pull off, well at least with my nails (and minus the blue hair and plastic clothing, lol). But, hey, the girls got great nails! Brilliant marketing to pair Katy Perry's style with OPI's Fab polish.

I tried in vain to get my hands on Black Shatter, but it was out of stock at both Ulta's that I checked. If anyone spots it anywhere online...please let me know! I must try this!!!

So, I decided upon Teenage Dream. What a must have super-beautiful, super-girly, and *totally over the top* sparkly pretty polish! I mean, ya'll that know me know that I am down with glitter!!!

For more of the review and the dupe comparison, please keep reading after the jump!

Of course, as I was looking at it, I kept thinking that it looks *just like* the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Strobe Light that I had just purchased last week. Well, I got the Teenage Dream anyway! Too pretty to resist, lol! The polish is absolutely gorgeous!!! It makes me so happy to just look at my sparkly pretty nails!

While I am thrilled with my OPI Teenage Dream purchase, I gotta tell ya'll, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear is a really close dupe, for about 1/2 the price (and it might be easier to find).

So, I did a side-by-side comparison. And, yep...dupe! But, I will go over the slight variations with you.


OPI Teenage Dream vs. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light
  • One Coat: They look identical
  • Two Coats: Still pretty much identical...
  • Three Coats: The Sally Hansen is just slightly pinker and the pink micro shimmer appears more "dense". You will get a more "solid" pink background glitter color with the OPI.
  • The micro shimmer in the OPI is much finer milled and of a higher concentration.The pink glitter in the Sally Hansen is a tiny bit bigger (upon VERY close inspection). At first glance, they still look pretty much identical.
  • The larger silver/iridescent glitter particles are identical.
  • When worn as a topcoat, these would look pretty much identical as well.
  • I prefer the shape of the OPI brush.
So the verdict is in for dupe!!! So, if you are having trouble finding the popular Katy Perry OPI Teenage Dream, head on over to your local drugstore and pick up some Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Strobe Light.

These polishes are both *beautiful*! So fun and girly to wear!!!



FunnyFaceBeauty said...

So funny. I just saw the Sally Hansen polish on another beauty blog and left a comment saying that I thought it could be a dupe for O.P.I's 'Teenage Dream'. Thanks for confirming that :)
I just bought teenage dream last week and love the way its looking over a baby pink polish. Thanks for the swatches and comparisons.

Cydonian said...

I had a feeling these two would be dupes... awesome! I personally have issues with OPI's formula so it's good to know I can grab the SH one instead, which I prefer!

Shaylee Anne said...

I love dupes!!! I've been lusting over the Katy Perry OPI collection since it came out but have been on a bit of a spending ban! This is great because I own the Sally Hansen Strobe light and never even thought about it being a dupe! Yay!!! :)

liquoredonlacquer said...

yay i have them both!! ♥

Kim Axani said...

I LOVE Katy Perry too and want this polish! Good eye at spotting the dupe, Pammy.

Texas Type A Mom said...

How do you feel about the quality of the OPI versus Sally Hansen? I always have problems with the drugstore polishes chipping really soon after.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!!!

Type A Mom-Great question! I find the wear to be *very* similar with the Sally Hansen doing slightly better (less wear on the tips). Also, I think the Sally Hansen has a smoother texture (fewer "bumps" in the glitter). *But*-the OPI formula seems to apply smoother as the glitter distributes a bit better. But that is just me overanalyzing it! LOL, very similar! :)

Thanks Miss Kimmy! :)

Liquored on Lacquer-Great! Funny how we are all drawn to similar shades/finishes, I always end up with dupes as I tend to buy the same types of shades!

Shaylee-Yay!!! Glad you already had Strobe Light...see, I just saved ya $8.50!!! ;)

Cyndonian-Hey Wendy! Yes, a great dupe at 1/2 the price! :) I am really impressed with the Sally Hansen!

Alicia-Yes, I think that Teenage Dream is best over a pretty baby pink! :)

XOXO everyone!!!

Tracy D said...

Love these kinds of posts! Good eye Pammy, they look identical to me :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Tracy! :)

Bailey said...

I wondered if Strobe Light was a dupe. I have it, but not the OPI version. Great review!

Unknown said...

Thanks Bailey!!! :) Glad you have it already!

makeupbykatie said...

Great job on finding this dupe!(=

ShopAtSpicywedding said...

A bit late in seeing this post but thanks for confirming! I thought that Sally hansen's looked like Teenage Dream, but since I had never seen teenage dream in person and only in photos...I wasn't sure. I'm much more confident after your comparison...good details btw.

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