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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am a featured Blogger at!!!

Hello there my readers!

I hope you are all staying warm in this cold weather!!! I have been snowed-in for 2 days now with no heat! At least I still have power! So, the blogging can continue! lol!!! ;)

Well, I am very excited to announce that I am a featured blogger on!!! Click here on Blog Channel to reach my blog. is an online skincare/beauty community that reminds me of a "facebook" for beauty/skincare! After joining the site, you can create a profile and invite friends. While joining you submit details about your skin type so that mySkin can customize your recommendations. There are tools on the site that help you to organize and post your skincare routine. generates product suggestions based on what you input. You can easily navigate through the tabs for the sites various functions: My Home (homepage), My Shelf (you can add your products here and your skincare routine), My Journal (I have not tried this yet), My Profile (can set it to private if you wish), and My Community (the Blog Channel is located here).

The Blog Channel (Found in the My Community Tab):

This is where you will find the links and previews of my blog. The blog channel's navigation reminds me somewhat of BlogLovin as it is a blog-reader. You can favorite certain blogs and create a favorites list for easy navigation of the blogs that you like to read. You can also rate posts and leave comments here. It is just another tool for blog reading and browsing. I like it and have even found some new blogs that I am now following! :)

Also included in the My Community Tab is a Discussion Forum where you can post topics or reply to other topics by mySkin members. I am a general fan of beauty message boards, so I am excited to check this out.

Just wanted to share the exciting news!!! If you join, find my profile on there and "be my friend"! My profile is listed as "Pammy". This is another nice way for me to connect with my readers! Also, don't forget to add my blog to your list of favorites!

Here is my profile picture on mySkin. 
I set it the same as my Blogger photo so ya'll can find me easier! :)
Or, maybe I shall change it to my blogger "Pammy Blogs Beauty" logo?

As always, thanks for reading. I am looking forward to playing around more with the site and connecting further with you readers! 


Melissa the Dilettante said...

How exciting!

Unknown said...

Thanks Melissa!!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Priscilla! Yes, you must...we can be friends on there!!! ;) XOXO!!!

Stevista said...

How cool!! :) I'm gonna check it out :) Btw I love that pic of yours, you're so cute :D


Unknown said...

Hey Stavroula!!! Yes, check it out for sure! I like that the site is non-biased. You just load your own skincare routine and others can view and share. :) And, awhh, thanks for your compliments on that picture, yep, thats me! :)

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