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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Smashbox Travel Brush Kit (Ulta GWP): Review

Hello Beauties! 

This is the last of the "Smashbox Week" posts. My first two posts detailed the Smashbox All Day Beauty Kit

This post is for the GWP that I got from Ulta with the Purchase of the All Day Beauty Kit: Smashbox Travel Brush GWP . What a surprisingly great brush set!!! I say "surprisingly", as I often do not have high hopes for GWP items. But, this set is great!!!

The low-down:
  • 3 super lightweight travel sized brushes in an adorable gold case. Really, this case is darn cute I tell ya!!! ;)
  • The brushes are a short in length. I actually prefer shorter brushes as it allows me to get closer to the mirror. Also, I feel like I have "more control" with shorter brushes for the eyes. 
  • The brush hairs are *so soft* on these! I must admit, I do not have many high-end brushes. I use mostly e.l.f., Essence of Beauty, ecotools (which are super soft), Sonia Kashuk, and a random assortment of other brands. But, most of my shadow brushes are by e.l.f. I find these Smashbox brushes to be MUCH softer than my usual e.l.f eyeshadow brushes. 
  • Travel Definer Brush: This is my fav of the set and it has become my go-to crease brush! This ultra soft brush tapers to a fine point at the end. It is the ideal size and shape to really get into your crease area well. The shape really makes crease work effortless as the point really gets deep into the crease. The shape allows you to very naturally blend out the crease with ease. Also works well for outer V work with the tip of the brush. I like this a bit better than the Essence of Beauty crease brush that I had been using. Love this brush!!! 
  • Travel Tapered Shadow Brush: This is your classic "big fluffy brush". The big and fluffy shape allows it to apply and distribute shadow well for a "wash" of color. I love to use this to apply brow bone color too. A great basic brush!
  • Travel Precision Liner Brush: This stiff flat brush is nice for tapping a thick line of shadow above your lashes. I find it to be a bit too thick for applying gel liner as I prefer an ultra-thin line. Generally, my eyes are "too round" to use a flat blush for gel liners, but this may work for someone who's eyes are less round. This also works well to tap gel liner onto your lower lash line.
  • The Case: What a pretty little gold case! It is lightweight and snaps shut. It will hold about a handful of brushes. Really great for travel for all your eye brushes. Now, your powder and blush brushes would not fit in here, but your eye brushes will! :) Would be great for your purse or desk as well if you just need somewhere to keep extra eye brushes. Love it!

Hope you enjoyed this review! I am so happy with this GWP!!! :) 


Tracy D said...

I love how shiny that gold bag is, it would be easy to find at the bottom of a purse too!

Unknown said...

Hey Ladies! Tracy, I agree...the bag is super pretty! Priscilla-you must try out your brushes girl! :)

Sharon said...

fantastic review thanx hun,must check out them brushes lol

Unknown said...

Thanks Sher!!! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

That is one of the best GWP's I've seen in a while!! Usually I never use anything from GWP's but I could definitely always use more makeup brushes and they look like they are great quality too!! What a great deal you got on that Smashbox kit and GWP!!

PS - I thought this was kinda funny and shows how great your page is - On my Mac Book, Pammy Blogs Beauty is on my "Most visited" sites page lol!!

Unknown said...

Hey Shaylee!!! Oh, yay! How funny, I love it that I am one of your most visited sites!!!! :) and, yes, how great is it to get a very useable GWP!!! Who dosnt need some extra brushes! Plus, this crease brush has become my go-to brush!!! XOXO!!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love makeup brushes and these ones looks great. I have taken a vow not to buy any more animal hair brushes which unfortunately most companies still use. Do you know if the crease brush is made from real hair or synthetic fibers?

Unknown said...

Hey Alicia-To be honest, I am not sure what the brushes are made of, but they do feel like animal hair. I did a quick google search that revealed that smashbox is cruelty free, and that no animals were harmed. Check out this link:
I totally understand your concern!!! If anyone else has any other info on this, please share! XOXO!!!

Allison said...

These brushes look great - and while reading your response to the last comment, I'm thrilled that Smashbox is cruelty free. I love supporting companies that have ethical practices, and good treatment towards animals!
I adore Smashbox - I have so many of their eyeshadow palettes, and they are my absolute favorite!
Great review, dear.

Unknown said...

Hey Allison! I totally agree! I was thrilled to read that Smashbox is cruelty free and would love to investigate further which companies are cruelty free and have ethical environmental practices. I really like the products from this kit, and am even happier to know that they were produced cruelty free. :) I think the shadows were the best part of the whole set!!!

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