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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Concealer and Foundation & Long Wear Eyeliner!

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It is not everyday that I get to talk about one of my holy grail products! So, I am super excited to talk to you guys today about my holy grail everyday under-eye concealer (drumroll please)....Hard Candy's Glamoflauge. Not only do I get amazing coverage from this product, but also it is extremely affordable and available at your local Walmart!!! 

Besides talking about my HG Glamoflauge Concealer, we are also going to chat about Glamoflauge Foundation and Hard Candy's Soft Glide Long Wear Eyeliners. While I have been using Glamoflauge Concealer for ages, the other products are totally new-to-me! :)

Hard Candy | Glamoflauge Concealer:
This product is sooooo good! Holy Grail status for sure. Just a bit of background here before we dive into my review...I struggle with uber dark under eye circles. I mean, they are bad. I have allergies, hereditary dark circles, and generally never get enough sleep. Plus, my eyes are prone to irritation because of my sensitive skin. Add this all up and I get the purple/dark circles and the redness. Not cute. So, I need a lot of coverage. Most concealers are simply just not pigmented enough. I need high pigmentation. However, I still want the product be be blendable and not look cakey. Glamoflauge is full coverage and totally fits my needs! It gives great coverage, blends like a dream, and looks natural.

Generally, I am between the shade #487 Ultra Light and #977 Fair. However, my Walmart does not always stock all of the shades. So, I have been able to get the other lighter shades to work for me as well like #312 Light and #1220 Light Beige.

Glamoflauge comes in 15 shades and retails for $6.00 at Walmart. One tube will last you forever as you only need a small amount for great coverage. What a deal! Seriously, one of my favorite concealers, ever, and one of the least expensive ones I have ever tried!

Also, Glamoflauge also comes with a mini concealer pencil. I will admit that I honestly never use it, but it could be handy for spot covering blemishes.

Hard Candy | Glamoflauge Foundation:
With how much I love Glamoflauge Concealer, you know that I was excited to try out the foundation of the same name. #930 Porcelain is a pretty close match for my ultra fair skin. It is a liquid-powder formulation that works to absorb extra oil, camoflauge and cover your imperfections. I would say that this foundation wears pretty well, but not all-day (so I would not describe it as long-wearing foundation). I do feel that it is a little more coverage than I need. However, I must note that I don't always wear foundations and when I do lately, I am preferring very light coverage and a natural sheer finish. However, if you are looking for medium-full coverage, you should check out this foundation! It is a deal at $7.00 a bottle and it comes in 9 shades!

Hard Candy | Stroke of Gorgeous Long Wear Eyeliner Pencils:
Creamy Eye Pencils are my go-to lately when I want to line my eyes. Nothing beats the ease of a pencil for quick application and nice wear. These Stroke of Gorgeous Long Wear Eyeliner Pencils from Hard Candy are fantastic! They blend well and dry to a very longwearing and non-transferring product. I have the shades Glitter Treasure Chest and Creamy Matte Dark Chocolate and love them both. I would love to try more shades! Especially the shimmer shades! These retail for $5.00 each at Walmart. What a steal!

What are your faves from Hard Candy? I am always looking to try more from this high-quality affordable line. :)

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