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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Superfood for your Skin: Products from Youth to the People

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Superfood for your Skin: 
Products from Youth to the People 

Superfood for your skin? Yes, please! 

As someone who loves to eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle, the Youth to the People superfood-based product line really appeals to me! What can I say, I get pumped up about Kale in my salad and Prickly Pear margaritas (, maybe not *all* my eating is healthy, lol!), you can see how I get excited with those same ingredients in my skincare!!!

Plus, the tree-hugger in me really appreciates brands with natural ingredients and vegan skincare. Yes, I have explored veganism lately, too. While I would love to be 100% vegan, it just was too difficult with a family of varied diets. So, I am leaning towards about 80% vegan these days, with cheats on weekends and a few family dinners a week non-vegan. With that said, I do have an extra appreciation for brands like Youth to the People, that are vegan! Plus, Youth To The People is made up of 100% recyclable packaging which makes such a positive impact on the environment.

I love exploring skincare and have had nice initial results with this skincare line! So, lets jump right into the product details with information directly from Youth to the People:

This new power-packed formula contains, Maqui, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world along with açaí and goji to create a potent antioxidant elixir. I am such a fan of using facial oils...and this one is my newest favorite in my oils collection (yes, as a beauty blogger...I love many, but this one is now at the top!!!). 

The Scoop: 

This ultra-enriched, flash absorbing face oil harnesses the nutrients of rare superberries
Maqui, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world, is combined with açaí and goji to create a potent antioxidant elixir. The formula is infused with intensely hydrating Prickly Pear and Squalane Oil to lock in moisture. Also, this velvety soft formula contains Jojoba and Sunflower Oil to illuminate skin and create a healthy glow.

This oil leaves my skin feeling so lovely!!! The oil has a very light feel and glides on beautifully. After a few minutes it sinks in with no oily residue. It just leaves behind a beautiful luminosity to the skin. It has a super light fruity scent that makes it very refreshing to apply. Now, generally, I do prefer non-scented products for my sensitive skin. However, I must admit that at the same time, appealing scents do draw me in...especially when it is a natural scent of a key ingredient and not a "added scent"...this is a scent of an important active ingredient in the product. 

I use this product in a varitey of ways...I like adding this oil as a drop in my morning SPF/moisturizer, a few drops after cleansing my face, or as the final touch in my skincare routine: smoothing a drop or two after all my skincare treatments. Love it!!! 

Key ingredients:
  • Maqui: most antioxidant dense fruit, free radical eliminator, prevents the signs of aging
  • Acai: antioxidant rich, Omega 3, 6 and 9 for collagen production, revives dull, dry skin
  • Goji: brightens, supports collagen production, increases elasticity
  • Moringa: relieves skin fatigue, tightens and firms, and antioxidant-ample
  • Prickly Pear: stimulates cell renewal, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation, superior hydrator, and high in betalains
  • 100% vegan, cold-pressed ingredients

This awesome oil recently launched and is available on Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil retails for $44 on

We eat it, we drink it, let’s wash with it. lol! Seriously, bring on the Kale ya'll! I love it! Youth to the People's nutrient-rich gel cleanser helps balance your skin while removing daily dirt and toxins to keep your pores fresh and clean. Packed with antioxidant-rich kale, spinach and green tea to give you that fountain-of-youth glow, it also protects you from free radicals and environmental stresses that try to bring you down. 

Key Ingredients:
This cleanser really is loaded with superfoods: Kale, Spinach, Alfalfa, and Green Tea!

I like that this cleanser is both non-drying and gentle on my sensitive skin. It gets my skin completely clean with no residue and without a dry/tight feeling. Plus, I must say that I really like the glass bottle packaging. It is simple, but just my style! I like the look of this on my bathroom counter. It is one of the few products that I leave sitting out as I really like the packaging style! 

Retails for $36.00 at Sephora. 

Small but mighty, this nourishing cream delivers vital nutrients with Youth To The People’s proprietary superfood blend of kale and spinach, tried and true aloe, ultra-emollient sunflower oil and an army of reparative vitamins. Equipped with Tripeptide 5 to reduce fine lines and boost collagen plus Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid to plump and lock in moisture so all eyes are on you!

This eye cream was formulated to combat dryness, lack of firmness, and fine lines and wrinkles. While I don't have lack of firmness, my eye area can tend to be dry, irritated, and some fine lines are apparent. This eye cream works to smooth out my eye area and leaves it feeling hydrated and plump. I like the light feel and fast absorbsion. I struggle with dark under eye circles. While this product doesnt specifically target that issue, I do find that it leaves the eyes prepped well for the concealer that I need to combat the dark circles. So, it layers very well under my makeup! 

Retails for $35.00 at Sephora. 

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