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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Smooth out Your Lines and Wrinkles: FURLESSE: 1st Impressions and #GIVEAWAY

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You all probably know how much I love, you also may know that I am in my early 40s and I am highly interested in anti-aging products. Well, today I have a different twist on skincare and age-prevention for you: FURLESSE. Here is the thing: FURLESSE isn't exactly skincare. Are you intrigued? Keep reading if you are! :) 


Furlesse patches are a gentle and easy to use (no-needle!) solution to relaxing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Certain areas of the face are prone to wrinkles due to everyday facial expressions. Furlesse patches work by smoothing out the skin while holding it in place, preventing unwanted pillow creases and furrowing of the face. 

Wear Furlesse patches while you sleep or in the privacy of your own home. These patches are an effective quick fix before a big event or night out. Furlesse patches can be used as a complement to your existing cosmetic injectable routine or can stand on their own as a natural, non-invasive option to smoothing facial lines and wrinkles. 
My Skin:
My skin is classic combo skin: oily-normal in the warmer months and normal-dry in the colder months. I am somewhat prone to both breakouts and sensitivity reactions (redness, bumps, irritation, etc). I am in my early 40s. So, I am very interested in combating and preventing signs of aging. I am lucky that my only signs of aging so far are some very fine lines. 

To find out more about FURLESSE and to enter the GIVEAWAY, please click "read more" below!

I like to think of FURLESSE as a great supplement to my existing skincare routine. You can easily incorporate FURLESSE into the routine that you already have in place! For example, I often do a facial mask as part of my evening skincare routine. Once or twice a week, I love to indulge in a facial mask or skincare treatment. So, I have just added my FURLESSE patches into that rotation! In addition, the patches are easy and comfortable to wear. So, you could certainly pop on some FURLESSE patches during the day. Your "no makeup" Sundays can turn into an opportunity to wear your patches! :)

Plus, I love the fact that FURLESSE can smooth out your fine lines a bit without needles or injections. Never say never...but, I currently have no desire to do injectables. So, it is honestly just nice to know that there is another option out there. Sure, I do not expect miracles here. However, I am a believer that "every little bit helps" when it comes to skincare. FURLESSE can be one more option that you have in your anti-aging arsenal of products, devices, and yes...patches!

How I like FURLESSE and how it worked for me:
So, here are my first impressions of FURLESSE for you lovely readers! I find the concept of these patches to be refreshingly simple. They are essentially tape strips in shapes congruent to the contours of your face. The tape "freezes" your face and allows that skin to relax and therefore not cause expression lines. FURLESSE patches are so easy to use. You just pop them on. It doesn't get more easy than that! They are very comfortable to wear. Honestly, I forget that I am even wearing them. I have even answered the door, etc while wearing them, lol! They are super comfortable and remove easily and painlessly.

As I mentioned previously, I do have some very fine expression lines. They honestly are not that apparent. However, when my skin gets dehydrated, they do crop up around my eyes and around my mouth. So, the FURLESSE patches that I tried are the elevens (for frown lines) and crows (smooths eye lines). I found that the patches were very easy to apply and look almost invisible on. No, I wouldn't wear them in public, but I am totally fine wearing them around the house during the day. :) Also, the adhesive did not bother my sensitive skin.

As far as results, nothing very "dramatic" happened. However, this is a first impressions review and I have used them for just a few weeks. I do notice some instant and temporary improvement in my fine lines after I wear these patches. So, overall, I am pleased with that result. Plus, I really like that these are such a "natural" and non-invasive option for smoothing lines! Will I give up my anti-aging skincare in favor of these, I will add these to my routine periodically whenever I particularly want to smooth out my lines! For example: wearing FURLESSE the night before a big date or event: to give your skin a boost and an extra smoothing out of those fine lines!

More about FURLESSE:

Furlesse patches come in different shapes and sizes:
· elevens target the vertical furrows on the brow
· crows smooth stubborn crows feet around the eyes
· lip-sticks address both the expressions lines and upper lip creases · rows address the horizontal lines on the forehead 

Key Benefits:

Easy to apply and remove
Safe to use on the face
Appropriate for sensitive skin
Latex-free, hypoallergenic, BPA-free and fragrance free
Clear and comfortable Non-invasive

Each packet includes a 30-day supply
Suggested retail price: $19.99

FURLESSE is giving away three one-month supplies of each Furlesse product. So, three lucky winners will each receive a one month supply of each patch (rows, crows, elevens and lip-sticks). So exciting! Be sure to enter below to WIN! :)

Enter to WIN a 3-Month Supply of FURLESSE Here:

Have you tried FURLESSE or a similar product? I would love to hear how FURLESSE worked for you! As always, thanks so much for reading!


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