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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bond No. 9’s best-kept secret is out: Free full-size perfume refills!

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Apparently one of my most covited perfume brands, Bond No. 9, has been keeping secrets. No they will never divulge their formulas for their celebrated, award-winning, eaux de parfum. However, they sure have another secret that they are ready to spill...are you ready? This one is too irresistible not to be shared...they have a *free refill* program! 

Here is the scoop:
Quietly in operation since 2007, this secret has been whispered about among the most passionately committed of Bond No. 9's most loyal connoisseurs. So popular is this semiannual event that many Bond No. 9 aficionados use the opportunity to stock up on as-yet untried scents.

But 7 years is too long to keep this delectable transaction a secret. So for Fall 2015, they are telling all about their free refill program. 

Here are the details:
  • From Thursday, October 29 through Wednesday, November 11, you bring your empty scent containers, regardless of brand, to any Bond No. 9 counter.
  • By way of thanks, we’ll reward you with a large-size (100ml) bottle of your choice from among a curated range of 16 of our most stellar, most coveted Bond No. 9 eaux de parfum. 
  • Just one caveat: You must purchase any two Bond No. 9 items, including a full-size fragrance. 
  • The upshot? You’ll be in possession of three new bottles of perfume. And here we have a suggestion. Keep one for yourself—you deserve it. But give the other two to a family member, your significant other or cherished friend, your favorite neighbor or office colleague, your lawyer, doctor, broker, dry cleaner, computer guru, etc. And remember: sharing and generosity of heart are very much in style. That’s no secret.
Wow! Now that is a deal! If you are like me and have always admired the Bond No. 9 line of fragrances, but have never made the plunge to is the time! So, mark your calendars for Oct 29th-Nov 11th!

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