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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 10 Tuesdays: Current Shimmery Glittery Favorites!

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Tis the Glittery/Shimmery time of year! So, I am excited to share my Glittery and Shimmery favorites for this addition of Top 10 Tuesdays! When it comes to glitter, I immediately think "nail polish". However, I have so many favorite glittery polishes that I would find it almost impossible to choose (and then the whole Top 10 list would end up nail polishes). So, I decided that Glittery Polish deserves its own post and that this post will feature other product that make you shimmer, glitter, and shine! :)

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Top 10 Products for Glitter and Shimmer:
I especially love using highlighters this time of year. My fair skin is at it's fairest. So, I find that the most beautiful way to perk up your complexion is to apply a shimmery highlighter! You will see some of my top favorite highlighters in this list as well as some other lovely glittery and shimmery products to make you shine! :) 
To create this list, I literally just went through my makeup and product stash and selected the glittery/shimmery/shiny products that I reach for most often these days! As I write this, I realize that I just picked 9, not 10 things, lol!
  • Dior's Diorskin Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond: This is probably the most expensive highlighter that I have ever purchased and I must say, it is worth every penny! This highlighter is just so gorgeous!!! It gives the most beautiful glow. Love, love, love it!
  • Bath and Body Works Whipped Shimmer Body Cream in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin: I adore pumpkin scents...especially Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath and Body Works. I use this scent not only on my body but in my home in the form of candles and room spray. This slightly shimmery whipped body cream is so fun! It is ultra rich and moisturizing and it comes out of the container just like whipped cream!
  • MAKE Face Gloss: This clear gloss gives your skin a dewy and glowy look without actual shimmer. It is hydrating and vitamin-rich, too! This product is especially nice in the winter when your skin gets dry. I love the dewy glow it gives my cheekbones!
  • bodycology Enchanted Forest Shimmer Mist: This is bodycology's version of the popular "Twilight Woods" scent. I have a little travel size version. What a great way to add a bit of sparkle while applying body mist. While I apply perfume every morning, bodysprays are my go-to for mid-day refreshing! :)
  • MAKE Glitter Shadow in Quartz: Have I mentioned lately how much I love white eyeshadow? I adore it!!! With my ultra fair cool toned skin, white makes the perfect highlight or lid color for me. A glittery white shadow? Even better! I love the "bam" that this gives my lids. Gorgeous sparkling white!!! Plus, I love how socially-conscious the MAKE brand is. Be sure to check them out if you haven't already!
  • Laura Mercier Pearl Fantasy Eye Colour: This gorgeous Pearl Fantasy eye colour is from Laura Mercier's new Holiday Color Story for 2013: "White Magic". OMG! This shadow is to-die-for! It might have honestly edged out Satin Taupe for my "favorite shadow of all time"...or well, at least a tie. I use them differently and even together. While Satin Taupe is my perfect crease and outer corner shade, Pearl Fantasy is my go-to lid shade! Also, I love this shadow blended up into the crease for an all-over color wash. The finish is a mulch-dimensional pearl. The shade is completely unique!!! I have no other shaows like it. It is a light grey with a hint of lavender/purple. So beautiful! I love how easy it is to look pulled together with this shade. Just a simple wash of this and I look like I spent a long time on my makeup!
  • Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight: These Matte Radiance Powders from Laura Mercier are so nice!!! They have an ultra light and silky feel. They are "matte" yet also luminous if that makes sense. You get a gorgeous champagne/golden "lit from within" look with this powder.
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Be sure to click on the thumbnails below to see what my fellow "Top Ten Tuesdays" bloggers choose for their Glitter and Shimmer Favorites! :) 



jbrobeck said...

I am dying to try that LM eyeshadow! Great list!

Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

You're killing me! Must have the Laura!

Unknown said...

Ohh that Laura Mercier! Must try!

All Lacquered Up said...

The Laura Mercier shadow is stunning!!

Phyrra said...

The It Cosmetics highlighter looks great.

Chantel said...

Great picks =)

MarciaF said...

I love your list. I came so close to putting the It highlighter on mine but I mention it so much that I was afraid to keep talking about it. I want the Laura Mercier eyeshadows. I have the pink one on a wishlist for a pal.

Christine said...

I've wanted Amberlight for forever, but that mascara top coat makes me nervous!

Sunny said...

I still can't believe Dior discontinued Amber Diamond everywhere else but in North America! It seems to be so well-loved!

Elena Rudaya said...

Nice picks! MAKE Face Gloss sounds interesting!

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