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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAC Matters: Building a Core MAC Collection with (less than) $21 a Month!!! May 2013

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It is time for my monthly MAC Matters update!!!

This series was born when I realized that I could build up a great MAC Core Collection with (less than) the cost of my most expensive monthly beauty sample subscription. So, I cancelled said subscription and put my theory to the test!

For me, this MAC Matters Challenge is just a fun experiment to help me curb some of my beauty spending. I find that I am spending very wisely when MAC shopping for this challenge. Plus, the items that I have purchased are things that I truly love! No matter what your stance is on beauty boxes, a well researched purchase of a needed makeup item is always a good idea. If beauty box samples are just cluttering up your makeup drawers, then you might consider this challenge! :) I think you will be thrilled with what you can do with an average of $21 a month at MAC (or any of your favorite brands)!

A few other amazing bloggers like Quinn from Mama Fashionista and Rachel from Rachel Makeup & Skincare have joined me in this challenge! Be sure to visit their links to see how they are doing on this challenge! :)  Join if you like! I just ask that you link back to me in your post as the creator of this challenge. :)
The Challenge Rules:
Build a MAC Collection using an average of $21.00 per month:
  • Purchase at least one item a month: If the item is under $20, save the remainder for the next month. While there are many items priced under $20, there are plenty that are over the $20 range that can be "saved" for. 
  • Do a monthly blog posts for one year to share what you get. Lets see what kind of core collections we can build in a years time! 
  • To coordinate with my "Build a Core MAC Collection" purchases, I will also be posting "MAC Matters: From the Stash" reviews! These "stash" items are MAC items that I love that are already in my makeup collection. Some months, I will be "saving" my $21 to go towards a bigger MAC purchase. This is when you will most likely see the "stash" posts. Or, I might include a "stash" item mini review within my "Build a Core MAC Collection" posts because if you are reading this because you want to build your own MAC collection, you might enjoy reading about what I am already using and loving! 
  • If this series is popular, I will repeat the series with another brand upon completion of 12 months with MAC. 
  • If you decide to join this challenge: Please be sure to include a link back to my blog in your post crediting me as the creator of this challenge! :) Also, feel free to send me your links to your MAC Matters posts that I can include in my monthly postings.  
  • Note: You do not have to cancel your monthly beauty sample subscription to join in! You can certainly do this challenge *in addition* to being a beauty sample subscriber! The whole point is just to see what you can do with *the same* amount of money that you might spend on a $20 monthly beauty box. :) 
If you missed my previous MAC Matters Challenges, please check them out here:  Be sure to check out: MAC Matters: Building a Core MAC Collection with $21 a Month (Intro Post), MAC Matters November 2012MAC Matters December 2012 , January 2013 MAC Matters, February 2013 MAC Matters Challenge, March 2013 MAC Matters Challenge, and April 2013 MAC Matters Challenge.

Find out what I got this month, May 2013, by clicking "read more" below!

MAC Matters: May 2013 Purchase!
This month I decided to purchase a highlighter! So, I opted for MAC's Prep + Prime Highligher in Radiant Rose. This is a click-up pen style highlighter. This product is fabulous for highlighting areas of the face as well as giving great coverage and brightness to the under eye area. I am in love!!!

The light pink tone is absolutely perfect for my super fair NC 15ish skin. To give a comparison, this is MAC's version of the somewhat famous YSL Touch Eclat. This product gives "glow" and illumination without being glittery. It is exactly what a highlighter should be! I use it down the nose, under the eye area, top of cheekbones, and a little on my chin and forehead. Love this stuff!!!

My MAC Matters Challenge Purchase Breakdown:
Remainder from previous month: $10.48
May Allowance: $21.00
Total Available to Spend in May: $31. 48
Purchase: $24.00
Remainder for Next Month (to carry over): $7.48
My Cumulative MAC Matters Core Collection
Now this is the fun part, ya'll!!! Lets take a look at what I have collected since starting this challenge!!! :) I totally love and adore everything that I have gotten so far!!!

November 2012: MAC Syrup Lipstick
December 2012: MAC Well Dressed Blush
January 2013: MAC 4 Pan Shadow Palette
and MAC Pan Eye Shadow in White Frost
February 2013: MAC Pro Pan Eyeshadows in Satin Taupe and Embark
March 2013: MAC Pro Pan Eyeshadow in Jest
April 2013: MAC Pressed Pigment in Light Touch
May 2013: MAC Highlighter in Radiant Rose

Check out some of my all-time favorite products from MAC:

Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers who have joined in the Challenge! Here are some links! :) Quinn from Mama Fashionista  (fellow MABB, BBC, and Blogazon girl!) and fellow Blogazon Rachael from Rachael Makeup and Skincare.

I think that my new MAC highlighter is not only a great addition to my growing MAC collection, but also a great collection addition overall!!! A great highlighter can really make such an impact with your overall look!

Any recommendations for my MAC Matters Challenge for next month? I suppose I should get a lipgloss? Or a face product? What are your thoughts on Fix +?

This MAC Matters Challenge is so fun! Thank you so much for following me along on this journey! As always, thanks for reading!



Unknown said...

I love this!!! It's almost like the weight watchers points system but for Makeup...buying something for less than $21 and saving the money for the next month to indulge into maybe two products!!! Im going to give this a try for sure...although I see myself setting limit to £25 here in the UK as its a tad more expensive!! Thanks for the post xx

Unknown said...

@Mua.Ahalya-LOL! Yes, I suppose it is a tad bit like Weight Watchers for makeup (I am totally familiar with the points system as I joined WW to lose the baby weight). :) I hope you join in the fun!!!

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