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Thursday, March 28, 2013

MAC Matters: Building a Core MAC Collection with (less than) $21 a month!!!

Hello lovelies! It is time for an update in my monthly MAC Matters Blog Challenge! This challenge has been *so good* for me! It is helping me to curb makeup spending while also learning to spend wisely. I am planning out my purchases in advance and buying makeup items that I "need". Instead of always going for new collections or items that just jump out to me on impulse, I am focusing on building up core basics!
This series was born when I realized that I could build up a great Core Collection with (less than) the cost of my most expensive monthly beauty sample subscription (GLOSSYBOX). So, I cancelled my subscription and put my theory to the test.

While I no longer pay for a GLOSSYBOX subscription, I do occasionally review press samples of GLOSSYBOXes. No matter what your stance is on beauty boxes, a well researched purchase of a needed makeup item is always a good idea. If beauty box samples are just cluttering up your makeup drawers, then you might consider this challenge! :)

Some of you that have joined me in this challenge have cancelled a beauty box to do this challenge and some have not. You can certainly join in and do the challenge in addition to having a beauty subscription! Actually, I still subscribe to Birchbox (still loving) and Julep (adore!). So, no matter what your method, I think you will be thrilled with what you can do with an average of $21 a month at MAC (or any of your favorite brands)!

A few other amazing bloggers like Quinn from Mama Fashionista and Rachel from Rachel Makeup & Skincare have joined me in this challenge! Be sure to visit their links to see how they are doing on this challenge! :) Others have joined me informally with this challenge (bloggers and non-bloggers alike). If you have, please update me with how you are doing in this challenge in the comments section. :) I love to hear about what everyone else is getting!!! Anyone can join in the fun of this series anytime! Join if you like! I just as that you link back to me in your post as the creator of this challenge. :)
The Challenge Rules:
Build a MAC Collection using an average of $21.00 per month:
  • Purchase at least one item a month: If the item is under $20, save the remainder for the next month. While there are many items priced under $20, there are plenty that are over the $20 range that can be "saved" for. 
  • Do a monthly blog posts for one year to share what you get. Lets see what kind of core collections we can build in a years time! 
  • To coordinate with my "Build a Core MAC Collection" purchases, I will also be posting "MAC Matters: From the Stash" reviews! These "stash" items are MAC items that I love that are already in my makeup collection. Some months, I will be "saving" my $21 to go towards a bigger MAC purchase. This is when you will most likely see the "stash" posts. Or, I might include a "stash" item mini review within my "Build a Core MAC Collection" posts because if you are reading this because you want to build your own MAC collection, you might enjoy reading about what I am already using and loving! 
  • If this series is popular, I will repeat the series with another brand upon completion of 12 months with MAC. 
  • If you decide to join this challenge: Please be sure to include a link back to my blog in your post crediting me as the creator of this challenge! :) Also, feel free to send me your links to your MAC Matters posts that I can include in my monthly postings.  
  • Note: You do not have to cancel your monthly beauty sample subscription to join in! You can certainly do this challenge *in addition* to being a beauty sample subscriber! The whole point is just to see what you can do with *the same* amount of money that you might spend on a $20 monthly beauty box. :) 
If you missed my previous MAC Matters Challenges, please check them out here:  Be sure to check out: MAC Matters: Building a Core MAC Collection with $21 a Month (Intro Post), MAC Matters November 2012MAC Matters December 2012 , January 2013 MAC Matters, February 2013 MAC Matters Challenge.

Find out what I got this month: March 2013!

March 2013: MAC Matters Challenge:

This month, I decided to complete my MAC eyeshadow quad. You may remember that I am determined to create my "perfect quad" using MAC pro eyeshadow pans in a refillable 4-pan compact. I just love that I can custom build this quad! Whenever I buy a pre-made quad or larger palette, I am always wishing that the colors were slightly different. Building your own palette is the perfect solution! Sure, it has taken me 3 months now to build this palette; but, in the end, it is soooo worth the wait! :)

This month I opted for the shadow Jest to complete my quad. Jest is just beautiful!!! It is a light and shimmery soft satin peach shadow. It is the perfect shade for the lid! I always like a shimmery shadow on the lid to lighten and brighten my eyes. It is the perfect shadow to complete this quad!

Here is the breakdown of my (now complete!) quad:
  • White Frost (shimmery white): for use in inner tear duct area
  • Embark (deep brown, matte): to use as a liner or outer v shadow, can also use to create smokey eye
  • Satin Taupe (shimmery taupe): my perfect crease shade, or outer v area
  • Jest (shimmery light peach): lid shade
Yes, I did end up with quite a few shimmer shades here. I know that not everyone is a fan of shimmer, but I am! I toyed with the idea of adding a matte like haux for the crease or vanilla for a highlight. However, I think I will get more use out of Satin Taupe than haux. Also, I already have a single of vanilla that I use all the time for my brow highlight. The great thing about this palette being customizable? I can switch out the shadows!!!

Building this 4-pan palette has really inspired me!!! I am thinking...after the completion of this year-long MAC Matters Challenge, I might take the following year to build up my perfect large MAC palette??? What do ya'll think???

My MAC Matters Challenge Purchase Breakdown:
Remainder from previous month:$1.48
March Allowance: $21.00
Total to Spend in March: $22.48
MAC Pro Pan in Jest: $12.00
Remainder for Next Month (to carry over):$10.48
My Cumulative MAC Matters Core Collection: 
Now this is the fun part, ya'll!!! Lets take a look at what I have collected since starting this challenge!!! :) I totally love and adore everything that I have gotten so far!!!

November 2012: MAC Syrup Lipstick
December 2012: MAC Well Dressed Blush
January 2013: MAC 4 Pan Shadow Palette
and MAC Pan Eye Shadow in White Frost
February 2013: MAC Pro Pan Eyeshadows in Satin Taupe and Embark
March 2013: MAC Pro Pan Eyeshadow in Jest

Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers who have joined in the Challenge! Here are some links! :) Quinn from Mama Fashionista  (fellow MABB, BBC, and Blogazon girl!) and fellow Blogazon Rachael from Rachael Makeup and Skincare.

This MAC Matters Challenge is so fun! Thank you so much for following me along on this journey! As always, thanks for reading!



Mama Fashionista said...

I am so on board with building a big palette next! Your quad looks great and makes me super excited to complete mine (all that glitters is looking a bit lonely in mine). I look forward to doing this every month:)

BeautyByKrystal said...

I LOVE the idea of this challenge! I also love the shades in your quad, I've never tried any of them, but Satin Taupe is on my wishlist. I love the idea of the carry-over amount too, even though I'm not doing this challenge, the thought that you have an extra $10 to spend next month excites me!! :)

Unknown said...

This challenge is so cool! I ADORE your custom quad - it looks exactly like the kinds of colors I would pick!!

Unknown said...

@MamaFashionista-Hey Quinn! I need to go read your post now! :) You must complete your quad!!! Can I just tell you that I reach for my custom MAC quad *all the time* now! It is so great having all of these perfect shades in one easy place! :)

@Krystal-OMG Krystal! You should totally join us!! :) Satin Taupe is amazing and I consider it a "Must have" for any MAC collector! :) xo

@Emma Hoop-Hey girl! Thank you! :) It looks like we might have similar coloring. So, I bet we do often wear the same shades. :) xo

Mopsy said...

I LOVE this series- it really made me think about how much I spend on make-up. I'm using the series as a guide for building up a workhorse collection without spending stupid amounts of cash.

Unknown said...

@Mopsy-I am so glad!!! What a good idea to just use this series as a guide. You certainly can build up your essentials without laying down a ton of cash. The whole idea is just to plan it out and spend wisely! :)

magstermash said...

I really like this idea--of using a designated amount of money to build a well-researched "YOU" core collection rather than receiving a surprise box. Even better that you roll over unspent money for purchases. I'm not a big enough fan of any brand to do this but this sort of concept is a good idea.

Unknown said...

@magstermash-Thank you! :)

Risa said...

This is such a great challenge! I'm inspired to do something of the same..thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

@Vanity is an Addiction: Thank you! :)

shotz87 said...

I decided to do this as well! you can see my first post on i also linked to your blog :)

shotz87 said...

do you spend money on other beauty products though out the month or just these?

Unknown said...

@shotz87-Thanks for joining the challenge!!! :) I am going to head over to your blog to check out your post. :) I do spend money on other beauty products throughout the month. However, I have noticed that focusing on this challenge has spilled over to me spending less on other beauty products as well.

Kadie Lee said...

This is a wonderful idea! But since I have a decent MAC stash, I'm doing this with MUFE! Thanks for the great plan!

Unknown said...

@KadieLee-I am glad that I inspired you! MUFE is an amazing brand! :) Have fun!!!

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