Pammy Blogs Beauty: My First Klout Perk: essie's luxeffects "stroke of brilliance"

Friday, August 31, 2012

My First Klout Perk: essie's luxeffects "stroke of brilliance"

Whoo-hoo! I got my first ever Klout perk: essie's luxeffects topcoat in "stroke of brilliance"!

I am pretty new to Klout...and I must admit, I am still figuring it out! While I have heard people talking about Klout and Klout perks for awhile, I am just getting started with it. Klout gives you a score and awards you for "influence". Basically, Klout is a site that allows you to earn and award points (or +K) to influential blogs, sites, brands, etc. You are only allowed to award a certain amount of +K a day. Whenever I log on, I try to spread as much +K love as possible! Here is my Pammy Blogs Beauty Klout profile.

Once you reach a certain number of +K, you are eligible for perks! The first one that I opted for was this adorable essie polish!

I am just in love with this polish!!! It is a blue glitter topcoat. The glitter is a beautiful shade of medium periwinkle purpley-blue. It is really lovely! Honestly, I have never had a glitter in quite this shade. You may remember that I got a luxeffects silver glitter from one of my Birchboxes? I still love that one too!
I layered it here with Ulta's Wild Orchid for a whimsical pink and blue look. I used 2 coats of the essie. I can't wait to layer "stroke of brilliance" with some darker shades for Fall and Winter!

I wish the pictures did this manicure justice. It really is pretty! :)
Are you on Klout? Have you gotten any fun perks yet? 



natalsie said...

A lovely combination))

Unknown said...

@natalise-Thank you! :)

SiSi Sparkles said...

this one is such an awesome perk! i like using it for jelly manicures :D off to show you some love on your page!

Unknown said...

@Sisi-Thanks for showing PBB some love! :) xoxo

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