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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get "Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin" with Sunless Tanners from Nivea

What have you been using this Summer for self-tanning? Me? I am using and loving Nivea's Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin and Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs. Getting a "natural" tan is difficult for me. I have very fair skin and use high SPF when in the sun. So, I depend on self-tanners for my Summer "tan".

Both of these Nivea Sun-Kissed products are gradual tanners. Gradual tanners are my go-to lately as they are so easy to apply! You just put them on like a lotion and you are good-to-go! With traditional self-tanners you must exfoliate; but, with gradual tanners you can skip that step (since they have a low level of DHA).

Keep reading for my reviews!

Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs:
If I only had to tan one area of my body, it would be my legs! Since I am super-duper pale and I love wearing shorts, a good self-tanner for my legs is a total must! Even just the slightest bit of color on my legs looks better with shorts than my stark white natural color. Hey, I generally embrace my paleness...but, just a bit of color on my legs blurs any imperfections and makes me feel more confident in shorts.

How I use/results:
I tested out the Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs in the shade "Fair to Medium". I typically use it in cycles of 3-days. The first day it gives a hint of color, the next day it is more noticeable, and then it is just right by the 3rd day. If I use it more than 3 days, the color starts looking orange and uneven/streaky on me. This gradual tanner seems to work quicker/darker than others that I have tried. You really can notice the results after just one use. I really do not care for the scent of this product. With that said, I really do not like the scent of any self tanners. DHA (the active ingredient in all self tanners) just smells bad to me. Oh well! It is just what I have to put up with to get a tan. Some tanners put a heavier masking sent into the product to detract from the DHA scent.

Application tip:
Even though self-tanners are "goof-proof", I still apply with a VERY light hand to the ankles and knees. Then I get a regular (non-self tanner) lotion and apply it over those areas that tend to collect too much color. This allows for an even application.

Shave minimizer?
I need all the help I can get as far as shave minimization. I am a naturally hairy person. So, I shave every day. I know most people don't have to; but, I get ingrown hairs and shaving daily prevents this. Plus, yah, I'm hairy. I haven't noticed a big difference as far as my hair being minimized from use of this product. I think the idea is that your hair is less noticeable because your legs are tanner? I do not think there are any other "shave minimizing" ingredients in this product. The tube says that the product builds a gradual tan that makes hair look less noticeable (and when you shave less often the tan lasts longer). Personally, I can't seem to give up shaving every day. But, those of you that were blessed with less hair than I might enjoy shaving less while using this product.

Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin:
While I use the Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs in cycles of 3 days every week (as the legs are the "main" area that I want to get tan), I use this Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin a bit less frequently. I tested out this product in the Medium-Dark shade (I actually think that the Fair to Medium shade might be better for me).

Like the Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs, this tanner is also a gradual tanner that builds up color on your skin over time. It is noticeable after the first use with best results after 2 days. By 3 days, the color looks a bit orange on me.

I like the scent of this product much better than the Sun-Kissed Beautiful legs. Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin has more of a citrus-type scent that really masks the smell of the DHA very well. I wish that Nivea scented the Beautiful Legs product with this same scent too!

While you can apply this all over your body, I primarily apply it to areas that hit the sun: my chest, arms, and shoulders. Sometimes I apply it all over just depends! :) I usually apply right after my shower. You do not need to exfoliate before using this product (like you do with non-gradual self tanners). However, I find that I get much better results when I do exfoliate. Be sure to wash your hands after using this product as it will tan your hands!

This gradual self-tanner does not seem to dry out my skin as much as other gradual tanners. I find it to be nicely moisturizing.

I enjoy using both of these gradual tanners from Nivea! I get good color after even just the first use (with best results in 2-3 days). Both products need a few minutes of "dry time" before getting dressed. Both products retail for about $7-$9 depending on where you shop. Getting a subtle tan is so easy when you use gradual tanners like these!

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