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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Minerals Mate: Blending Tray for Applying and Storing Your Minerals!

Do you love your Mineral Makeup but hate the mess? Well, you might want to read this post! Minerals Mate has found a solution to this common mineral makeup maven's dilemma! Minerals Mate Application and Mixing Tray is a blending/mixing, application, and storage tray for mineral makeup (or any type of loose makeup pigments or glitters). What an inventive idea!

The founder of Minerals Mate is a fellow Atlanta native (go ATL peeps!). She was tired of all of the spilling from mixing and applying her mineral makeup. So, she developed this handy tray.

I must admit, before getting this tray, most of mineral makeup was just "collecting dust" in my makeup organizer. While I love the look an effect of minerals, I do honestly hate the mess and general hassle of dealing with loose powder pigments. Not only do I have a lot of mineral shadows on hand, but also loose and crushed pigments, and glitters. This Minerals Mate tray is great not only for minerals and pigments, but also for mixing and applying glitters!  Actually, Minerals Mate is a great mixing tray for mixing together any type of makeup. We all know how hard it can be to get a good foundation match. This tray allows you to mix your foundations for your own custom color (and then just pop the cap on and you can store remaining product for later use).

Before actually getting the tray, I was kinda wondering how much I would like or use the tray. It seems as if you can just use a regular watercolor palette that you can get at the craft store? Well, the difference was clear when I got the Minerals Mate tray. The key with this tray is that each little makeup well has its own individual cap! Those artist palette trays at the craft store do not have individual lids! Also, you can tell that they tray is good quality. It has nice "weight" and is dishwasher safe.

I tried the tray in the "Red at Play" color which is a white tray with a pretty red design and red caps. There is also a white and black (with a grey design) available. Each tray retails for $19.95.
The Tray Itself:
The tray itself is made of a durable and somewhat "weighty" plastic (very nice quality). The tray has three larger compartments, 4 small compartments, and one textured thumb grip. The larger compartments could be great for foundation, blush, or any face powder. The smaller compartments are perfect for glitters, minerals, and loose pigments. Each tray has a rubberized cap that fits securely on. While the caps fit securely, they are not hard to remove.

How I use:
Since I currently do not have any mineral foundation, I mostly used mine to blend and apply mineral eyeshadows. I can use the trays to mix my own custom colors. Or, I just find the little wells on the tray useful for working the color into my brush (by swirling and tapping my brush into the well). This method works well for glitter application too. Also, I am a fan of foiled looks with shadows. Foiling is a method where one applies water to a shadow to create a vivid and long-lasting color. This tray allows for great mixing when using the foiling method.

Another Use:
You can use the Minerals Mate to clean your brushes! The textured thumb grip can be used as a "scrubbing surface".

All-in-all, I really like these Handy little trays! Minerals Mate has re-inspired my love (and use) of mineral makeup! Also, it is prompting me to get more creative with mixing colors. I keep my tray right on my vanity for super quick and easy mineral/loose pigment application. These trays are of nice quality and certainly worth the price. I think that these makeup trays are a must for any mineral lover or anyone who likes to mix custom colors be it for foundation or eye shadow!


Shaylee Anne said...

What a great idea! I think I need one of these...

Phyrra said...

I love my minerals mate mixing tray! It's so awesome!

Unknown said...

@Shaylee-Hey girl!!! :)

@Phyrra-I bet you love it! You and all your minerals! It would be perfect for you!!! :)

MakeupGal said...

Minerals Mate mixing tray is a genius product! It makes applying mineral makeup easier than EVER!

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