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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Freshen your face: MayaWater Facial Mist

Hello Dolls!

I have long been a fan of facial mists. You can use them for so many things. But most of all, I just like them because they feel so refreshing!

Some common uses for Facial Hydrating Mists:

  • setting makeup
  • freshening your face during the day
  • adding hydration during air travel
  • cooling your face after a workout
  • cooling and hydrating your face while at the pool or beach (just keep in your cooler for a refreshing/cooling mist!)
  • making powder makeup look more natural (spray when makeup is finished and pat on with brush)

For this review, I tested out Maya's Facial Mist in Pure. For my review, please keep reading!

Maya's Facial Mists contain clean and mineral-rich Norwegian water. The waters come in two formulas: Pure and Organic White Tea.

Maya water comes in a 150 ml spray canister. While the can is large, it is rather lightweight. The mist comes out super-fine. It feels just lovely going on your skin! I personally just love to mist a bit in the air and then let it sink/fall onto my face for refreshment.

Active Ingredients: 
pH 7.6

My favorite way to use facial mists:
Make your Powder Foundation look more natural! 
I wish that I would have thought of this myself. But, I first found this tip from TiffanyD: To make your powder foundation look more natural, apply your makeup as usual. When you are finished, lightly spray facial mist onto a kabuki or stippling brush (I like using my kabuki finishing brush from ecotools for this)then tap damp brush gently over finished makeup. The effect is just perfect! It takes away the "powdery" look and leaves you looking flawless!

Overall, I like using this MayaWater and will continue to use it until it runs out!  I found this facial mist to be very comparable to the other facial mists that I have used in the past. I really love the feel of putting this on my face. Also,using it to finish powder foundation has become part of my daily routine!



MarciaF said...

I use this every day. I spray my Beauty Blender sponge or a foundation brush with it prior to applying foundation. I've also used it to refresh my face. Maya Water is excellent and very pure.

Unknown said...

@MarciaF-Oh! What a great idea to spray your beauty blender or foundation brush with Maya Water! I am going to try this tomorrow. Thanks for the tip! xoxo

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