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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Holy Grail" Product Alert! MAC Prep & Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer

Yes, that's right, I found a new "Holy Grail" product!!! MAC Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer!

As you readers may know if you read my Top 5 Concealers for Dark Under eye Circles post, I have a terrible time with dark circles. Coverage and treatment of dark under-eye circles are my top concerns for makeup and skincare. Actually, trying to "get rid" of dark circles is one of the issues that sparked my very interest in makeup!!!

I have spent years testing out and trying various products for the under eye area. Who knew that all this time that the "missing link" in my routine was a fabulous under-eye primer!!! I mean, I have used regular foundation primers in the under eye area before. But, I have not tried a primer *specifically designed* for the under-eye area. Most eye "primers" are eye-shadow bases to help your shadows adhere. This MAC Prep & Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer is different! This is not a shadow base, but a product designed precisely for under the eye and dark under eye circles. Also, this is not an eye cream, so don't expect to get moisture from this product. You will still need to use eye cream underneath this product.

For my full review, photos, ect...please keep on reading!

According to the MUA at MAC(who totally sold me on this by-the-way), you apply the Vibrancy Eye Primer after your eye cream has sunk in and before concealer.

The Packaging and Price lowdown:

This has your basic MAC black packaging with the white lettering. When you look *very* closely, you will notice that the black has very subtle red and green/iridescent sparkles! You almost won't notice it until you look very closely. Their packaging design is simple and modern. It is totally no frills, yet sleek! A 15 ML/0.5 us fl oz container retails for about $30.00. The container has a pump dispenser that is easy to control to dispense just the right amount! I adore products with pump containers, and this Vibrancy Eye Primer is no exception! I find that products stay fresher much longer with pump dispensers. Not to mention that they are just more sanitary.
The Product Itself:

This product feels like a cross between an eye cream and a serum. It is not "slick" like typical primers yet it is much more slippery that a cream. The texture is somewhat similar to Olay's Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum (more on that comparison below).

The cream is a whiteish light peachy pink shade with an iridescent shimmer/sheen. It is not a "sparkle" but a true pearl finish. Even before I apply my concealer, this product makes my under eye area look better. No, it does not cover anything. But, the pearl finish really diffuses the look of dark circles. So, for me, this product has instant "ahhh" impact as soon as I put it on!

How I use:

I use just as the MAC MUA suggested. I apply my eye cream in the mornings and let that sink in about 5 minutes. Then I apply the MAC Vibrancy Eye primer to my under eye area and the inner eye corners. I let this sink in a few minutes. You really don't need to allow time for the product to sink in, but I usually wait a few minutes anyway. Then I apply my concealer right on top.

I find that my concealer just glides right on top of the Vibrancy primer! I have less concealer settle into any fine lines or dry areas. Also, my heavy concealers look less "cakey".

The finish, texture, and the wear of my concealer improves when I use the MAC Vibrancy Primer!!! I have even found that *any* concealer wears better over this primer! Even concealers that I was only "meh" about in the past work better wiht the Vibrancy Primer!!! I love finding products that actually improve how your other products work! This Vibrancy Eye Primer is a true find!!! Thanks again to Leticia from XSparkage for mentioning this product in one of her fabulous videos as that is what sparked my inital interest in this product!!!

So, this product truly is the "missing link" in my under eye concealment routine! I use this product daily and will repurchase immediately when I run out. Honestly, I have never tried anything quite like it. The *closest* I have come is the Olay Eye Lifting Serum which I have used in a similar manner, but I like the MAC performs and wears much better. Olay's version is more "serum like" and has a gold-ish color. If you haven't, be sure to check out my review for Olay's Eye Lifting Serum here.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who has dark circles and needs to use very heavy concealer to cover them!!! This will make pretty much any concealer you try work better!!! Also, if you don't use heavy concealer, this product would be nice for you under foundation as it has light reflective properties to diffuse shadows (which might reflect underneath a sheer foundation). It is possible that for those with very light circles under their eyes, that this might be all you need. But, for those with dark circles like me,  yes you will still need concealer!

Has anyone else tried this??? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading my beauties!


Tracy D said...

This is a new one for me, but wow it sounds amazing! Although a bit pricey I'm sure it would last a long time, great review.

Unknown said...

Hey Tracy! Thanks girl! :) I am still loving this product!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds amazing! Wow!

Misato-san said...

I heard about this from lovely Leesha/Xsparkage too... and I want to try this out soon. Since I'm going to my MAC store today in order to pick my concelear I guess I'll ask for a little pot of it in order to try it. Wish me luck! XD

Unknown said...

@Misato-san: Good luck! I hope you get a nice sized sample to try out! :)

Misato-san said...

@ Pammy
you are so sweet!
No luck with samples... my store is out of pots from two months U_U
damn MAC Italy T_T

Teri said...

I just bought this today and can't wait to try it tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Hi Teri-I hope you like it too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pammy!
As you know, regrettably this product was discontinued :(
Can you please suggest another one that works as weel? PLEASE!


Pammy said...

@Fernanda-Unfortunately, I do not know of another product quite like this one. I wish I did!

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