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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum: Review

Hi Beauties! I have a skincare review for you today!

I have been testing out Olay's Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum for a few weeks now. I bought this product on a "whim" as I have generally read good things about Olay products and was in the market for a new eye cream for use during the day. I am happy with my night time eye creams in my current skincare rotation, but I really needed to find a less greasy eye cream for suitable use during the day. I am so glad I picked this up! I am really happy with how this is working for me! I know this product is labeled as a "serum", but really, it functions more as an "eye cream".

Some background: I have very dark under eye circles, so I am always looking for a rich emollient eye cream that provides a good base for concealer, yet isn't too creamy (if its too creamy, the concealer will slide...and if it is not moisturizing enough, then the concealer won't apply well). So, I am quite picky about my eye creams! I am not expecting any miracles...but want a product that delivers some results: good moisturization without being greasy, a product that does not irriate my sensitive eyes, and a product that does not cause millia (I am *so prone* to this skin issue).

When I started testing this product I had some millia around my eye area (those little white hard bumps that arise from irritating products or eye products that are too rich). Now, sometimes millia go away on their own, but often I have them plucked off at the Dermatologist's office (I know, I know...ewwh!). Well, not sure if it is coincidence or not, but about 2 weeks after using this Olay Eye Lifting Serum, most of my millia went away on their own (and I had literally had them for months!!!). So,  I am thrilled about that! But, I do realize it may be coincidental.

I do not currently have any lines or wrinkles around my eyes (thank goodness for that), but I am "of the age" that I want to start prevention in this department. I know that taking good care of my skin now can really make a difference for the future! So, for this review, I really can't speak to the products "Lifting" or "Firming" claims nor can I speak to any reduction in fine lines nor wrinkles as I don't have any. But, does this eye serum moisturize well and leave skin smooth? Absolutely!

So, now on to the review:
  • As mentioned above, this is more of an eye cream than a serum. So, if you are purchasing this specifically as a "serum" you might be disappointed. Its texture is primarily creamy. But, it does feel "different" than other eye can tell there is a serum-like quality as this product has much more "slip" than a run-of-the-mill eye cream. It feels nice and moisturizing, yet not greasy! For me, that means an ideal texture. It leaves the eye area really smooth and "well prepped" for concealer. Not to mention that it absorbs very nicely. I apply all around my eye area.
  • The product contains very fine goldish micro shimmer (it makes the cream look somewhat "yellowish"). I assume this is to diffuse any darkness in the eye area. This is a nice idea for products, but I cover the area with opaque concealer anyway, so the shimmer-effect was not visible on me. If applied straight with no concealer on top, it does give the eye area a slight luminosity from the shimmer (so no major sparkle-I mean, who wants that in the eye area!).
  • OMG-How stinkin cute is this little bottle? Love, love, love the pump container!!! I wish all eye creams came in a pump like this. It is just so sanitary and you can really control the amount that you want. Nothing bugs me more than dipping my fingers into pots of eye cream. I *always* wish for products to come in a pump or a tube. So, love this little pump container! One pump gives me the exact amount I need for both eyes. Perfect!
  • This product does not irritate my very sensitive eyes nor the skin around my eyes. Seriously, my eyes are so sensitive. I would say that most eye creams that I try sting my eyes or my skin around the eyes. Not the case with this gentle product. I have experienced no irritation whatsoever. 
  • The product is a good price at around $19.99 (what I paid at the grocery store, but you could probably find it for a better deal at Target). 
  • My only wish is that this product contained SPF!!! Really, I need to ideally find a daytime eye cream with SPF that is also a good makeup base for under eye concealer (that is also non-irritating). I do have a few products in mind that I might try soon. But, in the meantime, I will be sticking with this Olay for daytime use. 
In summary, I am really pleased with this product! I use "treatment" type eye creams at night...but, for day, I look for an eye cream that is moisturizing, non-greasy, non-irritating, and one that provides a good base for concealer...this Olay Eye Serum is doing all those things for me! 

On another note, if any of ya'll are using a great daytime eye cream with SPF that you totally love...please let me know in the comments below! :) 

Thanks for reading!


sugarbumpkin said...

Thanks for the super detailed review! I've tried a few eye creams and have yet to find something that really works for me. I have some fine lines that I'd love to get rid of and slight discoloration around my eyes. I'll definitely look into this product!

Unknown said...

@SugarBumpkin-Thanks!!! :) I bet this would work great for fine lines. :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tracy D said...

So crazy story about this product..I tried it and could not get past the smell. My husband couldn't even smell anything when I had him sniff it. I ended up having to give it to my step-mom, who couldn't smell anything either! So bizarre, right?

Unknown said...

Tracy@mybestbeautybuys-Tracy, that is so strange!!! I really detected no scent at all in this product! Yes, Bizarre! I would have said that maybee my chronic allergies have dampened my sniffer-but since your Step Mom and Hub couldnt smell it either, hmmm? Odd! You know I am going to go smell the product again right after I type this, lol!!!

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...

Great review... guess i should try it out someday too!!


Unknown said...

@WinWin-Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, I really like your style" straight-out honesty :-). I'll definitely take a look at this serum the next time I need a cream, because I have to say: it sounds pretty good!

Sharon said...

fantastic review dear,thanks for sharing I need a new eye cream will check it out..

Unknown said...

@DalaLuz-Thank you so much!!!

@Sher-Hey Sher! Thanks so much!!!

Both of ya'll let me know if you try it! :)

MsRinz said...

oh my god u got millia too?? ME TOO!!! i trashed it after a week. =/

Unknown said...

@Rinz-Yes, I did, but not from this product. Sorry that happened to you!

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