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Monday, May 16, 2011

Clinical Organics Skincare (Part 1): Brand Intro and Cleanse/Tone reviews

Hello my dear readers! This post is the first in a series of 3 posts dedicated to reviews of the Clinical Organics Skincare Line. Clinical Organics is a new skincare line. I was able to preview the Clinical Organics Limited Edition Preview Pack a couple months ago before their recent launch of the new Clinical Organics Website! 

Clinical Organics, an overview:
Clinical Organics is a unique botique skincare line. This company has a fresh approach to skincare. The line is simple yet sophisticated and roots its philosphy in eco-friendly practices. The overall effect is scientific yet organic skincare. The line is totall "no-frills". You are not going to get any fancy or upscale looking packaging or overly scented products. If you like a minimalist's approach to beauty, then you will love this line.

Here are some highlights of this brand's philosophy (from Clinical Organics promotional materail):
  • Use of USA Farmers=Made in the USA
  • No Animal Testing
  • FDA Registered
  • Kosher Certified
  • Sustainable Raw Materials
  • Sustainable Pracitces with 100% renewable wind
  • The formulas are 75%-90% organic and 80-99% Natural
Clinical Organics aims to formulate effective products with pure, organic, and natural products. They don't load their products with unneeded colors, perfumes, or "bulking" agents. As I mentioned, the packaging is simple and pre-cycled, a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards a non-profit called (an organization formed to help alleviate poverty). Items are boxed and shipped in recycled cardboard and informational pages are printed on recycled paper. As far as being eco-friendly, this company really left no stone unturned! Bravo!

This Clinical Organics "Part 1" Post will detail my Clinical Organics Skincare routine and is also a review of the cleansers and the toners that I sampled from this line. For those reviews, please keep reading after the jump.
The Preview Pack:

Clinical Organics Skincare Routine:

My Preview Pack Contained a Snap-shot of the entire Clinical Organics product range. These preview packs retail for $352.00 on the Clinical Organics website. You can also buy select products separately if you do not want the entire system (prices listed below are individual prices). Here is my personalized routine designed by the Clinical Organics team:

Step 1: Organic Mousee light cream cleanser ($34.00)
Step 2: pH Toner Gel ($31.50)
Step 3: Hyaluronique (moisture) ($47.00)
Step 4: Resore' (lotion) ($55.00)
Step 5: Lipocient (eye cream) ($45.00)

Step 1: Organic Mousse Cleanser (I would alternate this with the Propolait Gel Cleanser)
Step 2: pH Toner Gel
Step 3: Hyaluronique (moisture)
Step 4: Phyto Gel (calming, soothing) ($47.00)
Step 5: Kojic Complex (hyperpigmentation and brightening) ($45.00)

Special Treatments:
2x/week: Exfolate ($35.00)
1x/week: Mask: Mix one part Clayolin ($35.00) mask with 1 part Organic Mousse cleanser

Note: While I generally followed the routine laid out by Clinical Organics. I did adjust as needed. While this is a skincare line inspired by simplicity, I found 5 steps in the mornings and evenings to be just too many steps for every night. So, I streamlined as I got to know the benefits of each product. Also, I continue to use my nightime perscription treatment product (Differin) after application of steps 1-5 and I added a sunscreen as a final step in my AM routine.

Initially, I did rely heavily on the instructions. With the simple and uniform packaging and Ikea-like product names, I kept getting the products confused! lol! But, once I got familiar with the routine it was not as confusing. However, it would be great if there was a little more variation in packaging to help distinguish the products.

Let's start out with the basics: Cleansing and Toning

Organic Mousse Cleanser:

This is a completely gentle and totally non-scented non-foaming wipe away cream cleanser. Honestly, I don't know of a cleanser any more gentle than this! It reminds me of a creamier version of Cetaphil, but organic! This felt absolutely heavenly going on my skin!

The directions are to apply by massaging onto face and then removing with a tissue. Generally I am not a fan of the tissue-off approach. I did use it a few times that way. Which was nice, but I prefer to remove with a very slightly damp (and well rung out) soft washcloth. I somehow always end up with tissue stuck to my face when I try to tissue off, lol! ;)

This cleanser is gentle and refreshing. It removes most makeup and leaves skin feeling very soft. Note: I would always remove my eye makeup first before cleansing. This cleanser will remove your last traces of eye makeup left after removal with makeup remover.

Even though you don't rinse this cleanser off, it amazingly dosn't feel like there is a residue left behind! Skin just feels hydrated, smooth, and clean. I really love the feel of my skin after I use this.

Ingredients include: Organic Aloe, Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Avacado Oil, Kokum Butter, Jojoba Oil, and "active enzymes"

Propolait (Gelee Cleanser):

Out of the two cleansers that I tried from this line, I liked this one the best. What can I say, I am just a "gel cleanser" gal at heart!

This is a non-scented and non-foaming clear gel rinse-off cleanser. This is truly an ideal cleanser for those with sensitive skin that prefer a rinse-off cleanser (like me!). I really totally love it!

How I use: I wet my face and apply a small amount of this gel cleanser. I massage the cleanser over my face and then I remove with either a few splashes of tepid water or a warm soft wet washcloth.

It leaves the skin feeling soft, cleansed, and slightly moisturized (yet, not as moisturized as how the Mousse cleanser leaves your skin). I find this to be very similar to my HG cleanser: Topix Resurfix Ultra Gentle Cleanser.

Ingredients include: Vit A & E, rosemary, and Chamomile.

pH Tone Gelee:

This is the Toner from this skincare line. But, it is unlike your "typical toner" as it is a gel! Yes, a gel! This is an unscented clear gel that smells slightly of witch hazel. You apply just as you would a liquid toner. Just put a small amount on a cotton pad and smooth over your face after cleansing. You will see any leftover traces of dirt or makeup are removed (and apparent on cotton pad). So, yes, this is an essential step when using the very gentle Mousse or Propolait cleansers.

This gel absorbs almost instantly into your skin and feels refreshing. Unlike many toners on the market, this one does not sting your skin. It feels cool and slightly tingling (but not a bad tingle). It is lightly hydrating and is supposed to restore your skin's pH balance.

Ingredients include: Witch Hazel, Tea tree oil, Chamomile, and Green/White Tea


In conclusion, I was really happy with the cleansers and toners from this skincare line! They are gentle yet effective! I am a strong believer in simplicity and gentleness for cleansers and these products deliver in those reguards. I *love* that these are unscented. When your skin has been cleansed gently and completely, you are ideally prepped for the rest of your skincare routine. These cleansers and the toner cleanse without overdrying nor irritating. I have absolutely no complaints! I will continue to enjoy these products!

Next up: Stay tuned for Clinical Organics (part 2): Moisturize/Treat
and Clinical Organics (part 3): Special Treaments: Moisture/Repair, Exfoliation, and Mask

Thanks so much for reading!!! :)



wylgamez said...

Thanks for this helpful review..
Question, I see these bottles are tiny but I also understand you don't need much either. How long do you think the cleaner and toner will last if use them everyday?

Unknown said...

@wylgamez-They should last you about 3 months if you use every day...Thanks for reading! I am glad the review was helpful! :)

Anonymous said...

This company has no phone number! I placed an order over 10 days ago and they had already charged me for shipping. I redeemed a kgb voucher. I emailed them to ask for shipping info but no one replied! Is this company for real?

Unknown said...

@Anonymous-My dealing with the brand were always positive. I have no association with the brand other than trying out their products over a year ago and reviewing the products here. So, I don't know what to tell you. I have not communicated with them since just after posting my reviews.

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