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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Talk about a "Happy Booster", I got this blush for free! Great Physician's Formula Deal at CVS!

OMG! I couldn't resist a quick post telling ya'll about the most amazing sale deal that I think I have EVER stumbled upon! 

I just picked up another Happy Booster blush by Physician's Formula for FREE at CVS! Yes, FREE ya'll! Now, I already have this blush in the shade "Natural" (check out my review of that here). This time I purchased the blush in "Rose".

Okay, so how did that happen?

First of all, I am a CVS "Extra Care" member. So, when I purchase items at CVS, the register generates coupons depending on your spending and special "extra care" deals. CVS also generates "Extra Bucks" coupons as well, which are cash-value coupons that can be used toward store purchases for the stated cash value. I combined those extra care coupons with store sales, manufacturer coupons, and an online coupon....and I ended up getting a product for free. Well, even better than that, after my purchase, I got another $7.00 "Extra Bucks" coupon, so, really, I got an item for -$7.00!!!

Here is the breakdown:

   Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush: $11.99
                                       CVS MFR Coupon: -3.00
                            CVS Extra Bucks Coupon: -5.00
                        Physician's Formula Coupon
(it is a peel off sticker on the actual product!): -3.00
                          CVS email coupon 25% off: -.99
                                                         Subtotal:  .00
                                                       Tax (7%):  .42

OMG...AMAZING!!! So, I got an item for totally free, then I paid tax on it, and the register generated and additional $7.00 extra bucks coupon as you get $7.00 extra bucks back right now with any CVS Physician's Formula Purchase!

So, I am beyond thrilled!!! I might even go back and use the $7.00 towards the Happy Booster Complexion Powder that also had a $3.00 off peely sticker (which would make that only $4.00).

Don't you just love great bargains! So, if you haven't already, sign up for a CVS Extra Care card and register your card for online coupons! :) While you are at it, check out this great Physician's Formula deal! So, yes, I am totally thrilled!!! A new blush, for free!!! Whoo-hoo! Now, this bargain is what I call a "Happy Booster"!!! ;)

well, lol, I paid tax on it! ;) 


Unknown said...

Hey Priscilla!!! OMG, I know, crazy!!! XOXO!!!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow, what an awesome deal. I love the packaging of this...all of the little hearts are soo cute. I have seen it at the drugstores here but it is pretty expensive in Canada so I have stayed I might just have to get it. Thanks A lot! haha

btw, do u know if my updates have been coming up in your dashboard? a lot of people are saying their blogger deleted them from my site... :(

Jenni said...

lucky you :D :D!! i wish i live in the US, they always have awesome deals!

Jenni said...

p.s. can you do a swatch comparison of the blushes in Natural and Rose? xoxo

Unknown said...

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Hey Alicia! Awh, yes, I had heard that these were pricey in Canada...and PF is pretty $ for a drugstore brand anyway, but I must say, the Happy Booter line seems to be worth it!!! I am thrilled with these! Maybee you will be able to score a good coupon deal to in Can? :) I just checked my Dashboard and your updates are posted, but most of the time I visit your blog through the link that I put to your blog on my blog roll! :)

@Jennifer-Yes, a great deal for sure! :) And, sure! I will do a side by side swatch comparision when I post a review of the new blush (Rose)!!! :) So, stay tuned for that! :) It is MUCH pinker than the Natural. Very pretty!

Stevista said...

Wow I want offers like that too!!! Lucky girl ;)

@Priscilla looooool at the lucky duck!


Unknown said...

@drugstoreandbargainlover-Hey Stavroula!!! Thanks, and lol, I can't believe my luck! :)

Fay. H. said...

Hi Pammy! Another Canadian follower here! Yes PF is super expensive here! The blush sells for $20 +tax (12%!), even when its on sale it cost $14. I always wait till I go down to the states to satisfy my DS mu cravings... and my friends think I'm weird but that doesn't matter as long as I score awesome bargains!

Unknown said...

Hi Fay!!! Thanks so much for following my blog! :) And, I would totally do the same as you and Drugstore shop in the states on visits! :) Happy Friday!!!

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