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Friday, March 4, 2011

Self-Tanning Tips from Guest Blogger Brianna (Makeup Minutes)

Hello my dear readers!

Today I have a guest post for ya'll from Brianna Thompson from Makeup Minutes! She is sharing some self-tanning tip! If you haven't had a chance to checkout Makeup Minutes, head on over there to show Brianna some love! :)

Also, stay tuned as I am guest blogging over at Makeup Minutes (Top 10 Tips for Growing Healthy Nails) and will be posting a link so that ya'll can head over there to read my guest post! :)

I don’t know about you, but Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez always influence me to get a fabulous glow when I see their beautiful and gorgeous tans!!! Unfortunately, I have had my fair share of the tanning to know that getting into a tanning bed is definitely a- NO!

Instead of putting my skin at risk, I decided to take a trip to the drugstore and get my self-tanner on!!!!  It's a little publicized secret.  A lot of those glowing complexions celebrities sport down the red carpet during awards season are the product of a little clever use of self-tanning products.  Let’s face it, we all have a little celebrity sparkle in us, so we all deserve to have a great celebrity glow.  Here is what I found to offer the fair skinned celebrities among us the best in the three great self-tanners for the most natural looking results.

Neutrogena Build A Tan Lotion gives a VERY DEEP tan when layering!
Nivea Sunkissed Skin Firming Gradual Tan is great for very fair skin!
Jergens Natural Glow Lotion does not leave streaks and has a nice scent!

All of the self-tanners above are streak free, don’t turn you orange, and give great results. The Neutrogena Tanner does have a MUCH stronger scent, but gives a darker tan than the other two!  Jergens Lotion is great for last minute tan.  I can put it on quickly and it glides on so even and leaves me streak free.  For best results, wash, and exfoliate your body before applying and don’t forget to wash your hands after application or you will have orange hands.

For face application, don’t forget to mask for hydration and exfoliate.  Check out my DIY Spa Facial Video here.

So, the next time you want to feel beautiful from a tan, give your skin a break and just give yourself a tan in a tube (or bottle) for a change!  Let your inner beauty sparkle and your outward beauty look fabulous!

BRIANNA THOMPSON graduated with a BA from Columbia College in Broadcast Journalism, and has had an extensive career working on and off camera; Brianna has always been drawn to the world of glamour and beauty. In 2003, she started pursuing her passion in the colorful world of makeup artistry. She has worked for nationally recognized beauty brands such as Stila, and Aveda Cosmetics educating and sharing the world of makeup! Most recently, she has been working with an exclusive clientele at the award winning spa in the Elysian Hotel. Brianna is taking a new approach to beauty and style by the launch of her website, MAKEUPMINUTES.COM.

Thanks for stopping by to read a guest post today!!! I hope you all enjoyed it! 
XOXO and stay beautiful! 


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