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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The softest brushes ever!!! Ecotools Brushes (both *new* and "old"): Review

Hello my beauties!

Since I totally love the whole ecotools line of brushes, I was delighted to see some "new" additions to the line! IMHO, ecotools are the softest brushes around (both drugstore and high end) and certainly the best quality that you can get at a drugstore price. Plus, they are environmentally friendly and cruelty free; so, bonus! So, here's a down-n-dirty review of my recent ecotools brush purchases! :) Enjoy!

Ecotools Bamboo Finishing Kabuki:

Might as well start with the newest item! This is such an interesting kabuki!!! I am not sure how long this has been out; but when I first saw it at Walgreen's it literally jumped right into my basket, lol! I just had to give this brush a try! I figure, with an Ecotools purchase, you can't really go wrong.

More photos, comparisons, etc after the jump!

This brush is a cross between a stippling/duo fibre brush and a kabuki brush. So, yah, if a kabuki had a baby with a stippling brush, this would be it. Tee-hee! For real, I have never seen a brush quite like this one! It has hairs in variated lengths and the brush is extremely wide (see comparsion photo below with pictures of all my other kabukis, all of which are less wide and more dense).

Kabuki Comparions
Annabelle, Ecotools travel, Ecotools retractable kabuki, Ecotools Bamboo Finishing Kabuki, Essence of Beauty

While the package says that the handle is bamboo, it feels more like regular wood to me? It just isn't quite as shiny as the handles of my other Ecotools brushes. No matter though, the handle is cute! I like the shape and the flat base so that it stands up well. The hairs are talklon.

I am sure it goes without saying that this brush is incredibly soft. It feels amazing on the skin!!!

This brush was designed for powder, blush, or bronzer application. I personally find it *much* too large for a precise application of blush or bronzer (I tried, but nope!). But, it is great for *after* application of blush or bronzer to blend out (so use it clean after applying blush or bronzer with a different brush).

How I like to use it: I love this brush for applying either powder foundation or finishing powder. The bristles lack density at the tips so it is perfect for a very light application. I think it would be impossible to overdo your powder with this brush. You will get beautiful light coverage. Which is just how I like it for powder!!! I think it is best suited for loose or finishing powder (hmm, finishing, hence the name). If you want more coverage out of your powder foundation, you are better off using a regular kabuki brush that has more density like the Ecotools Retractable Kabuki.

Just had to include a picture of the Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush! This brush *lives* in my purse (see the wear on the handle? I don't mind the wear. I think that metal develops such a beautiful patina with wear). I already reviewed this brush here, but had to give it a shout out as I still totally love and adore it!!!
Bamboo Deluxe Concealer Brush:
This is Ecotools newly designed concealer brush. I believe it came out a couple months ago and replaced the older version (which, I did not own, but IIRC, wasn't quite as fluffy). 

I am such a fan of the Ecotools concealer brush from my 5 piece brush set (I use that concealer brush from that set every day!), that I had to pick up this full sized version. 

Ecotools concealer brushes are a must for me with my sensitive eyes! The hairs are so soft and feel so good on the delicate eye area. I find these concealer brushes to be overall less "stiff" than the other concealer brushes that I own by other brands. I pretty much rotate between the travel sized one from the 5-piece brush set and this full-sized one (depending on which one is more clean!). :) 

But, generally, I must admit...I prefer the shorter travel sized brush better. For the primary reason: I like getting "this close" to the mirror and travel size eye brushes allow me to do that. When I use the longer one, I find that I keep bumping into my mirror, lol! I am lucky I haven't "poked my eye out". Just kiddin! I am sure it is just whatever you are used to. The full sized brush is much fluffier that the travel version. So, depending on what concealer I apply, I might use the smaller or larger brush as they do apply the product a bit differently. 

Ecotools lovers, what are your fav brushes from this line? Thanks so much for reading!!! 



Justine (Productrater) said...

wow that stippling/kabuki looks really neat, reminds me of the mac 180 was it with the handle like that, but the head is like a stippling brush. Definitely will keep an eye out for that.

Unknown said...

I love the ecotools blush brush! Its SSOO soft and fluffy, when you put the blush on you just FEEL happier. I must say I love the whole line tho:)

Sharon said...

great review hun,I want ecitools brushes they been sitting on my wishlist forever haha

MakeupByAngel said...

That finishing kabuki is too cute! I haven't seen those yet in stores. I love EcoTools as well and have to agree, they are the softest brushes. Great post :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Great review of both brushes. I haven't tried any of their brushes although I have been meaning to test them out.
I love the look of the bamboo finishing kabuki. The shape reminds me a lot of my grandpa's old shaving brush that he used to put shaving cream on his face. I love that it has a flat bottom for standing up and think its definitely the kind of brush you'd want to display.
The concealer brush also look really nice although I usually like a more pointed concealer head so I can apply concealer to small areas with blemishes. This one would probably be good for applying under eye concealer though.
Will definitely be picking some up the next time I am in the US.

Unknown said...

@Productrater-Hey Justine! Yes, the finishing kabuki sure is unique! :) I just had to pick it up! I love using it! :)

@Andrea D-thanks for following! I am following you now too! :)

@Virginia-I love the whole line too! They are just so soft that you *want* to use them! :)

@Sher-Thanks girl! You should certainly pick some up! ;)

@Priscilla-Thanks girl! And thank you for *always* being so supportive of my blog! You rock girl!!! And, you would totally love the retractable kabuki for your purse! :) I really think the size is ideal for powder application.

@Froggistyle73-Thanks girl! :) Keep an eye out for the kabuki, I really think they are just brand new within the past couple weeks! :)

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Yes! Totally...the finishing kabuki does remind me of a shaving brush how it stands like that! Maybe that is part of the reason I love it...I love anything even remotely retro looking! I am suprised that you dont have any ecotools yet! As far as being environmentally friendly and cruelty free...they seem right up your alley! Are you a fan of Aveda cosmetics? They are probably the most environmentally friendly company around...and make fab makeup! P.S. I am going to enter your contest as soon as I get over my bad cold! :)

XOXO to everyone!!!

MaquiLab said...

I'm now hesitant - the eyeshadow set or the mineral brushes set? Think I'm gonna grab them both :)

Unknown said...

Hey Eli! I don't have the eye shadow set, but I LOVE the mineral brush set!!! The eye brushes in the mineral brush set are great! :) I hear there are more new brushes coming out: retractable foundation brush and a new eye pencil brush! I definately want to try both of those too! :)

Stevista said...

I want to try ecotools some day! :) That kabuki looks a bit like the brush that men used to apply shaving cream on their face like a gazillion years ago! LOL! I would still buy it though! x

Unknown said...

Hey Stavroula! Yes, I continue to be impressed with ecotools!!! I love them so much that I am going to include some ecotools items in my next giveaway! :) I am waiting to get to 500 GFC followers before I post my next giveaway! And, lol, it totally looks like an old fashioned shaving brush!

jax said...

Just stumbled across this post, but I have the original concealer brush from ecotools. I have quite a few of their brushes that I got 3-4 years ago and love them! I still use 3 of them every day, no matter what. They've held up great and I've never had any problems with them. Would definitely recommend.

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