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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Pride Palette: Review and Swatches

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Pride Palette

Hello there my readers!

Just "finishing up" the last of my WnW Color Icon 6-pan Palette reviews before the new 2011 8-pan palettes arrive at my local Walgreens! I was lucky enough to pick up most of these on a 50% off sale, and I am so glad that I did now that they are clearning them out to make room for the new palettes. Check out some of my other WnW Palette reviews here: WnW Night Elf, WnW Snow Sprite, WnW Sugar Plum Fairy, WnW Golden Goddess, and WnW Lust.

As I am sure these reviews are becoming somewhat repetitive, i will keep this "short".
(for review and swatches keep reading after the jump!)

  • As always, the pigmentation is just amazing! 
  • What a great variety of matte and shimmery shades. I love having more than one finish in a palette. Here you get a matte white, kelly green, and navy as well as a shimmery white, kelly green, and navy. The shades really all work very well together. There are apparently some MAC dupes here, but I honestly can't say as I don't have any MAC shades that are similar to these.
  • IMHO, the standout shades in this palette are the beautiful Navies. These apply and wear as such a "true navy" on the lids. Tip: Wear navy shadows to make the whites of your eyes appear brighter!!! Navy is such a nice alternative to black as a liner color. Very, very flattering!!! You have both a matte and shimmer option here for lining, smoking out, or a dark outer corner.
  • The rich pigmentation and interseting shade varitey allows you to create really bold and "stand out" looks with this palette!
  • Wet n Wild does matte shadow very well! I know I have said this before in reference to the color icon palettes and color icon single shadows, but truely WnW has discovered how to make matte shadows that perform really well. They are soft and blendable without being too powdery. LOVE the mattes!!!

So, if you have the chance, and happen to stumble across this palette (and love green and blue), I highly recommend it!!! It is totally worth it for the beautiful navys alone! Not to mention, it is a great price for good quality shadows!

Also, just had to share that after testing this product for review, I dropped it on my bathroom tile floor and it shattered! I am *so totally bummed* about that!!! Two of the shades are pretty much destroyed, but 4 of them were salvagable. So, I know I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I can find a replacement for this great palette!!!

Thanks so much for reading!!! 


Anonymous said...

Mm-hmm *jealous* Wish they were available here :( I really love the navy blue shade, and the green is ah-mazing! Too bad you dropped it :( I hope you can find a replacement! Also, can I just add that I am DYING to read your posts on the new 8-palettes? :)

Leticia said...

Love the navy shades!

Sharon said...

pretty palette,nice swatches hun&great review hope will try Wet n' wild someday

Sylwia Perri said...

really love how pigmented these eyeshadows are!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

This is the one palette I don't have from the collection. I really like the colours and will probably pick it up the next time I am in walmart.

Tracy D said...

Great review Pammy, sorry about the shattered shadows...huge bummer!

Unknown said...

Waving a big "hello" to everyone!!! :) I am happy to report that I found a replacement palette for my shattered one on the way home from work today, whoo-hoo! So, these are still out there ladies, but are getting harder to find! :) XOXO!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! For the new palette :D

Unknown said...

Hey Nea!!! Yes, I was so pumped that I found a replacement!!! Just messaged you back on twitter!!!XOXO!

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